back to article Red Hat blends JBoss blocker to SpringSource

Red Hat has opened Sun Microsystems' annual week of Java activities with an application server strategy targeting fellow open-sourcer SpringSource. The company, which made its name in the Linux business, has added a third server to its JBoss application server and middleware family targeting what it called "mid-sized" …


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  2. eduardo pelegri-llopart

    GlassFish - Transactions? Jobs Postings?

    (Pelegri-Llopart said...) "although it lagged JBoss, IBM's WebSphere, and Oracle's WebLogic in absolute number of transactions"..

    Hi Gavin - I believe you are refering to a chart I presented about job postings. The slides were not clearly labeled but that was the last overlay of the adoption section. Commenting on that slide I mentioned that although the growth of GF jobs (at is significantly faster that that of competitors, the absolute number was still lower than them, .

    There are several likely explanations for that, from plain "jobs are a lagging indicator for adoption" to the ease of use of GlassFish and strong standards support that means existing engineers can just switch from Tomcat/JBoss/WAS/WLS to GF.

    BTW, later in the week we posted a relevant report on adoption from [1] that indicates that the majority of the new Open Source projects are targeting GlassFish. Your readers may want to check that report.

    - Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart


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