back to article iPod poised for multitouch scroll wheel

Apple's scroll wheel-equipped iPods may soon inherit the multitouch swipe and pinch gestural controls currently available in the iPod touch, iPhone, and MacBooks. That is, if they take advantage of the technologies discussed in an Apple patent filing entitled Multi-Dimensional Scroll Wheel, published Thursday by the US Patent …


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    Jobs Horns

    need i say more.....

  2. Mick F

    A new interface as well?

    To make all your old iPod accessories redundant in one go. Must be time, it's been nearly a week since they last changed it.

  3. Thomas


    Shouldn't this article be called "Apple renames the touch pad"

  4. Matt

    isnt this just a trackpad?

    apple already has this product in use with its laptops, albeit in a regualr 4 sided fasion, or doesnt the regular multi-touch pad work in the same way??

    If this is just a normal touchpad, but in a circular format? I may as well patent a millon touchpads all with different numbers of sides and wait for the patent money to come flooding in after a few years :)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is there any reason they've gone of ITERM #1 - 5 over the more traditional ITEM #1-5 ?

    Those crazy free thinkers at apple, always trying to change the status quo!

  6. Chris Silver badge
    Jobs Horns

    If only...

    ...they'd adopted some of these ideas in the existing iPods - I keep wanting to swipe my thumb across the scrollwheel from top to bottom (or vice versa) to scroll through long lists, where using the rotary action is just too damn slow. AFAIK the existing scrollwheel hardware (at least on the Classic) would be capable of recognising such an input, but nooooo, we have to keep spinning around and around and around until the firmware *finally* decides to switch from line-by-line to accelerated scrolling modes, by which time my thumb is about ready to die and I've forgotten what artist/song I was trying to find anyway.

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