back to article HP job cuts hit Scotland

Ink giant HP is sacking 850 people at its plant in Erskine, Renfrewshire because production of servers and storage devices is moving to the Czech Republic. Some 1,300 people are employed at the plant. Staff are expected to be told the news later today; a spokeswoman for HP confirmed to the BBC that a meeting was being held …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    HP new guard take note...

    Presented by David Packard at HP’s

    second annual management conference,

    1958, Sonoma, California

    1. Think first of the other fellow.

    2. Build up the other person’s sense

    of importance.

    3. Respect the other person’s

    personality rights.

    4. Give sincere appreciation.

    5. Eliminate the negative.

    6. Avoid openly trying to reform people.

    7. Try to understand the other person.

    8. Check first impressions.

    9. Take care with the little details.

    10. Develop genuine interest in people.

    11. Keep it up.

  2. Trevor Watt

    What a shitty excuse

    Thats is profits of about 4%. That is more than most of the grocery sector that is considered almost safe from 'The Recession'.

    I also note the very high use of agency staff, no doubt to avoid having to deal with employee issues and the guilt of sacking them all, never mind severance pay etc.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nothing is in the UK anymore.

    I've just had a series of calls with HP abroad somewhere who can't speak English.

    "Hello, yes, we've got a server dead. Power light yellow, press it, the hard drive lights flash and the server stays off."

    Two and a half hours in to a four hour fix I get a call, "... about your hard drive problem..."

    "I haven't got a hard drive problem .. the server is D-E-A-D and it's a critical VM ware server. Where is our engineer?"

    "Well we require you to do some trouble shooting first..."

    "What is the point of a four hour fix contract if you want me to get the server out of the rack and start sticking my non-static protected fingers in it? GET ME MY ENGINEER THAT I'VE PAID FOR!"


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Cue Matt Bryant


    Come on Matt - surely you've got a positive spin on HP's contribution to f*cking up the UK economy....

    Great company - make a profit and still f*ck the guys that made that profit.

    @Michelle - that's the very reason I dumped all our HP kit. Apart from being cheap and nasty nowadays (ah the days of old were so different) the "support" guys are clueless.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward

    Careful there AC, I used to BE one of those clueless HP support guys :-) All be it one on the road, but, hey, at least I wasn't in Bangalore.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No worries

    there are some great government initiatives, you can volunteer to clear up a park and you get, now wait for it, this is better than a roof over your head, or food, yes you get a concert ticket.

    Or, and this is another bold and decisive move by the government, you are given advice that working abroad perhaps in a voluntary capacity, a kibbutz if you will would be a great idea.

    And that is about it.

    Though I do hear the North Koreans are after ICBM specialists, don't all apply at once, there is only Kim Il-Sung manning the Net over there.

  7. SynnerCal

    My how we laughed...

    @HP new guard take note...

    Thanks pal - I laughed so much at that list that I spent the next 5-10 minutes cleaning coffee out of the keyboard. If that was the sainted Dave's syllabus for success then the current HP board would score a big fat zero.

    @Cue Matt Bryant

    Yep, I was also wondering where he'd got to - maybe he's off spending his management bonus? Or maybe you need to mention HP/sUX a couple of times to get him to appear.

    You're probably right about the clueless support guys - which is a damn shame if customers (prospective or current) think this way, because I _know_ beyond doubt that there's not only a shedload of smart cookies in various parts of HP, but they also _want_ to help customers and build the business. Trouble is that they're shackled by the clueless I'll-do-anything-to-save-a-buck management.

    My thoughts and smpathies are entirely with the soon-to-be-pink-slipped hardworking colleagues who've been sacrificied merely to pimp the share price, (and thereby the boost management's bonuses).

    I would have love to have finished with a short description of the HP board, but unfortunately it'd get me banned for overuse of expletives. Maybe the UK government should remember this shameful treatment of UK citizens when the next public procurement project comes up?

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    4 hour call outs

    Unfortunately the small print of these warranties say that you can have hardware/an engineer 4 hours after the technician decides you are worthy. You are not automatically entitled to anything within 4 hours of the phone being answered by their support dept. Industry wide problem

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Server lines

    Standards of build should at least improve...

  10. John

    My 1st Windows computer...

    was the HP Pavilion 3240. As Winders 95 didn't resemble anything I'd used before, I called support in Holland at 28p per minute. Problem wasn't resolved. I went over to the Microsoft website and was still none the wiser. After a bit of faffing about I managed to sort out the problem myself. On another occasion I acquired a Kodak 210 zoom camera (cutting edge tech at the time, but now worth about £10 if that), the install had gone wrong somewhere along the line, and I followed their instructions, deleting the modem in the process. I managed to get it back using the recovery disc (something I worked out for myself), reinstalling the drivers (something I'd never done before). I emailed Kodak and got a reply off one of their engineers apologising for this and they would make it known to folk. I checked back a few days later and the revision was on their site. 11 years later I am still my own tech support/sysadmin. Can't things just work?

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