back to article MySpace cuts 30% of staff

MySpace is cutting nearly 30 per cent of its staff in a back-to-basics effort that puts its numbers more in line with social networking leader Facebook. The News Corp.-owned social site said layoffs will affect its entire US operations, lowering the total number of staffers to about 1,000 in the country. MySpace claims the …


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  1. Ryan Barrett

    Cool? Nah, just not blind..

    MySpace is Geocities 2.0 for goodness sake. Home to some of the most terrible sites ever designed.

  2. David 146

    Health of MySpace?

    Gah, if they're after wht's truely in the best interests of MySpace they should take it round back and euthanise it.

    ...and nothing of value was lost :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    True, it is pretty ugly but I do spend a lot of time going to MySpace to check out bands. For the little guys who don't have pockets stuffed with cash (and don't have a friend with web-design skills) it still seems to be very popular.

    Facebook doesn't offer an alternative - it just doesn't have the appropriate functionality (mind you, there's another site that's becoming more and more god-awful with every passing day...)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    No title

    Web 2.0? whats that?

  5. Rod MacLean
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    Yeah, MySpace is Geocities2.0 - I can aggree with that. A lot of pages are VERY hard to read... colour clashing backgrounds etc etc

    The worst thing about MySpace is the spam. Most of the messages I have ever recieved have been from people I have never met (usually bands) asking me to be their friend. If your band is good enough then the chances are a real-life friend will recommend it to me. Spamming me with friend requests just makes me think you're a bunch of tossers who can't get anyone to come to their gigs cos you're shit.

    That sort of nonsense was enough to make me stop using MySpace.

    I've yet to recieve a spam friend request on Facebook (maybe I'm just lucky)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...on earth are all those people doing? OK, so you need a few techies to run some servers, some advertising sellers and a few managers, but 1500 people?

  7. Georgees
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    Sell to facebook..

    1500 people running such a simple company is what happens when old media take over your new media venture.

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