back to article Transition flying car into 'beta test': Deliveries from 2011

The makers of the Terrafugia Transition - the closest thing to a flying car yet built - say that flight testing of the initial "proof of concept" vehicle is now complete, and that the Transition has been shown to be a viable proposition. Terrafugia will now build a "beta test prototype", incorporating lessons learned by the …


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  1. Steven Hunter
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    I realize that certain concessions were undoubtedly made to aerodynamics but I'm sorry, that thing is just plain ugly.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it's not a flying car

    it's just a motoring aeroplane

  3. goggyturk

    A first

    It was worth the article just to see a Cessna 172 being used as a chase plane - something I never thought I'd see...

  4. Perpetual Cyclist
    Dead Vulture

    Have you seen the price of fuel?

    OK, it's probably no thirstier than a US style SUV, but the world past peak oil production last year, and after slumping in the credit crunch, the price has once more doubled in the last six months to $68/barrel.

    By the time this thing is ready for production, the world will have stopped building anything thirstier than Polo bluemotion.

  5. Robert Moore

    @Perpetual Cyclist

    Peak oil.. ODFO.

    Next you will start talking about its carbon footprint.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @Robert Moore

    Thank you. Well said. I'm just waiting to hear the kids say: Dad, can I borrow the car?

    Erm, yeah....your mother's!

  7. Gene Cash Silver badge
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    Speaking of fuel...

    Looks like it uses plain car gas, which is a metric assload cheaper than avgas. That right there is a nice plus.

  8. Bad Beaver
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    I can totally see people from more remote regions all over this. Mericans, Australians...

  9. Mike

    Those wings

    Don't they create a huge blind spot when driving?

  10. h

    It would be nice

    to know some of its stats, like MPG on the road vs. flying.

    Just sayin'.

  11. John Smith Gold badge
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    Not too pretty but sounding quite effective

    30sec to go from plane to car (and back again?). All parts retained on vehicle at all times.

    I'm no pilot but I thought sports pilots are in it for the actual flight. Being able to drive to their hotel when they get where they are going (and a flight which is more comfortable and possibly safer than a microlight) are bonus features.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @perpetual cyclist

    Peak oil? Next thing you'll be talking about linux on the desktop. I'm with Robert Moore - ODFO!

  13. John F***ing Stepp

    Well then.

    Sports pilots license eh; guess I will have to get the right eye fixed.

    What would you go for; bionic, with a GPS overlay; natural, but perhaps enhanced IR (I see in the dark quite well, thank you.); targeting, ah, does this thing have weapons?

    Silliness aside, this seems a nice vehicle and solves a lot of problems as to hanger fees and end point transportation.

    Sadly, I think the main problem is; when will we see the MS flight simulator patch for this. . .

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    Can you say skycar

    I wonder if this is going to be a moller/duke nukem arrangement.

    Look we have a prototype... look 10 years later we still have a prototype.

    Why no VTOL?

  15. Robert Hill

    Fender bender?

    The worry for me would be driving it as a car, knowing that even the smallest fender bender could compromise the airframe or the lifting surfaces. Then you would have a choice - maybe DRIVE back the 400 miles over rough terrain in the Outback that you just flew over, or hope that the damage wasn't too severe and that your loved ones in the cockpit would be safe in the air.

    There are viable reasons for leaving fragile airplanes on tie-down points and in hangers, and getting into a real auto to do your driving...unless they can show this thing has some real resiliancy. And you do have to wonder if it would ever be really safe in a roadway accident at even 50 miles per hour - major auto companies have spent decades making autos safe in crashes, and they don't have to worry about weight as much.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Parajet Skycar?

    Come on, the Skycar is waaaaaaay ahead, more practical and doesn't have dirty great big folded wings blocking the vital rear-quarter view. And it has added Mad Max style points over this fugly mess! As usual, the Septics are late to the party and just trying to drown out the competition with a marketing splurge.

  17. Rob
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    Sorry bit late

    Not been able to read El Reg for a number of days and catching up on articles, would just like to say on this one though, I'm with Robert and David... ODFO!!

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