back to article Reg reader turns 'homo devil machine' on eBayer

An Italian eBayer has not yet clocked that he's been rumbled for linking to a photo from someone else's personal website in an attempt to offload a handheld CB radio. A Reg reader spotted the outrage - hosted on his servers - and decided to replace the image with something more provocative. The sale is here, and you'll need to …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    "Homo's Devil Machine"?

    Who'd have thought that there's a snap for that?

    (With apologies to Apple)

  2. WinHatter

    that'll teach him

    BTW, I did not know that computer was a gay invention, but that would explain why I have an urge to f@ck IT (the M$ powered one at least).

    /... - ... --

  3. MrWeeble

    Interesting pic he redirected to, but

    isn't that what goatse is for?

  4. The Jase

    Not Yanks

    "And before the knee-jerking commentards among you weigh in with pro-gay indignation venting from both ears, check out the background to the picture here under "Employing irony in the marriage debate"."

    We are not Yanks, I think we get the concept of irony, especially in a blatantly obvious (and highly amusing) case like this..

  5. Fred 3


    You want me to read all that before jumping to conclusions?????? come on El Reg!!!!!!

    yer taking the fun away....

  6. Gav


    How dare you employ irony on a internet published article.

    Irony requires engaging brain before responding. This is not what teh interweb was invented for. Citizens of teh interweb are proudly incapable of understanding irony because it is the work of the devil and confusingly similar to lying.

    Fire icon, because that's where you'll all burn in eternity for this.

  7. Law
    Thumb Up

    let me be the first to say...

    ... I for one welcome our "homo devil machine" making overlords.

  8. LuMan

    Well... least a Homo's Devil Machine will know to put a flibbin' question mark on a placard!!

    Mine's the one with the dictionary in the pocket.

  9. Tony Smith 1

    Who else is watching this?

    I bet he thinks its going to sell well!

  10. Jason Yau


    I'm guessing the sign wasn't printed by a gay computer then.

  11. Sly

    gotta love it

    I wonder how long before the listing gets fixed. too funny.

    Link my stuff? sure... but you better expect I'll change it to suit my own devious plans of making you look like user = ID ten T.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    I spotted a few blogs do this with one of my images a few months ago, and did exactly the same kind of thing... Except I was a little less subtle and replaced the image with a low bandwidth one I made containing the words "I'm a bandwidth stealing moron"

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Valuable lesson learned?

    That seller will be learning a valuable lesson about not hotlinking! Next time take the 1 minute it takes to download an image and let eBay host it for you!

  14. Gangsta

    His face

    I'd pay to see his face when he sees that! :D

  15. Paul Hates Handles

    So... like Highlander...?

    You're telling me Charles Babbage just kept changing his own name for years until he became known as Alan "Snow White" Turing?

    I had no idea the godfather of AI also invented the computer.

  16. Toastan Buttar

    Hotlinking is bad karma

    This tale reminds me of "The Man Who Goatse'd MySpace".

  17. Nexox Enigma


    I just finished re-reading Cryptonomicon a couple weeks ago and now mention of Turing and early computers makes me want to read it again.

    Also this has given me an idea for a whoooole different type of log analysis : -)

  18. Kajiki

    Poe's Law

    It really is impossible to distinguish irony from fundamentalism.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    When someone hotlinks images without permission, I thought the standard practice was to use goatse, Pain Series, etc (do NOT type these into google images) or something else suitably mind-damaging to those not hardened by years of exposure to the internet.

    Steve jobs because Apple computers are possibly the strongest association with 'homo devil machine' you will find.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    On that link for context of the image...

    It says: ""We're trying to show how important gay people are to the American culture," Lang explained. "We're not mental. We're not immoral. But we're important to society and interwoven into the tapestry of America." "

    Didn't he know Turing was British?

    Typical Americans, showing up late for the war, trying to take all the credit...

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Personally I wreck layouts

    When I found that someone was pulling a graphic from my server for use as an avatar on his own site, I found that he wasn't scaling the image. My simple solution was to replace said graphic with a 40000x20000 pixel black GIF - low file size, but one hell of a screwed layout!

    The icon is a simple instruction to follow when thinking of linking like this...

  22. Iain Purdie

    Turing was American?

    Hollywood taught me that the Americans recovered the Enigma device and decoded it and won the war and saved us all. Isn't this right?

  23. dgp

    Turing also commited suicide...

    does that mean people should be parading around the streets with retarded signs encouraging the acceptance and extension of the suicidal community? Seriously, I don't want to know about other people's sexual habits be they straight, gay, attracted to people with a missing limb.

  24. Ascylto

    @ Iain Purdie

    Yes, Ian, but we all know the crew of the US submarine which recovered the Enigma machine AND the code books were all of them, to a man, homos – as are all serving submariners.

    Those submarines aren't shaped like that for nothing, you know!

    AND they run Windows for Warships, the evil homo porno operating system.

    Will someone please think of the children?

  25. Michael Smith

    @Jason Yau

    My computer has both male and female interfaces.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The britich guy might have decoded the enigma but the Yanks DID win the war for little old blighty that could do little more than to hide on there little gay island klattering there knees while there goverment took notes of how to make a policestate the Nazi way. The Yanks suck but give them credit where credit is due. The US won the war for the alliance.

  27. Jason D


    I had something similar, my website with an image I created was being hotlinked to an east asian myspace of sorts as a tiled background.

    The image was about 1.5 megs, and the guy had a 100 or so friends who would check his page often, and while my bandwidth could handle it, I was a bit irate.

    So, after a quick replacement with Tubgirl, the image was swiftly removed from the guys page.

    I then laughed as a few of his comments had horrified emoticons for a day or two.

  28. Tony Paulazzo

    Pro gay indignation

    Should have left that bit out, she's carrying the rainbow flag, a sure sign that the message was heavy in irony.

    @ With apologies to Apple, I don't usually lol at comments, but this one got me :-)

    Hey, where's the 'proud 2 b gay' icon?

  29. DRendar

    Re: WWII - AC @ 7th June 2009 06:45

    You sir, are a complete fucking moron for more than one reason.

    The Americans won the war? Don't make me laugh.

    We were fighting the Axis for OVER TWO YEARS before the US got up off its arse and decided to join in. Tens of thousands of British people (Not just soldiers - Women & Children too) were killed in the war - not cowering in the corner as you suggest, but all working together to build the war machine and to manufacture arms & ammunition.

    And don't believe that they joined for altruistic reasons (Or just because of Pearl Harbour). They knew that if we had lost, and the Nazis took over Europe, that they would have sat, and built up their forces until they had an overwhelming force, then attacked the US, and utterly squashed them.

    Hitler's aim was WORLD domination, not just European Domination.

    Could we have won the war without the Yanks? No, almost certainly not.

    Would the world be speaking German right now if it wasn't for the ingenuity, bravery and selfless sacrifice of the entire British people? You can guarantee it.

    So take your illiterate drivel and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Idiot.

  30. Michael H.F. Wilkinson


    wuzn't dat de color of iron?

    We need a knuckle-dragging icon!

  31. John 90


    A glance through the history books will reveal that the Americans didn't win the war. It was the Red Army who defeated the Nazis.

  32. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  33. Anonymous Coward

    Turing was gay?

    That explains the copious amounts of self love.

    Posted anonymously to avoid the Stasiapo.

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