back to article Cisco punts not-so-unified rack servers

So much for that whole argument that networking giant and server wannabe Cisco Systems is only interested in selling a closed, proprietary stack of hardware and system software known as "California" and branded the Unified Computing System. Today, with the launch of free-standing rack servers, Cisco moved to annex (in spirit) …


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  1. Nik Simpson

    I'm not sure about 384 GB

    If 384 GB was really needed for virtualization on a two processor system, you have to ask why Cisco didn't use the VMmark benchmark results they published to prove the point. But funnily enough they used the same amount of memory as just about everybody else (96 GB in the form of 12x8GB DIMMs). To me this suggests that memory beyond 96GB for a dual processor is probably a waste unless you have workloads that have a very large memory footprint relative to CPU and I/O requirements.

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