back to article iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

iPhone users are often accused of acting as if they believe they're a cut above the common rabble. Well, they are. At least according to a survey by Forrester Research of over 32,000 working Americans, brought to our attention by AppleInsider. According to Forrester's research, iPhone users are wealthier and better-educated …


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  1. Chris Miller

    Or could it be

    that those earning under $70k are less likely to want to spend $400 on a phone?

    Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's the profile of a...

    no phone owner?

    All this shows is what's been known for ages, that a fool(*) and his money are soon parted. No doubt they will not mind paying the $750 so they can feel smug in the knowledge that they have documented proof that they are superior.

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you can't have an educated fool.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Next they'll be telling us higher earners drive more expensive cars too.

  4. Ozwadi Ogolugi
    Thumb Up



  5. Craig 12
    Dead Vulture

    That's not what the survey really says...

    Surely it's saying a higher percentage of *grouped owners* fall into the brackets. That doesn't translate into 'more people' or 'higher salary' or 'better education'. If these were translated into actual numbers, I'm positive the lower percentage still works out to be more educated people using a smartphone. Which makes sense given the price shaft the 3GS is bringing!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Could it be...

    ...that clever people tend to have more disposable income to risk on feature-poor but pretty tat?

  7. DZ-Jay


    >> "That may seem a bit pricey, but if you're a high-achieving iPhone owner, it's pocket change."

    Nicely said. However, as iPhoners, they pressumably already know they're younger, wealthier, and better educated, and so have no need to check out the report.


  8. IR
    Thumb Down

    Something not right

    So almost 50% of people with an ordinary "dumbphone" earn more than $70k? That doesn't sound right at all.

    Ignoring the deliberate baiting (which I'm sure hundreds will fall for anyway), it seems to make sense that rich people are more likely to own an expensive product, and make sense that college educated people tend to be rich. So another "stating the obvious" survey.

  9. ffrankmccaffery


    Add gullible to the mix too.

  10. Gangsta
    Jobs Horns

    Waste Money

    Its because these "Superior" beings can waste money on a product that's so very overpriced.

  11. mrweekender


    ...smug mode...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Our survey says....

    Note that this is a survey of 'merkins, so the level of intelligence is below that of the rest of the world to begin with... so I image 90% of US iPhone owners correspond to the intelligence of that banana over there. (there is no banana in the direction I'm indicating, thus showing the amount of intelligence I'm referring to).

    In another recent survey, 100% of people questioned think that iPhone owners are likely to be stuck-up egotistical tw@s with too much money!

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Small frys

    Sorry to say this Apple Fanboys but the number of Apple phones sold in a year is same as Nokia is selling in a week!

    Apple OS is use by few people, Microsoft OS use by a lot more.

    Apple phone is use by few people, Nokia phones is use by a lot more.

    Is there a patten here?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In other news...

    In other news, purchasers of a new $750 study were shown to be more affluent, better looking, and had better teeth than those reading about said study for free on the Internet.

  15. Anonymous Coward


    The suckers who pay the Apple Tax are above us huh?


    The real nerd cleverness in this world is to accomplish more with less.

    ...not same with more ;)

    if you catch my drift...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems Obvious

    So, those who own an expensive luxury good are more likely to make $70k+? Shocker! And the college education statistic will follow the income statistic, so nothing surprising there.

    I think my favorite statistic is "internet access." Given the quality of internet access on a "dumbphone" (especially within the walled gardens) versus a "smartphone," is anyone really surprised in the wildly different percentages?

    I did a survey that shows that Mercedes owners make more than Ford owners. Where's my $750?

  17. Doug Glass

    Young, Welthier, Better Educated ...

    ... and still have more money that brains.

  18. h 6

    I don't know

    I have an iphone and make quite a bit less than 70k, and I'm 37. But I do have a masters degree. So 1 out of 3 ain't bad.

  19. SkippyBing

    Just to confirm

    iPhone owners are still c***s right? They just aren't as much better off as they thought they were?

  20. Player_16
    Paris Hilton

    @ AC 21:54 Small frys

    "Sorry to say this Apple Fanboys but the number of Apple phones sold in a year is same as Nokia is selling in a week!"

    Sorry to say Apple has, at most, 3 models of phones to Nokia's 30+ models to choose from.

    Is there something you're trying to point out here because it's blatantly obvious without using a calculator how the numbers stack up in Nokia's favor. Nokia would LOVE to have those numbers with one or two phones. But instead they would rather have a range of phones for a range of people. Apple would rather have a range of app's for a range of people that buy their meager range of communicating products.

  21. Bartelby-wasPiLS
    Jobs Horns

    So where do I stand?

    I don't make gazillions but I'm reasonably wealthy, I do keep a PhD diploma in a drawer somewhere in case it could be useful someday, I do privately own >15 machines -of which a whopping two run MSwindows (one doesn't even dual-boot a real OS yet, but I got it only last week), none AppleOS nonsense, a couple OpenBSD, one DragonFly BSD and a couple more exotic stuff such as HURD or BlueBottle -the rest run various Linux distros. I also manage a whole lot more machines (mostly Windows ones, unfortunately) as part as my job, I therefore fancy myself as a reasonably wealthy, somewhat educated and moderately tech-litterate punter. I still don't own a *erm* mobe, let alone a smartphone (don't even get me started on the iPhone). Do I qualify for a prize or sumfin'? Like, a "I'm not a retarded teen-like peer-pressure-driven 30-yo social-status-addict twat"? I could put it on the shelf with my "no-life lab-and-'puter geek" trophy. My better half would be delighted. Or not. (but she's biased, she owns a MacBook).

  22. brimful

    A Fool

    and his money are easily parted. By that statement alone I can infer that IPhone users are certainly

    Younger, wealthier, better UNeducated...

  23. Garret Cotter

    @ Craig 12

    Well said Sir... as the Reverend Bayes told us, P(A|B) != P(B|A)

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clever Folks Like SImple

    Really clever folks admire simple versatile tools.

  25. PPPie

    If you have a life?

    But if you have a life, the last thing you care about is a gimmicky trendy lump of plastic that doesn't actually have much practical use. Regardless of how much you earn or how educated you are.

    The iPhone, the biggest ever product for media fed sheeple that ever existed in all time.

    Oh wow, i'm looking at a website on a screen a few inches across... jerk jerk jerk....

  26. Asher Pat

    El Reg's a proud Apple MC (Media Collaborator)

    The Reg shud change its solgan to "Licking the hand that serves Kool-Aid", they are such Apple fanboys, esp the Olrlowski guy.

  27. frank ly

    @AC 19:43 re. Amazing

    "Next they'll be telling us higher earners drive more expensive cars too."

    I've noticed that. Do you think the two are related in some way....has anybody studied this?

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    'Sorry to say Apple has, at most, 3 models of phones to Nokia's 30+ models to choose from.'

    Umm, so Nokia sell 50 times as many phones from a range that's ten times the size, meaning Nokia outsell Apple 5 to 1 on a phone by phone basis but you think they'd love Apple's sales figures!

    Now here's the conundrum, is it being an Apple fanboi that makes you stupid or do you have to be that dumb to become a fanboi? (My money's on the second)

    Paris, even she can count better than a Cupertino koolaid drinker...

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I refuse to have an iPhone because it's locked to a single network

    Where's the category for "don't like having their network dictated to them"?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    Face it, you

    Face it everyone, you are simply smartphone amd dumbphone Chavs of the digital age living in Apple's world. Yea the first few of the seven stages to final acceptance includes denial and then resentment and great anger but hopefully you can all skip quickly over the crying and wailing phases and smoothly sail right into acceptance.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    its intresting to see the slightly older generation going for smartphones that cover alot more bases

    they are more intrested in versatility.

    the point of an iphone is bling.

    Yes they are slowly sorting the Issue out with Iphone and their inabilty to match a "dumbphone" for basic features.

    So all in all the Iphone has got bugger all to do with intelligence it is a bling symbol to show off money and well thats it because if your spending a large amount of money on something that is semi functional, and you only buy it from hype well more the fool you.

    may i remind you of the following story to show it has bugger all to do with inteligence

  32. Anonymous Coward

    Selfserving blx

    'nuf said! - I'm an Apple mac User and would be embarrassed to be seen with an iPhone let alone waste hard earned buying one of the useless tools.

    Phones make/receive calls and possibly texts. I have a computer for eMails & web access and a paper diary for events & contacts.

  33. Frank Bough
    Dead Vulture

    It rather occurs to me

    that this article is based on the most unreliable survey I've ever come across, and was posted here purely to harvest traffic via Slashdot.

  34. Sp1derba1t

    Licence plates produced?

    80UT T1M3 W3 GT 0UR 1337N355 R3C0GN15ED


  35. Scottie Taylor
    Jobs Horns

    A numbers game

    Seriously, this entire study is completely meaningless and in the end they more or less admit that. The survey was conducted with a brand new trendy hot item was first released and the only people who bought the things are:

    1) The ultra trendy gotta have the latest fashion thing now types

    2) The cultists of Jobs

    3) A significantly smaller percentage of those who actually thought it was going to be a great phone to get for what they used a phone for and made an educated and informed buy.

    So really, this study is utterly meaningless. Here's some survey data for you...

    83% of iPhone users I know make less than $30k a year

    100% of iPhone users I know are extremely dissatisified with at least a few things about it

    90% of iPhone users I know do not have a college degree of any variety

    100% of iPhone users I know do not drive a fancy car or pay $80 for a steak and baked potato

    Startling... the iPhone users i know seem to be the complete and total freaking opposite of the ones this study identified. Gasp! Could it be that surveys are utterly meaningless? That they're full of lies, misrepresentations, mistruths and skewed numbers?

    Sadly, I'm apparently not smart enough to answer my own rhetorical questions since I don't own an iPhone. I just use a standard smartphone. Woe is me. Maybe one of our all knowing all money making Cultists can give us the answers by putting the figures into their super nifty super amazing super priced comuptators. *eye roll*

    I'll be over here doing stuff on my much cheaper phone while working on my much cheaper custom built PC.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I like THIS story

    This really massages my ego, I've got an iPhone.

    I'm now officially superior to the person I was on Thursday.

    Excellent stuff, next week can you do a story on how people with Nintendo Wii, are superior to those without Nintendo Wii.

    By this time next year I'll feel like Royalty.

    Also could you now inform my boss about how he should be paying me 70k.

  37. Anonymous Coward

    I'm everything a lot of Reg commenters hate it would seem

    I'm a web developer. I like Windows Vista. I develop in PHP/MySQL. I have lots of very happy clients who pay me large amounts of money.

    I earn a triple figure salary. I drive a nice car. I own an iPhone.

    I often use Internet Explorer... I could go on. :)

  38. Anonymous Coward

    As we all know...

    Statistics can be used to reach any conclusion. And "50% of all statistics are made up" lol.

    Let's face it, there's a lot more of the "dumb masses" out there lurking like zombies, and most of them have cell phones, including your elderly aunt, your 12-year-old niece, and the guy that tried to telemarket you or stunk to high heaven on the bus, that can hardly spell his or her own name. Most of these people are going to have the cheapest phone available from the cheapest provider available, and most business-provided phones for employees are going to be in this class as well, with the exception of higher-ups, who may get a Blackberry or "Blackberry-like" smartphone. So in this morass of mobile phone users, a lot of the "smart people making more than 70K" have cheap phones too, but their significance is lost or overwhelmed by the noise of all the other "dumb phone" users. If all of these statistics are included, the survey is accurate, but pretty meaningless, especially if you try to draw conclusions such as "smart people prefer the iPhone to other phones" or the like.

  39. Mick F


    You are right sir.

  40. Fubar
    Jobs Halo

    @Doug Glass

    "... and still have more money that brains."

    Based on your statement should I assume that you are an iPhone user or a retard?

  41. Les Matthew
    Thumb Up

    100% of dumbphone owners

    laugh at the other two groups flaming each other.

  42. bygjohn

    Re: Could it be...

    "...that clever people tend to have more disposable income to risk on feature-poor but pretty tat?"

    Oh please. When you've removed your blinkers, try taking a look at the App Store and OS 3.0, then consider just how dumb it is to call the iPhone feature-poor. When it launched, yes. Not now...

  43. Paul Ross


    i pay £20/month for unlimited internet and lots minutes. Win mobile phone bought sim free.

    But iphoner is superior paying £50? haha.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone want to bet Apple "hinted" the research?

    No doubt they specified that only smartly dressed iPhone users in a business district should be surveyed ;)

  45. Dustin 1
    Paris Hilton

    This survey.....

    just goes to suppport my theory, Apple products are the Calvin Clien or Guess $80 Tshirt of the PC industry. More readily, wealthy people will buy what you make them think is a product of greater worth, yet is not. More cost conscience people will look towards desired function at a good price point. Buying these items and feeling that ones status is changed one way or another is a false reality. Oh, and college education is no indication of intelligence or common sense, look at George Bush.

    iBet Paris has an iPhone, at least one somewhere.

  46. Mark 65


    iPhone owners are better educated are they? Says a lot for their education that they end up paying the price of a laptop for a fucking phone doesn't it?

  47. James Pickett
    Jobs Horns

    UK inversion

    Strange, but where I work, only the chavs have iPhones...

  48. tom 102
    Thumb Down


    what i fail to understand is why people would want one of these, however much you earn. as the simple fact of the matter is THEY ARE CRAP i personly have the HTC touch pro, and am waitogn on new form archos. so they need to do a study not on earning s but on weather they are idots and then let the numbers speak

  49. James Woods

    100% apple free

    Well im pretty sure my everyday life is 100% apple free. No lame apple computers, no apple servers? no apples on the counter.

    Surveys like this would encourage me even more to has nothing to do with companies that have a need to brag about it's statistics. Perhaps apple would like more in depth surveys, how many of these 70K+ earners are white or black. What are their religions?

    What is the male/female ratio? C'mon let's go a little deeper on this one.

    Oh yeah what percentage are gay? Just a thought.

  50. Charles Manning
    Thumb Up

    I'm going to buy 2!

    That should get me on a $140k income.

    Damn good investment!

  51. Dimitrov


    "Dumbphone" is an actual word? In English? Wow.

  52. Mark 108
    Jobs Halo

    By the way...

    What's the collective noun for a bunch of trolls?

  53. passionate indifference
    Thumb Up

    heh, nice one Mark 108

    Also, can't help thinking that this is very useful as a marketing report - it's highlighting how much profit there is in developing applications and services for the iPhone by highlighting how much more homogenous iPhone users are than other platforms.

    Does it tell you how much actual people these percentages represent? Without these, you'd be hard put to put a business case together to tell your apps lead to focus more on iPhones,

    For my part, I've got a tweaked HTC Touch Pro. It does more than an iPhone, it's just a bit fiddlier and slower to do it. My personal view on the debate is whether you want to buy a brand new Mazda MX-7 or a second hand Toyota Hiace. I've gone for the Hiace and it's bloody useful, paid for itself tons over, but I still think the Mazda looks nicer.

  54. David 141

    The nerdrage is priceless

    "Sadly, I'm apparently not smart enough to answer my own rhetorical questions "

    The article was an outright troll, the survey straight from the department of the bleeding obvious, but comments like the above are priceless. Nothing quite like watching nerds foam at the mouth.

  55. elderlybloke
    Paris Hilton

    Rich People

    are often bloody tight , and don't like spending money.

    Getting money they owe is more difficult , as with recent news item of the Saudi (alleged) Princess who would not pay up until the Bailiff paid her a visit.

  56. elderlybloke
    Dead Vulture

    And further

    Just let me say that I have bog standard cell phone, that sits in my bog standard car,

    It has only been used a few times in an emergency.

    Also I don't add to the road toll by using it while driving. I know this makes me different,even if I am not rich.

  57. Jean-Paul

    So funny

    I have actually two iphone's. This research is so funny. Us iPhone owners already knew this, so I bet it's those htc and nokia marketeers wanting to know where they go wrong. They sell a phone and that's it, apple also sells music and applications.

    Anyone most non iphone users seem to take the bait. So isn't that confirming part of the outcome :-)

  58. Player_16

    @ AC 21:54 Small frys

    I'm still trying to work out why you want us to see an obvious patten when we all know Nokia is the #1 phone seller in the world but I must have confused you (being a superior being to only you) so to make it simple for you; 'Nokia would LOVE to have those numbers with ONE or TWO phones.' That means if they ONLY sold that small number of phones in that PHAT range of 'smart phones'.

    (Actually, they sell about 10 of those phones and last year that totaled to over 18mil. compared to Apples 13mil in 6 months)

  59. Anonymous Coward

    You forgot to add

    This one at the bottom.

    iPhone users are also most likely to believe whatever they are told.

  60. Peter Hood
    Thumb Down

    Source material?

    I look no further than the source of these data, AppleInsider. If the data had been generated by an external and impartial source I'd have a look at them. I'd be interested to know how the comparison samples were selected, and a vast number of other design variables.

    As it is... ...I'll stick to being smart, not paying excessive, silly sums to slick marketing operations, and continue to spread my money amongst a variety of other things than the latest marketing version of 'digital watches' (

  61. Nic 3

    I'm loving this article.

    The spittle is starting to form around you non iphone users lips. You need to calm down a little.

    @Anonymous Coward Posted Saturday 13th June 2009 09:20 GMT


    'nuf said! - I'm an Apple mac User and would be embarrassed to be seen with an iPhone let alone waste hard earned buying one of the useless tools.

    Phones make/receive calls and possibly texts. I have a computer for eMails & web access and a paper diary for events & contacts.


    Fair enough. I hope your Microwave Oven doesn't have a clock on it. After all you only need it to cook food and not tell you the time.

  62. Joel


    I love this article, it's great, definitely have to show this to my bosses (one has an iphone, the other has some other smart phone and they're always going on about it).

    Me, I love my chuffing iPhone!

  63. Anonymous Coward


    This is US iPhone owners though right? Which immediately puts them at the bottom of the pool anyway.

  64. Joe Montana


    Nokia outsell Apple for a large number of reasons...

    They've been around (in the mobile phone industry) longer..

    They make a much wider range of phones.

    They have deals to push their phones through a much larger range of networks.

    Nokia themselves sell far more of their cheap lowend models than they do the high end devices, whereas Apple only make higher end devices. They simply have nothing to compete with the Nokia 2110 and other such phones.

    It's not surprising Nokia sell many more phones, the fact that Apple sell as many as they do despite the disadvantages is actually pretty positive for Apple.

  65. Peter Hood

    Education, education, education

    >I have actually two iphone's. This research is so funny. Us iPhone owners already knew this

    I found myself wondering; does the research have anything to say about iPhone users and their use of the apostophe? Not that I am mistaking education for intelligence.....

  66. Anonymous Coward

    Leve your laptop at work

    I know a couple of iPhone users and they do more than leave their laptops at work, they leave everything everywhere and can never find it again!!!

    So if you drive a big car and have a designer mobile phone you are a better person. Terrifying, can you imagine how much more impact Mother Theresa could have made with a new Merc and an iPhone.

  67. Ascylto

    Bridge work.

    What wonderful Troll Bait.

  68. jai

    another statistic

    as this comments page shows, the vast majority of non-iPhone owners are loud, vociferous and above all jealous, but unwilling to admit it

  69. Greg J Preece

    Middle managers earn too much

    So people who earn more spend more on crap/overpriced gadgets? Say it ain't so!

  70. David Hicks


    I have a dumbphone. It costs me 15 quid a month. Thats 30+ quid extra beer money. I also don't feel the need to take my laptop home from work, but then that's because when I'm not at work they're not paying me to read my damn work email. There is such a thing as offline time.

    Perhaps some of you should try it sometime, it's most relaxing.

    (I'm also an old curmudgeon by the standards of the survey, I turned 30 last year)

    Tux because he's what's on my non-working open source phone that I gave up on for the cheapest PAYG unit that actually worked...

  71. Trevor Watt

    Nic 3

    My microwave and my cooker have clocks, as does my DVD recorder. It is so you can use them to pre-program them, and in order to do this you have to both set the time on the appliance and know the time set on it is correct. But I guess that is beyond you figuring out on your own.

    My car has a clock too, but I don't strap it to my wrist.

  72. Shakje


    The vast majority of iPhone owners are arrogant, attention-seeking and needy, constantly calling other people jealous because if everyone else is right they've paid stupid sums for a terrible phone. For argument's sake it doesn't particularly matter about 3.0 if you didn't consider it when you got your iPhone, seeing as you handed over money for a phone with less functionality than a 90s Nokia. Good job jai, shame I'm so jealous.

  73. Delboy

    Another meaningless report

    The missing statistic is - 100% of people who use any sort of mobile phone are just sad and pathetic.

  74. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You Guys!

    Commentards! Your all pathetic!!! Sour grapes? Anyone?

  75. steogede

    Re:I'm everything a lot of Reg commenters hate it would seem hate

    >> I earn a triple figure salary.

    You earn hundreds of pounds a year?

  76. Nathan

    This reminds me of a class I took...

  77. B 9

    Can the comments section be divided into demographics too?

    One section of comments for those who are smart enough to get the big picture and see that despite narrow minded feature list comparisons that only tell half the tale, the iPhone is darned good phone that has changed the game.

    The other section can be the idiots whose indignant use of words like "shiny" and "toy" and accusations of iPhone owner elitism show them to be the very definition of irony. Rather than the iPhone owners being the elitist snobs, these commenters seem to revel in the fact that they like phones that are a pain in the arse to use and whose manufacturers haven't had an ounce of innovation in the past ten years.

    Wallow in your Nokia with a 5mp camera as you delve 18 menus deep to find a way to turn it on! I'll be over here on the side enjoying the best phone I have ever used and one that, ironically, every manufacturer is trying to mimic now. Although they publicly attempt to look down on the iPhone, manufacturers such as Nokia, Blackberry, Palm, HTC, etc. are all busy performing the sincerest form of flattery, IMITATION!

  78. B 9

    It just occurred to me

    I just realized that there are several forms of kool-aid being served. Some say there is kool-aid being served by Cupertino. Although I agree they advertise to sell their products and make them as attractive to the market as they can, isn't that what they're supposed to do?

    The real kool-aid seems to be the kind served to fools who think that anything with the Apple moniker is just bought by status seeking yuppies who are more concerned with trendiness than substance. Maybe those kool-aid drinkers should take the blinders off and realize that they are not drinking kool-aid, but eating a sh!t sandwich served up by their own inexperience with the Apple products they rip on.

    I'm sure you enjoy playing the role of a common sense driven buyer, but at least be quiet until you've used an iPhone for any length of time. Your enjoyment at using crappy phones and suffering through their horrifying user interfaces boggles my mind.

  79. Jean-Paul

    @Peter wood

    If your Dutch is as good as my English then go ahead and keep making contributions about education. Otherwise please contribute something useful. This is an international forum, attacking someone on their English ability is a bit below the belt.

  80. disgruntled yank


    The correlation of younger age and higher income looks curious. Is that why I spent my 20s so broke, that the iPhone hadn't yet been invented? I'm led to suspect that in many such cases the income given for the user is that of the user's parents.

  81. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    RE:Young, Welthier, Better Educated

    Shouldn't it be...

    "Young, Better Educated, Wealthier.... well until they bought the iphone that is..."

    My chunky N95 8GB > iPhone.

  82. FazZ
    Jobs Horns

    More money than sense

    What a pointless survey! Most Apple users I know or have worked with are 'thee' most stupid technically minded people and usually buy Apple products because they really don't care for what actually is the best hardware or if works well, just so long as looks pretty and shiny.

    Most modern wealthy humans have more money than sense.

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