back to article Cisco touts self as Unified Computer System pioneer

Cisco Systems has been talking about its Unified Computing System, code-named California, so much for months now that it is hard to remember sometimes this mega product is still not shipping. Turns out Cisco is its own first beta test customer, and the company's IT brass Wednesday was talking about its own plans for deployment …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Yeah right

    Check out Xsigo's solution ( if you want virtual I/O that works on equipment other than Cisco. They are the real pioneers.

  2. regadpellagru
    Dead Vulture

    Yeah, not normalised

    "Rather than rip and replace, Cisco already had Nexus 7000 switches - which have the converged Fibre Channel over Ethernet fabric - [snip]"

    FCoE, which, small detail, is not yet normalised, and thus, being non trivially a lossless protocol (FC) mapped onto a loosing frames protocol + random retries (Ethernet), is surely going to go through a period of try and fail. After normalisation.

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