back to article Gartner: No server growth until 2010

The box counters at Gartner gave out their stats for server sales for the first quarter of the year, and the numbers were worse even than the already bad expectations the market researcher had. Worldwide server sales fell by 24 per cent by Gartner's reckoning to $10.1bn, and shipments collapsed by a nearly identical 24.2 per …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Massive Slump in Server Sales

    Are the big server manufacturers going to club together and lobby the government to halt the wide-spread, immoral and illegal virtualisation of servers?

    Surely, people know that it's just wrong!! How are they going to continue to fleece everyone when rampant server virtualisation is undermining the market.

    It's the new servers that will suffer.


  2. Doug

    pass the RHEL cd please

    lost your budget? Get Linux

    lost your budget? Virtualize on Linux on existing hardware.

    lost your budget? Drop redundant MS product licenses where open source products fit.

    lost your budget? Drop service contracts by giving your developers OSS they can fix themselves.

    lost your budget? Implement thin clients using LTSP and leave Windows only were needed.

    lost your budget? Get Linux

    And you know what, none of this gets counted by Gartner.

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