back to article Cambridge hospital cleans up after mystery malware infection

An unnamed computer virus infection forced a UK hospital to temporarily shut down part of its network earlier this week. An unspecified number of computers at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge were hit by the malware. A spokesman explained that the hospital continued to operate normally while IT staff grappled with the …


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  1. Malcolm

    no impact on patients?

    I guess not signficantly affected - but we were told that our final test results would have to be posted in a few days and the result we were being given might vary by a day or so [not a result where this matters]

  2. Chris
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    patients not affected?

    But the article says "ambulances were redirected" so having your ambulance take you 15 miles up the A14 to Huntingdon's A&E hospital doesn't count as affected??

  3. Robert Fitzgerald

    Related issue?

    Don't know if it's related or not but I also work in another hospital on IT support and we have recently had a call about visitors to a healthcare website Healthcare Innovation Expo who were being infected with malware, possibly due to the site being hijacked. Luckily the security systems here blocked it before it spread to other machines.

  4. Eirik Iverson

    Doctor's Offices

    Whenever I'm in a doctor's office or some other medical facility, I'm now in the habit of looking at their information technology. This usually results in my dwelling more on their lack of security than my case of the flu, re injured knee, or whatever brought me there.

    My last visit left me alone in a room for about half an hour with a WinXP machine hanging from a wall. Later, when someone arrived to use it, I was quite distracted while talking with her as I kept thinking how easily one could compromise the records of everyone associated with their practice.

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Mysterious malware?

    It's called Windows and these morons are still using it ffs!

  6. Richard Gray

    What a BOFH

    If you got this info from the BBC then you got it from me...

    That will teach them to make me carry my own notes

  7. Frank

    Never ending story

    "He promised to ask technicians what strain of malware caused the infection,..."

    How about asking "How the hell did it get into the system?", then making sure it doesn't/can't happen again?

  8. dj syntax23
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    re: patients not affected?

    The redirection of ambulances happened at the London hospitals - not Cambridge !

    RTFA :)

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