back to article EMC prevails over HP in job switch trial

A California court has ruled that David Donatelli can't look after the storage part of his intended tripartite job for one year. Servers and networking are okay though. David Donatelli suddenly left EMC, where he ran its storage array business, in April to join HP and become its EVP for Enterprise Servers, Storage and …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    The interesting question is whether Mr Donnerkebab will take a third less pay, and whether Dave Roberson will be getting that third for his role of doing the storage part Donner isn't allowed to touch. What, you think that the whole thing is just some sham and that Donner will actually be manageing the whole kit and caboodle behind the scenes, and Roberson will just be sitting back, taking the pay and reading the odd announcement from Donner's script? You cynic, you!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    How can DD stay out of the storage business when he's going to be involved in the server business? The two are linked and the settlement is largely impractical.

    For example, HP sells servers with internal storage blades in their C-class. They have a blade + iSCSI strategy approach with their recent Lefthand acquisition. What do the MSA arrays run on and connect to?

    Is an HBA a server product or a storage product?

    And regarding software, HP has a large portfolio of management, configuration and monitoring software that covers both servers and storage. Does he only get to discuss servers and not st***ge management modules?

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