back to article AOL and Time Warner splitsville by end of the year

Time Warner and AOL will divorce at the end of the year, just as soon as the internet unit buys its stock back from Google. AOL plans to do its online services and advertising gig solo, leaving Time Warner to focus on media and cable. But first, Time Warner said it needs to repurchase the 5 per cent stake in AOL currently …


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  1. Christopher Ahrens

    Makes sense

    You are supposed to amputate a limb when the flesh has died off and is succumbing to gangrene. But even with AOL gone we will still be in a Eternal September.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The only good thing AOL did...

    was to suck Time-Warner down with it. Time-Warner's local (non-AOL) cable ISPs are so bad, it's pretty much making Dish Network's quarter, as people are moving en-masse.

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