back to article Next-gen Atom to launch in October, say moles

Intel has said that its next-generation Atom processor for netbooks - codenamed 'Pine Trail' - will debut in Q4, but it now appears we can narrow that down to 'early Q4'. Asian moles say the CPU - to come to market as the Atom N450 - will launch in October. The 64-bit capable part will run at the same speed as today's N280, 1. …


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  1. A B 3

    Good work

    I like the combination of analysts and moles giving early warning to purchasers of IT hardware.

    The cloak 'and' the dagger please.

  2. Nostromo

    So, same processor power, same power comsumption...

    ... I must be missing something. I want my passively cooled, moderately capable PC and I want it now!. Can you hear me Mr. Intel, away with fans on chipsets.

  3. Ryan Barrett

    Power draw from the whole system?

    With an integrated graphics and io controller I assume that the power draw of the entire system will drop a fair bit?

    IIRC the current generation of netbooks draw around 25-30w, mainly thanks to the chipset. If this eliminates the need for the big drinkers in the chipset, could this lead to an entire-system figure closer to 15-20w?

  4. Chippy-Minton

    Chipset power

    "The CPU consumes no more than 7W - 1W less than the N280."

    and up to 20W or so less than the ancient 945 chipsets the atom cpu is lumbered with. This is more or less current atom with low power integrated chipset on board - that was the headline you missed.

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