back to article German politicians leak election info on Twitter

A pair of German politicians are in trouble for breaking constitutional protocol after leaking news of the German president's re-election through Twitter ahead of the official publication of the results. News that Horst Köhler had been re-elected as German president for a second five-year term appeared on the microblogging …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Please can someone force every journalist in the world to watch Mitchell&Webb's brief sketch on Watergategate so they realise how ridiculous it sounds to at the suffix "-gate" onto a word to make it into a scandal.

    Before long we'll get a "mobegate" and the world will implode.

    PS. @John Leyden, I hope you were being deliberately facetious, but even that is no excuse.

  2. Dimitrov
    Thumb Down

    Oh the humanity!

    Oh noes! The results were leaked 15 minutes before the official announcement! Call the tanks, we have a national emergency here!

    Please someone explain how this is a problem at all? They didn't rig the election, they just announced what everyone would know anyway in less than a quarter of an hour. Perhaps a slap on the wrist is in order, but a parliamentary investigation and abuse of the -gate suffix? Please...

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    whilst I agree with dimitrov that this was hardly going to cause the entire political system of Germany to collapse in on itself, surely they knew that they shouldn't release that information until it's been officially released!? They should be fired if only for their stupidity!

  4. Albert Waltien

    Heaven forgive us Yanks...

    for what we have done to the Queen's English. There was no Profumogate back in the day!

  5. Dave Morris

    Sound like...

    Just the excuse the Chancellor needs to declare martial law, overthrow the office of the president, dissolve parliament, and send out their personal "security forces" to assasinate political opposition!

    Oh, wait.. not 1934.. ok

  6. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    For 15 minutes, really, they could have waited fourteen more before uploading. I think this is more a case of "Upload the page now, so when the results are announced and everybody checks our page, we'll be ready".

    Even so, there are rules. These morons have just learned that, once you publish on the web, it is immediately publicly available. Since these are supposed to be people who know the rules, it serves them right to be legally flogged.

    Keelhaul the lot of them ! If we don't know why, they surely do !

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