back to article LxLabs boss found hanged after vuln wipes websites

The boss of Indian software firm LxLabs was found dead in a suspected suicide on Monday. Reports of the death of K T Ligesh, 32, come in the wake of the exploitation of a critical vulnerability in HyperVM, a virtualization application made by LXLabs, to wipe out data on 100,000 sites hosted by the UK web hosting firm VAserv. …


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  1. Critical

    Tasteless tabloidese...

    "Sensational development in VAserv megahack" == "someone has died".

  2. MinionZero

    That's shocking news

    Wow that's so sad. I was already feeling sorry for the programmers at LXLabs because they must be going through hell, but its shocking to now hear the boss has been pushed over the edge by this hacker.

    They have got to catch the hacker or hackers behind this.

  3. Andy


    What a terrible outcome.

    Nobody wants to hear about this kind of thing happening to their business.

  4. Hollerith

    what a sad thing

    32 years old! No contract is worth a life. I have seen suicide following suicide -- if someone close to you kills yourself, you seem to find it easier to contemplate. But this is always tragic, and the story could have been phrase slightly better, as @Critical has pointed out. Poor chap.

  5. The_Original_ Trevor
    Thumb Down

    re: tasteless tabloidese

    A little bit too soon El Reg?

    Remember Roadhouse?

    "Deal with it, but be nice"

  6. Juillen

    Pride in the job..

    Can be a terrible thing at times. It's easy to be one of those that doesn't really care, produce a shoddy product and when it fails just rely on courts to make sure it doesn't affect your revenue, but taking that amount of personal pride and responsibility for a task to the extent that it'll push you that far..

    i suspect the world's lost one of the good guys.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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