back to article Yahoo! names! new! finance! chief!

Nearly four months after announcing that CFO Blake Jorgensen would be leaving the company, Yahoo! has named his replacement: 40-year-old Tim Morse, a 15-year veteran of General Electric. Morse joins Yahoo! after serving as CFO at Altera Corp., a semiconductor outfit specializing in programmable logic devices. Jorgensen …


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  1. Tim Brown 1
    Dead Vulture

    It's time...

    ... to drop the ! after every word in a Yahoo story headline. It's now a very tired cliche.

  2. John Navas

    Grow! up! Reg!

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  3. Charles Manning

    Job for new CFO

    (1) Leave note for milkman.

    (2) Turn off lights.

    At least when yawho dies the ! key will get a bit of a rest.

  4. Dale

    ... Agreed.

    The! Yahoo! stories! do! not! require! constant! word! by! word! exclamation!!!

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