back to article Netgear EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite

The EVA9150 is the latest addition to Netgear's Digital Entertainer family of media streamers and it picks up pretty much where its predecessor - the EVA8000 - left off. The main draw of the EVA8000 - providing you were running latest beta firmware version and not the shipping release - was its ability to chew through almost any …


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  1. Daniel Owen

    18 months on

    And my PCH A-100 is still just as powerful as this. (and cost 1/4 of the cost, albeit because of a strong pound at the time)

    The new popcornhour is due soon, and will be even better than this.

  2. Scott Mckenzie

    WD TV

    Unless you really need the Network side of things, it's far cheaper to get the Western Digital TV too.... plays everything i've thrown at it so far and with minimal fuss!

    Or built a HTPC and do it properly.....

  3. Rob Beard
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    Nice but...

    Nice but I could build a HTPC that would do the same and more than that for less than they're asking, and that's including a Vista license!

    I was in a way lucky though as I got a HP Pavillion Slimline from a friend which had a knackered motherboard and managed to get it repaired under an extended HP warranty for free. So after sticking in an Athlon X2 4400+, 500GB IBM Cinemastar hard drive and DVDRW I have the same functionality as this box (minus component video out, although I use DVI to HDMI) plus I can run emulators on the machine too.


  4. Neil Daniels
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    Getting there.

    Well it sounds very nice - anything that can handle MKVs immediately gets a gold star from me. Unfortunately it's still up around the price tag for a complete HTPC which would be able to play back disc media as well.

  5. My Opinion

    Standalone on its own

    "...let it operate as a standalone unit all on its own."

    And what else may "standalone mean", other than "on its own"?

  6. Tom Unwin

    A PS3 or XBOX360 will do it too

    Either of the current beefier consoles will do most of this too with the right free software ( PS3 Media Server) on an existing PC. The PS3 plays Bluerays and Rental disks etc without having to rip them first too. They will play games too.

  7. Tom

    Re: Getting there

    "Well it sounds very nice - anything that can handle MKVs immediately gets a gold star from me. "

    Looking at the netgear site I see " MKV (with AC3 only) "

    That seems like a big limit since MKV can contain almost anything...

    With the latest update the WD TV is a much better MKV player, still not perfect though.

  8. Rob


    I'm waiting to see what Nintendo will do wit their Wii in this respect. As soon as they role out an upgrade/software to stream media from your internal network they will be tapping into a large userbase

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