back to article Red Hat goes one louder with Fedora 11

Linux distributor Red Hat and its affiliated Fedora Project, which creates the development release that eventually becomes Red Hat's commercially supported Enterprise Linux distro, have gone one louder this morning with the release of Fedora 11. The new release has incremental improvements to lots of features, much as prior …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Social networking additions

    Oh good God no!

    "Hey, we're getting to the point technically and reputation-wise where a non-technical businessman might consider us a viable alternative to MS"

    "I've got an awesome idea! Lets add Facebook to it!"

  2. fred slack
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    Still no games?

    Paris, 'cause she knows how to play !

  3. Steve Loughran

    why not just turn atime off altogether

    atime sucks on things like server farms too, chatty. Which is why when mounting filesystems for Apache Hadoop, the docs say "use noatime":

    you can do this for your laptops today, no need to upgrade to a bleeding edge fedora release.

  4. David Halko

    RE: why not just turn atime off altogether

    Steve Loughran asks, "why not just turn atime off altogether "

    Many people do!

    Under Solaris, atime can be deferred (UFS option, ZFS default), or disabled (both UFS an ZFS) - it is nice to see this in Fedora!

    Other people use the "atime" to find what content can be moved to slower storage or archived off entirely.

  5. Happy Skeptic

    RE: why not just turn atime off altogether

    Most (at least desktop) distros already turn off atime by default, eg. Mandriva does. I think the idea is that relatime is now the default in the kernel so it doesn't require the distro makers (or sys admins or anyone else) having the presence of mind to ensure that their scripts etc. always explicitly add the noatime option in /etc/fstab

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