back to article Fasthosts' email fails

Fasthosts' customers have mainly been without email since Friday. But rather than enjoying the peace and quiet, the ungrateful sods apparently want the service back. The hosting firm has yet to respond to our enquiries but several customers have been in touch. They complained that they stopped receiving emails on Friday, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    If their email system isn't allowing customers to get their emails then its likely that the company can't get their email either.

    Still, don't worry, even now an engineer is on a plane from India or the Philippines and will jump in a taxi when he gets to the airport and might arrive some time this evening or tomorrow, assuming he can find a taxi driver who wont get lost in the road system in Gloucester.

    Maybe FH management are all off shopping in Quayside, the new multi million pound outlet development in the docks.

  2. Hugh Janus


    Well that's an exageration of the truth...I've had plenty of mail over the weekend thank you please :)

  3. R M


    Well my Fasthosts email is working ok this morning but have not received any over the weekend.

  4. richard
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    no surprise

    we host our websites and email with these guys and had had several problems with ftp access and emails, although i didn't spot any probs this weekend.

    the ftp stops allowing me any access, then after en email to support, it mysteriously starts working again....

  5. Kev K
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    I bet I am not the first to say

    Ohh thats a supprise (not)

    Oh sorry this El Reg

    I mean FAIL

  6. Michael McLean
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    I was with this company 3 days and it was the worst 3 days of my email and webhosting life, the company is a complete farce

  7. James Lanaway

    Got it back this morning...

    I was out for the whole of the weekend... they replied to my first few emails logging the problem, but then stopped replying when I asked for an ETA for fix.

  8. Graham Bartlett


    In connection to the other article today, does that mean my tech support might now be provided by a Filipino MILF? Fire up that publicity, guys!

  9. Charlie MItchell

    Finally working late last night...

    I love how their spokesman says "Customers still having problems should get in touch with our tech support" Oh MANY MANY LOLS!

    I tried to get in touch with them, was on hold for over an hour listening to tinkly music, I was then greeted with a message saying that due to an unknown circumstances they couldn't answer my call and I should try later.

    Currently in the process of moving my domains over to google apps, at least I can't moan when that breaks, but then they wont be charging me a fiver a month per domain for the privilege.

    Joke alert - because they are one.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Fasthosts = Pain

    Fasthosts still have customers? There are some serious masochists out there then. I took all my clients away from them during last year. Just too many stupid problems.

    And nice to see that even though the support has been taken away from the grumpy, arrogant UK staff that used to take an hour to answer the phone and passed to Indian staff taking just as long.

    (Okay - to be fair there were some nice support staff there, but the majority clearly hated their job and the clients phoning in)

    Fasthosts seems to only ever plan their support response around a "good day". And when disasters like this happen, and ALL of their clients start phoning at the same time, the queues get an hour long.

    Well - at least they can make all that nice cash from each customer spending 60mins plus on an expensive phone number.

  11. colin dente

    Are they telling the truth?

    Fasthosts are claiming that the problem is fixed, but I haven't had access to email all day today (Monday). Earlier this afternoon they said they'd phone me when my email was fixed, but now their technical "support" phone number just rings forever.

    Does anyone know of a decent web & email hosting service? My company will be changing their provider...

  12. shambly

    That is nothing

    My bargainhost service has been pretty much down since the 1st of June and counting after they decided to perform a server move without prenotifying their clients. They seem just as clueless as when a server failure in March also left me without service but for a shorter period.

    Anyone know a decent budget host service. I know you pay for what you get, but there must be a competent budget company out there somewhere??

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