back to article Airport ID cards only for the newbies

The trial of ID cards for airside workers at City of London and Manchester airports will be a slightly slower process than we imagined. The cards will only be mandatory for new staff, not for all pilots and staff working at the airports. The Home Office reckon this was always the case and we remembered wrongly - we bow to …


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  1. Greg

    Nice try

    Trying to get all the complainers to stop because it doesn't apply to them, while you roll it out anyway. Tossers.

  2. Feef Lovecraft
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    Recent data

    At least 100% of those with ID cards so far issued have proved to been the correct person.

  3. Throatwobbler Mangrove
    Black Helicopters

    Remembering the example set by our brothers across the Irish Sea...

    "The trial starts in autumn 2009, which suddenly seems an awfully long time in politics... " it long enough to spunk a lot of money on hardware, software and non-revokable contracts with inept (but Labour party-donating) suppliers and then cancel everything the week before it launches? Because that's how much time we're going to need...

  4. Ash
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    "... have to have an ID card or they will lose their job."

    It's a shame nobody stands up for their principles any more. I know principles don't put bread on the table or a roof over your head, but hey, TNSTAAFL. You have to pay for your liberty, and the favoured currency is personal comfort and convenience.

    The trouble is that there are so many people who think "Oh, well nobody else will do it, so why should I bother?" These people need to meet up and chat about it.

    I recommend an area in London, not that far from a very large Government building on the Thames... Lots of people to listen to us in there.

  5. Mark Edwards


    If it's only for new starters, then really, shouldn't Jaqui's replacement really be the first to get one after Monday's reshuffle???

  6. Dennis
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    I have a picture of a ship

    sailing round and round in circles, not knowing where to go of what to do.

    I guess with no Jack booted Jacqui at the helm and no Prime Minister worth speaking off then everything is going to go the same way. ........dissolve into oblivion.

    I sure the Tories aren't bothered either as they said they would cancel it so better just to let it flap about until somebody works up the courage to put it out of its misery.

    More IT Millions wasted.

    Can I have a icon for stop sitting here reading comments and nodding your head. Get off you arse and vote!

  7. Simon

    Maybe they will get killed off soon...

    The way things are going at the moment if we don't have a general election there are going to be riots around the country.

    I will vote Conservative if they promise to kill off this huge waste of money that is the ID card scheme.

    Heres hoping...

  8. Michael Habel
    IT Angle

    Wait wat??

    Having worked for a few Airport(s) ~in the Air Cargo Industry~ myself. I can tell you now that (at least hear and in the USA), that if you want such a Job then you'd need to have not only an Employer Badge, but also a Color Coded Badge for the Airport as well.

    IIRC The Security / Police were Yellow, People working in the Terminal were Blue, People with physical contact with the Plane were Red, and Cargo Hub Employees (i.e. me), were Green.

    So if I understand your Story correctly the UK does NOT have such a System in place yet?

    And (I really hope they do), assuming that they do, and that getting inside the Airport is as big a deal as it is here [Germany]. The background Checks take literally months to fill out.

    Why does the Government feel the need to poke there noses into everything??

    One more thing, before I go.

    Would you please lay off those MP's I mean it's not like they were doing anything wrong.

    Distasteful, and or Corrupt as it might appear. They were not breaking any rules as far as I could see.

    I see this purely from the standpoint of letting the Inmates run the Nuthouse, and well when that happens --it happens.

    *It? -- Because --it happens!!

  9. alain williams Silver badge

    Who will pay for this ?

    The airport - or the hapless worker ?

    If the worker, it sounds like a condition of employment and so should be tax deductable.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Can't the forst new member of staff just refuse to take a card on the grounds that it's an infringement on their civil liberties?

    I mean what right does their employer have to keep their DNA information when it isn't keeping the same for all the other members of staff?

    Alternatively, all pilots and airport workers could just strike until the government backs down...

  11. Dave Bell

    Security Theatre

    You're also supposed to ge through a criminal records check, part of the counter terrorism effort, but you can start work before the check is completed.

    This sounds like more of the same.

  12. BossHog


    You wouldn't want to fire that in your pocket.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    More dangerous than a compulsion for all

    They're playing the divide and conquer game. If some people are forced to have this, and have never known any different, then it is easier to force on everyone later on as not all of the staff concerned have the same interests.

    The way to kill this off is for all of them to refuse to have it now, and see how long the idea lasts when all the aircraft are grounded and all the airports are closed.

  14. BossHog


    Heh, the dangers of tabbed browsing - my previous comment was *supposed* to be on this El Reg story:

    Dear Beemeister, please feel free to FTFM.

  15. Richard Silver badge

    @Michael Habel

    The airports already have suitable schemes, and have for decades - small ID cards with a photo, a name and employer/department written on them.

    This is all about the former Home Secretary trying to replace a 'known good' and non-intrusive system with a new, very intrusive system that nobody has any clue as to whether it works or not, and in fact has no method of reading them whatsoever.

    Apparently one is supposed to "flick" the new cards to find out if they are genuine.

  16. Dave


    So, for ages to come, all you have to say is: "No, been working at [Some Other Airport] for ages, never been given one of those stupid new cards." "Oh, okay then, in you go!"

  17. Graham Marsden
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    The Home Office reckon this was always the case....

    ... and we have always been at war with Eastasia...

  18. TeeCee Gold badge

    That'll be fun.

    "...waiting for new staff members to start so the technology can be tested..."

    For an 18 month trial? In an economy that's far more focussed on finding new ways to sack people than hire them?

    I can see it now: "In our trial involving a sample size of sod-all, we proved that the system is robust and reliable."

  19. Anonymous Coward
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    Lose their job....

    "We have quizzed the Government on this and they are adamant: all airside workers countrywide will eventually have to have an ID card or they will lose their job."

    Ok, I understand all that. So when the pilots refuse to get these and those big shiny things just sit on the ground all day instead of flying around... well, what's really going to happen then?

  20. John Smith Gold badge
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    This is a softening up process.

    No ID card, no job. It will be made a condition of employment.

    Unless *every* candidate who turns up says "No card. I go through enough ID checks. I don't want to spend serious cash on a something that's useless everywhere."

    Of course the government that started this trial *might* not be the one that ends it.

  21. Ascylto

    Meanwhile, at the HR Department ...

    Orders have been placed (probably via Crapita) for new 'Flicking' machines which will enable Human Resources people to ensure the new ID cards sound right when flicked. The cost estimate for these is circa £2,000,000 or 3 x MPs expenses.

  22. John Smith Gold badge
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    Tenderising the fresh meat

    That is all.

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