back to article Homer Simpson speaks out on satnavs

Evergreen Terrace’s most famous resident – no, not Ned Flanders – has finally officially found his way onto a satnav. Homer_tomtom Homer: now available as a TomTom voice TomTom has taken the Murdoch shilling to bring Homer Simpson – as voiced by Dan Castellaneta and broadcast by News Corp's 20th Century Fox subsidiary - …


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  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
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    Never seen the Simpsons, but...

    I think this would be kind of fun. All I have on my SATNAV is a robotic sounding berk.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think they have missed the boat on this one rather seriously!

    There have been rather good impressions of Homer for satnav around for years!

    Oh, and I doubt Duff costs more than £8!

  3. Del Merritt

    Do you have any C[hl]eese?

    The only other voice I've purchased for my TomTom is John Cleese - "Bear right, beaver left" - but this is certainly tempting. Then again, there are some lovely lasses' voices that are high on my list and came free with the unit...

  4. Rob Beard
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    I should have asked for a Satnav for Fathers Day... hang on... I still can... Woohoo!

    I wonder if when you go past a McDonalds it'll say Mmmmm McDonalds...gargle...gargle....


  5. J 3


    I wonder if that will be said when you "miss" the route and the thing wants you to make a U-turn... Don't have a cow, man.

  6. A B 3

    Mmm... Commentss.

    Mines the one that has a recurring 'Mmm' joke in the pocket.

  7. Robert Moore

    Wrong price

    I would consider getting this if it were 2 -3 Dollars. But not $13. This is one of those things that is mildly entertaining for an hour or so. Then you change it back to something useful.

    Now a Lisa Simpson vioce might be useful. I bet that shrill voice would cut right through road noise.

  8. Gaz 5

    Simpson, Homer Simpson...

    He's about to hit a chesnut tree!

  9. Bartelby-wasPiLS

    Colour me unimpressed

    It's giving the directions with dimwitted comments attached? How lame. Now if it would have led you to the nearest donut* joint, fast-food or steakhouse no matter where you really want to go, /that/ would have been funny**.

    * or is it doughnut?

    ** yeah, I know, not really feasible for a voice, but one can dream...

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Money to burn

    Aren't these things rather like funny ringtones? Amusing for a few days, then the novelty wears off and you wonder what possessed you to shell out good money on the damn thing?!

  11. Zoogar
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    pfft, who wants homer?

    tell me when theres a Mr.T version of this

  12. elderlybloke

    Don't have a Satnav

    and if I did , my wife would forbid Homer being on it.

    But I enjoy the Simpsons on my own TV in my room.

  13. Ry
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    they should do a voice for Nelson, when you miss your turn you will get a "haa haa"

  14. Davethejackal

    @ zoogar - TomTom do sell a Mr.T. Pack

    But it wont take you anywhere near no damn airport!

    I thank you

    <gets coat>

  15. James Pickett

    Are you sure?

    "TomTom has taken the Murdoch shilling"

    You mean the Dirty Digger paid THEM?

  16. Matt Smart


    I acquired a pack of voices a few months ago and one of them was (a very poor) Homer. This is tempting now that it's real. Too expensive though. Wonder how long before it'll appear on <your torrent site of choice>.

  17. Colin Mountford

    Shurely shome mishtake....

    I think actually the Homer Tom Tom should say things such as

    Disclaimer screen "He knew the things that were and the things that would be and the things that had been before. However he does not know that Pickering Street is now one way - so please follow the Highway code. Do you agree (Yes/No)"

    For voice recognition

    "Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another. Can you please state your instruction again?"

    "You have reached you destination but remember that The minds of the everlasting gods are not changed suddenly. "

    I'll get my Toga....

  18. Dave Webb 1
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    Gordon Ramsey!

    I had a Homer voice on my SatNav years ago. For about a day. Boring!

    Now, Gordon Ramsey shouting things like "For f#@ks sake, turn around you f#@king idiot" or "Take the next f#@king left" might justify the cost for a father's day gift or something.

  19. Anthony Eeles

    @Colin Mountford

    And surely when you press the "repeat last instruction" symbol,

    "It is tedious to tell again tales already told."

  20. Alan Edwards

    TomTom Voices

    I 'acquired' loads of these voice packs, most of them never even made it onto the unit.

    I can recommend 'Lady Newsreader' if you can get it. She's a bit prissy and is missing the 'pull a U-turn' sample, but the instructions are really clear.

    One voice set I'd want is from the woman that did Orange's original IVR system. Gorgeous voice, but maybe a bit too gentle..

  21. Nic Brough 1
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    I found Yoda to be the best voice so far. Not because of the actual voice, but his grammar is actually very helpful because it gives you the information you actually need up front, and your brain filters out the rest of it.

    For example, standard voices say things like "at the next junction, turn left", but Yoda says "left you must turn, at the next junction".

    Most of the other voices have been tried for a couple of hundred miles, and then deleted as the novelty wears off.

  22. B4PJS

    My fave voices...

    Have got to be either Ozzy Osbourne (though I do think it gave me tourettes!) or Austin Powers (Groooooooooovy Baby!!)

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