back to article Yahoo! defies Facebook with Hadoop SQL dupe

Much to the chagrin of Facebook, Yahoo! is developing its own SQL-like language for Hadoop, the open-source distributed data-crunching platform that's well on its way to conquering the planet. Facebook has already developed and open-sourced its own Hadoop SQL, known as Hive. But Yahoo! says it needs a Hive alternative that's …


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  1. dagum

    CloudBase is real world

    Saying Cloudbase did not make it to the real world is overstating things. We use Cloudbase in a production capacity at, and it is heavily used by a number of other companies. Cloudbase has a robust jdbc connector and novel column indexing and join optimization not provided by Hive. We were eager to give a presentation on Cloudbase at the Hadoop Summit but for unknown reasons our presentation proposal was not accepted. Anyone who's interested in learning more should check our sourceforge site:

    Leo Dagum

  2. TeeCee Gold badge

    Naming convention?

    ".... in classic Hadoop fashion, it will undoubtedly evoke some sort of fauna."

    What? You mean like "CloudBase"?

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