back to article Adobe buffs and brands full Flash suite

Adobe Systems is today expected to release code for an environment to unify design and development, plus code and a major re-branding for its next Flash and AIR RIA tool. The company will that announce Flash Catalyst, previously codenamed Thermo, is available as a public beta. Accompanying Flash Catalyst is beta code for Flex …


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  1. Chris Matchett
    Thumb Down

    How nice

    Still no 64 bit Flash though. Concentrating effort fail

  2. Chris Thomas

    @Chris Matcheet

    Dont run a 64bit environment then you muppet. Answer me this one genius, are you SERIOUSLY USING IT FOR ANYTHING? Other than to substitute your girl pulling abilities so you can impress your geek friends down the pub?

    I reckon like all good stats that are made up, you're gonna see about 0.0001% of the market actually uses it for anything because they need it, that microscopic percentage, is people just wanting to jack off cause it's cool.

    I used to be like you, I really did, I installed 64bit windows as soon as it came out, then I found out what my penis was for and all these girls, wow, it's awesome!! Then I realised I didnt give a flying fuck anymore.

    Word to the wise, nobody gives a fuck, THATS WHY you might never see 64 bit until your mother start running it and before you say it, if she is running 64bit windows or linux, but you installed it, it doesnt count.

    nerds, get with the program

  3. Tom Chiverton

    64bit flash is already here...

    Errr... I've got 64bit Flash... ...

  4. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    @Chris Thomas

    So, you're saying nobody will ever need or use more than 3.5Gb of RAM?

    Interesting. Reminds me of something similar that nice Mr. Gates once said.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    New name

    How about: 'Design Integrator AIR RIA' - or just 'DI AIR RIA' ?

  6. Chris Matchett
    Dead Vulture

    3.5Gb is good going

    I was only getting 3.12GB out of my 4GB before upgrading to the 64 bit OS. Things are running a bit faster too. I want 64 bit Flash so I can ditch 32 bit MSIE - not to see Flash running that tiny bit better. I'm using MSIE for certain web-based apps that require Active X still.

    Thanks for the link Tom but that's for Linux only.

    Sarah, is Chris Thomas's post really getting past moderation these days?

  7. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: 3.5Gb is good going

    If he upsets you, Other Chris, you just tell me and I'll go round there and talk to his mother.

  8. Chris Matchett

    Well it is just Monday

    I need at least until Tuesday until I can cope being called a nerd on a tech news website

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