back to article Dell tweets $3m in revenues

Twitter itself can't be bothered to come up with a business plan, but Dell at least seems to be making out gangbusters on the micro-blogging service. The PC vendor said Friday it's generated more than $2m in revenue directly through promotions on its @DellOutlet Twitter feed. An additional $1m was earned via the web 2.0 naval- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wouldn't it have been more

    cost effective just to publish up coupons and discounts on an rss feed and web page?

    The claim it is twitter that is doing is not right, it is the offers, and making some of those offers twitter only deals further skews this.

    I have no feelings either way for twitter, but Dell brand is huge, and people will follow what Dell do, so whatever odd thing they get up to if someone can get some cash off by following it will show a 'result'.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Does it matter what they use

    Twitter, RSS, does it matter? If there are people willing to part with their cash who use Twitter why wouldn't Dell take advantage of that? They should be knocking these offers out over RSS and any other technology they can at the same time. Who wouldn't?

  3. Charles Manning


    Eying up the sailors won't get you anywhere.


    Using twitter now is like using blogs last year or billboards 5 years ago. Just another way to get stuff in from of the tards. Twitter is all about ego boosting and there are probably quite a few who want to tell their mates that they bought something through twitter to score points with other twittards.

  4. Ian Ferguson

    To be fair

    Using Twitter takes absolutely minimal costs - less than email. (No mailing list to maintain, no server or ISP capacity to worry about, very time-effective, far less manpower) So in terms of publicity, it's very cheap, if not entirely effective. (They can punt cheap and discounted deals easily enough, but normal sales would be hard for most brands)

    What we want to know from Dell now is: How much revenue have they generated from Second Life?

  5. John Macintyre


    twittards? No, I think you mean twits.. or just tw*ts

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