back to article Atlantis hitches a ride to Florida

Space shuttle Atlantis is today at Biggs Army Air Field, El Paso, Texas, having hitched a ride yesterday atop a modified 747 from Edwards Air Force Base, California. NASA is closely eyeing the weather to see if the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft can make the final leg to Kennedy Space Center in Florida this afternoon. Atlantis atop …


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  1. JB
    Thumb Up

    A fine sight

    That really is a pretty impressive sight. But is it just me or does the aeroplane look better than the shuttle? The space-plane looks so boxy and ugly, you'd think it was built by GM!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    look's like a barnsley lass ( big ass)

  3. b166er

    Being lazy here,

    but does anyone know of a good 3D virtualization of the ISS?

  4. Osiris
    Paris Hilton

    NASA Deadlines

    In a last ditch effort to speed up the replacement for the shuttle next year, NASA have now resorted to trying to breed a baby shuttle-plane hybrid.

    Paris, because shes next to mate with a shuttle...

  5. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Re: Being lazy here

    Yes you probably are, but any excuse for a bit of evangelisation .

    Orbiter ( has a lot of ISS stuff ( but afaik it's all external views only. I do remember a program that provided a 3D virtual tour but given its 1990 style graphics it didn't make much of an impression on me and I've long forgotten its name. It was, however, free so look and no doubt ye shall find.

  6. Andus McCoatover

    How to mount the orbiter...

    Well known, of course, but..

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