back to article Costa Rican snacks on boyf's todger

A Costa Rican woman whose boyfriend exhorted her to "eat me up" during an evidently torrid romp interpreted his request literally and bit off a piece of his penis, AFP reports. Emergency services attended the scene of the San José todger chew after a wounded Marvin Rodríguez summonsed urgent assistance. Police official …


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  1. Liam Johnson
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    So there is a lot of logic to the assertion that the best blow jobs are performed by toothless grannies.

  2. A B 3
    Thumb Up

    What a goldmine

    Bring on the zombie strippers.

  3. Ian Rogers
    Paris Hilton

    balanced diet?

    Went for the meat but (fortunately) not the veg?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    One question:

    What a 'Costan Rican'?

  5. ilikejam

    The Mighty Register

    Knob stories and Playmobil.

    And some other stuff.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    IT Angle?

    Has something to do with her unwanted bytes around his unprotected bits right?

  7. A. Coatsworth

    News source

    Thumbs up to the eagle-eyed El Reg Editors!

    This shocking news didn't feature in any other costa rican newspaper, radio or TV news station... I never though I found it here of all places.

    By the way, Diario Extra could be considered the costa rican version of the Daily Mail, just with less topless women and more ridiculous notes (just in case you were wondering the quality of the source)

    Flames because Diario Extra shouldn't be used for anything other than lighting bonfires or wrapping groceries..

  8. Robert Ramsay

    Please please please

    can you cease your obsession with penis mutilation stories?

  9. Timfy
    IT Angle

    Playmobile Reconstruction...

    ...or it didn't happen.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



    Wonder how.

    No - don't answer that.

  11. Dr_Strangelove
    Paris Hilton

    Costa Rican Snack - Extended

    In an additional note from Diario Extra...

    The policeman was too confused on how to report the issue in his log, so he put the incident as a "Peniscide" (penicidio in spanish)

    If you master spanish then have a good laugh reading the news in Diario Extra

    (Paris 'cause she can eat it too... )

  12. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    Seriously? She REALLY thought he meant this literally? He must not be picking out his girlfriends based on smarts that's for sure.

  13. kain preacher


    Whats with all of these todger articles on this site ? Is there some thing us people with todgers should know about ?

  14. Martin Lyne
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    Re: AC 14:01 & Ian Rogers

    You both produced an uncharacteristically bestial laugh from me with those. Bloody funny chaps, bravo!

  15. Andus McCoatover

    Can you stop this?!?!

    Two fuc*king keyboards in a week....

  16. Stephen Gray
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    @ A. Coatsworth

    I have never seen a topless woman in the Daily Bigot, however I agree the notes are ridiculous

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