back to article Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows

Acer, it seems, has accepted Register Hardware's argument that World+Dog doesn't want - or, at least, doesn't know it wants - netbooks based on Google's Android OS. Company chairman J T Wang has said Acer's promised Android mini laptop will actually come with Windows too. Yes, the machine, currently scheduled to ship in Q3, …


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  1. Matt

    15 seconds?!

    in 25 seconds I get FULL functionality in a windows 7 environment on my 2 yearold Sony Vaio UX1XN mini-laptop....

    why would I want to save 5 seconds to not have access to outlook or a full web browser and lovely transparent aero??!!

    I dont understand netbooks... too big, too slow, too bland!

  2. Richard

    Windows Tax

    Why can't you get a refund on the windows license if you don't want/use it?

  3. GettinSadda
    Thumb Down

    We all know...

    We all know that the only reason that Acer are including Windows is that Microsoft told them that if they don't include it they won't be supplied with licenses for Windows for any of their other computers.

    When you deal with the mob, you do it their way or not at all!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Android and Windows?

    I thought Android was ARM based and Windows x86? Does this mean it will have two processors? Or are they simply recompiling Android for x86?

  5. Kwac
    Black Helicopters

    and if I choose

    not to run Windows, how much refund will the nice Mr Wang give me?

  6. Frank Kerrigan
    Gates Halo

    Missing the point

    Your missing the point here; most pc users are too thick or unskilled to use anything else apart from windows. When the EeePC was being sold in the hight street there was big signs saying "THIS DOES NOT RUN WINDOWS". After a quick chat with the inept sales guy he told me that folk were demanding a refund because the EeePc did not come with windows. So if the public refuse to buy non windows laptops then it is quite likely Asus will continue to ship them with an OS they can sell. Relex and chill its only an OS.

  7. david bates


    Cos my netbook (eee701) was cheap enough not to worry too much if I lose it, or pour a large cup of latte into it (which faized it not at all btw).

    And seeing as it runs Ubuntu beautifully I not only have a full browser experience, and all my desktop essentials I also dont have to worry about background stuff like AVs.

    Plus it fits in a (coat) pocket..although I must admit the UX1XN is a nice piece of kit in its own right.

  8. Dr. Mouse

    Smacks to me of...

    MS putting their (dual-)boot in, pardon the pun.

    Something along the lines of "Your OEM rates may be going up soon. Now, why dont you put Windows on those netbooks and we'll see what we can do"

  9. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Wasn't this going to be an ARM?

    Wasn't this one going to be an ARM? So, what, it's going to dual-boot Windows CE and Android? Strange.

  10. steogede

    Re: Android and Windows?

    >> I thought Android was ARM based and Windows x86? Does this mean it will have two processors? Or are they simply recompiling Android for x86?

    The operating system behind Android is Linux. Linux is available for both ARM and x86, and numerous other architectures too. It is largely, as you say, just a case of recompiling.

  11. Ian Ferguson
    Gates Horns

    Sorry to piss on the fanboy's parade...

    "a Linux-derived system that provides core netbook functionality within 15 seconds of pressing the On key"

    My Dell Mini 9 can do that with Windows XP. Well, OK, 17 seconds. Admittedly from hibernate, but that's what I always do - shut the lid to hibernate, open lid and whack button to resume. I'd be quite happy if they took the button out of the equation too :)

    Seeing as DOS loaded in about five seconds flat, I don't see why a basic functionality OS would take so long. Windows XP is hardly sprightly.

  12. This post has been deleted by its author

  13. Cameron Colley


    Well done, good on you having a big salary! I bet you have a massive cock too! Aren't you great!

    In other news: Netbooks are _cheap_ and useful.

  14. Pierre

    Makes sense

    But not for a netbook of course.

    Windows for the "legacy" users unable to cope with technological progress, and a Linux-based OS for those who want performance. ;-)

    Of course, on a netbook (with presumably low ressource), having 2 different OSes is plain stupid. Especially if one of them is gonna be the super-bloated I-need-20Go-just-for-the-OS Microsoft spawn.

  15. Paul

    Sounds sensible to me.

    Most people (who are not reg readers) have spoken with their wallets and gone for Windows netbooks (argue as much as you like by you can't ignore peoples familiarity with windows being a if not the major selling point for most people) if you want to get into the market then dual booting sounds a good way in. Surprised really that those pushing Linux on netbooks have not pushed for the same situation. Here have your windows but you can try this linux OS as well if you like?

  16. Mike OReilly

    How much?

    I bet Google is paying them to ship with Android. $15 per netbook would be my guess.

    Anyhow, I seriously doubt Android will get much traction. WHo wants to muck with another OS with limited capabilities? (That's right, Linux and Mac are the others.)

  17. vincent himpe


    ahaha AHAHAAA HAHAHAAAHAHAHA ( mad scientist cackling laugh )

    The decision will be quickly made i guess...

    At least on windows you can install some other things you use on the desktop ( provided they ar e not too heavy )

    Android ? is there software for that thing yet ?

  18. Remy Redert


    Considering that Android is just a linux distro, most programs that run under any other brand of linux will have no issues running under Android either, most probably they will already have a package manager and a nice load of programs to get from that. You know. Proper one click installs without reboots.

  19. david bates

    @Mosh Jahan

    No, but if I bought a Renault and every time I filled up I had to pay ELF for the priviledge even if I'd chosen to use BP I'd be less than happy...

    Or to put it another way:

    Me: Right Mr Car Salesman, I don't want leather seats in my new Volvo, I'd prefer a cheaper option.

    Mr Car Salesman: No problem, you can have velour (but we'll bill you for leather anyway)...

    You see what Im saying?

  20. Monkey

    They have to start somewhere...

    They have to start somewhere with Android. Come on people a bit of perspective. They are going up against possibly one of THE most established products (Windows), in the world. (and before anyone says 'Blah blah OSX', just think objectively).

    They tried to sell laptops to consumers with just Linux and despite the very tangible advantages it offered, the consumer only heard "no it won't run Word et al", and they said fk off and bought something else. Are there ANY of the original manufacturers still listing the Linux version of the netbooks? Only one or two, and that speaks volumes about this decision. Bollocks to the MS strong arming conspiracy the fact is that Acer want to sell machines and machines without some means to run Windows just DO NOT sell to the bog standard consumer. The person that makes a product a success.

    To me, this decision to make Android available and put it into the hands of the consumer without giving them a perceived kick in the bollocks by not giving them the Windows comfort blanket is a very sensible one. The success of Android won't happen over night, and it won't happen AT ALL if they don't do things like this to start with. Linux netbooks proved that. That is a fact.

    I don't like that fact, most people here don't like that fact, but Joe Public doesn't care and people have to pull their head out the sand if they want alternatives to Windows to succeed. Acer and Google have done that. A bold and wise move in my opinion.

  21. Syren Baran

    Linux is ready for the desktop

    a lot of users arent ready for linux, though.

    No, thats not a misunderstanding. Windows users dont care about the fact which OS they use. But they know certain applications, which they use frequently. And they dont know which open source equivalents there are. I've already installed Linux for quite a few users, and most of them are very happy with it. No, not IT pro's, normal casual users, quite a few without any previous experiences with PC's too. All thats usually required is just a quick check ("What do you do with your PC? What kind of peripherals do you have?") and a quick tutorial to the menus and programs.

    So, am i some zealot? No, but i sure as hell dont want to have to run around to newbs every other day to fix some stupid virus problem.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I Don't F^&*ing want WINDOWS !

    and I don't want to pay the tax for that crap malware magnet.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    @ Mosh Jahan

    Your talking rubbish. If you don't use your car on the road you can do a SORN and get your money back from the DVLA for the road tax. As for electricity if you don't use it you don't get charged, that's why you have an electricity meter, it's called METERING.

    Next time chose your metaphors wisely

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    windows bashers - blah blah fishpaste

    It doesn't matter how much us computer geeks rant about windows, the fact is, consumers DO actually want to run it. Whether that's because it's been shoved down thier throats and they no nothing else, is a moot point.

    Windows works. It has massive amounts of support, software, hardware drivers and dominates the desktop.

    The question should be, why wouldn't a consumer want to shell out an extra £100 for an operating system that delivers exactly what they want.

    Most people don't want to meddle with the OS on thier gadgets, they just want to use something which works. Last time I checked, windows worked just fine.

    In fact, the 8 year old plus windows desktop is *still* streets ahead of desktop linux in many ways.

    Geeks, many of you just don't get it - the world plus dog doesn't give a fig about the inner workings of hardware and software. They just want to post a video to You Tube, write a document, send a photo, make facebook posts or work on the move.

    Yes, I know, the reason you are moaning is because there is no cheaper option for those who don't want windows. The sad fact is, the geek is vastly outnumbered by your average computer user. Acer obviously does market research and therefore it's obvious why they've made this decision to go with "windows tax"

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This is probably quite interesting really - users will have the abillity to evaluate linux at the same time as having a safety net of what they know. It may even work out well for linux.

  26. MarkJ


    Piss poor marketing is the main problem. Whenever I explain my original EEE 701 I tell them it's like a PC in the same way a Mac is like a PC. An Android based laptop would have to be marketed like a Mac, with an instant snob factor coming from owning one. No point in saying it's a PC that won't run applications marked as PC compatible.

    Whether anyone is brave enough to do so is another matter.

  27. Michael

    has anyone actually asked acer...

    ....wether they can handle licence rebates?

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Remy Redert: Android is not just a Linux distro

    The thing is, Android is not just a Linux distro. It has its own modified kernel, its own totally non-standard C library, and its own graphics subsystem. While command-line Linux applications can be made to run on Android, graphical ones don't since it doesn't use X. (Plus, you're not meant to write native Linux applications for it at all - you're supposed to develop them for the special Dalvik virtual machine. Which is, of course, also only used by Android.)

  29. Adrian Midgley

    I don't think the customers voted

    I think that changes in pricing were made, with or without accompanying threats or promises, which persuaded shops to stock netbook versions preloaded with Windows.

    In other news, the Russian Federation follows the USA and European Community in prosecuting Microsoft for monopolistic and anti-competitive behaviour.

    The lag time on the first cases was years, what should we expect in another few years?

  30. Joe Montana

    Dual boot by default and education is the key

    Years ago, MS worked very hard to prevent BeOS from being installed as dual boot alongside windows... Why? because if people were to try BeOS they are likely to find it's much better than windows and stick to it...

    People may not *want* Linux, but a lot of that is down to not knowing what it is, not knowing what it's strengths are and not having used it before... Linux has a lot of advantages over windows for the average user, package management and not having to worry about viruses/spyware for instance.

    If you provide a dual boot, and clear documentation/advertising which explain the advantages and differences then inevitably some people will try it out.

    A lot of ordinary people will consider using linux if you take the time to explain it's advantages to them, and many of those people will stick with it once they've got used to it. I know quite a few non technical people who have given linux a try, and after a few months now hate being forced to use windows at work and would never consider using it at home.

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