back to article HP serves up cookie sheet servers

Hewlett-Packard has launched its own variant on the "cookie sheet" minimalist server design championed by Google and imitated by commercial server makers. Taking out weight and cost in servers among hyperscale data center operators is as important as power conservation and performance, which is one of the things that makes …


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  1. Matt Bryant.

    Ingenuity at it's greatest

    HP once again brings forward their futuristic thinking. This is why HP killed Sun and will kill IBM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IBM's iDataPlex?

    It may be that Matt is right in his murderous predictions on Sun and IBM... but IBM did come up with a product for the same need before HP, and it is IBM's iDataPlex.

  3. Danger Mouse

    Just a matter of interest

    How many Reg readers/visitors/perverts will be looking to deploy this sort of hardware in the next 12 months?.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    HP, years behind Dell once again...

    I think prospective customers should take a look at Dell's DCS offerings if they are interested in very dense computing farms. Dell's got this down to a science and going by the type of customers that have bought into this, it is broadly successful.

    It's not just about density, but usable capacity, the warranty/services model around the offering and the ability to build/ship in short order.

    [no, I don't work for Dell, or HP for that matter]

  5. Matt Bryant.

    Re: AC and DM

    "same need before HP, and it is IBM's iDataPlex."

    You are obviously daft. HP did it first.

    "How many Reg readers/visitors/perverts will be looking to deploy this sort of hardware "

    All, if they have a clue.

  6. Steve Loughran
    Thumb Up

    In Hadoop clusters

    This is the kind of kit you need for a Hadoop cluster: one HDD per core for work, one for the OS and logs. I'd like some.

  7. barbara 1

    who scaled out first, who'll scale out next

    Well, no matter who came first, HP will be owning the "extreme scale out" concept from now on, for sure, thanks to the best server marketing machine on the planet and to faithful HP brand champions like Matt.

    The fact that IBM announced a very similar product over one year before HP

    and the fact that Dell had an OEM server product which served the same segment (described in a BLOG they now unfortunately removed) will become irrelevant.

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