back to article AMD fab spin-off to break super-skinny ground

Globalfoundries, AMD's fab spin-off, has officially pledged to start construction of New-York-state plant targeting bleeding-edge 32nm and smaller-process silicon. The company said Tuesday it sent a formal commitment letter to the state of New York for the construction of Fab 2 facilities at the Luther Forest Technology Campus …


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  1. Sampler


    The chips will be out of date before they're first pressed...

  2. Forename Surname
    Paris Hilton


    2-3 years plus another year to get online with volume production beginning sometime in 2012??

    This can't seriously be used for cutting-edge x86 production? Intel will be shipping 32nm Nehalem-based mobile processors and Atoms in late 2009 with volume in Q1 2010. Instead of spending a billion dollars on equipment that will be obsolete before it is even ready, shouldn't this plant be built for at least 22nm ? Is 22nm process equipment available?

    Paris cause she's fab-u-lous

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