back to article UK jobs market: Bad but getting worse more slowly

The UK jobs market, for both permanent and temporary positions, is in a bad way - but it is getting worse more slowly than it has for months. KPMG's monthly check on the jobs market found that the decline in temporary and permanent positions slowed in May, with demand for IT rising up the chart. The fall was the slowest in …


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  1. Lionel Baden

    wow it took that long

    For managers to realise that it staff keep things running smoothly !!!

    the amount of offices i go into and nothing really works because they have tried to save money by not calling us out is amazing.

    It also tends that they cant really work or a simple job of e.g. scanning to email doesnt work and the process is made twice as long

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is all cyclical

    the banks know this, and really it was them who had to fail, but just showed how many strings they can pull.

    The world economy over reached, and Australia did the right things, so they showed growth and defied the recession. Labour did the wrong things, well there is a surprise; too busy living the high life off the excessive taxation, to even see the sensible moves.

    Australia gave cash to the people and asked them to spend, and that is Economics 101. Any money given to Government counts as ZERO in an economy, but if you give it to consumers it creates a virtuous circle.

    Labour along with a whole slew of other ills are mentally retarded, they deserve our pity, but they don't deserve to make policy or look after the Nation's interests, Labour is a liability to everyone in this country.

  3. Bilby

    @AC 4 June 17:58GMT

    You do realise that the Australian Federal government is a Labor (sic) government, as are 7 of the 8 State/Territiory governments down under?

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