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Toshiba laptops have always been safe and reliable, and we’ll confess to being the satisfied owners of an old Qosmio F20. However, they’ve never been terribly exciting – as our recent review of the Tecra M10 pointed out in great detail. So when Toshiba showed off its latest models to the press just recently, the lurid colouring …


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  1. Eddie


    That's very impressive.

    So tell me, what's the maximum refresh rate of the screen?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps my next laptop will be a Toshiba then...

    I'm not buying another Alienware, their repair department is fucking useless. I had to send my laptop back after the hinge popped open and started spraying little plastic things everywhere, it came back scratched and with the touch sensitive buttons not working properly. I had to then send it back again for another month to have this fixed and when it came back all they'd done is re-formatted the machine and not fixed the buttons or the scratches! Useless wankers.

    As for this Tosh, if they could do a 15in model with a single 9800 GTSm I would be very interested indeed.

  3. A Gould

    Toshibas are crap.

    In my extensive experience, Toshiba laptops are the most unreliable and badly built of the premium brand machines. The hinges in particular are diabolical.

  4. lvm

    safe and reliable?

    Cliff Joseph starts this review with "Toshiba laptops have always been safe and reliable". I beg to differ. As current owner of Satellite P100 I suffered cracked hinges, substandard keyboard, high-quality sound much ehnanced by unidentified parts rattling inside, poor quality power supply socket, paint discolorations and more. I must admit I cannot say nothing agains the reviwed model except that it looks absolutely ghastly, but my next laptop won't be a Toshiba.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    a luggable

    Judging from the title, I expected a slim, 13in model. What a disappointment.

    That's not a laptop, it's a luggable - try using one on your lap, it will burn through your pants (and intimate parts) with that power draw! Battery will go dead fast too, since the high power draw is too much strain for hi-capacity lion cells (not to mention poor battery performance). I'm a 1440x900 @ 13in, 1400x1050 @ 14in or 1680x1050 @ 15in user myself, but taste does vary :)

  6. Ricky H


    hah, I looked at 13W and thought it ment 13 Watts ! more like 130 W when running a game !

    @ refresh rate eddie. LCDs do not have a refresh rate, they have a response time in milliseconds. Newer LCD panels can run at 120 HERTZ and this gives way to "3D" display tech that has been promised for so long.

  7. jason

    Hmmm Pull that laptop out of a bag......

    ....and it instantly makes a statement about you!

    I dont know why they dont change the lid logo to 'Wanker"?

    What an awful looking machine.

  8. thomas k.

    for gamers? really?

    PC gamers are going to have their left hand on the WASD keys and their right hand on a mouse. So why did they put the trackpad so far to the left (rather than in the center) where it will be right under that left wrist? Epic fail.

  9. Hombre sin nombre

    RE: for gamers?

    Anyone who is actually willing to spend that much on a laptop for gaming will no doubt shell out $50-60 for a nice gaming mouse, making the trackpad irrelevant.

  10. Bad Beaver

    MY EYES!

    This... thing... will be right at home... somewhere. Don't want to know where exactly, though.

  11. thomas k.

    re: re: gamers

    Well, obviously. But the trackpad's still going to be under the wrist, with the buttons digging into your wrist and the pointer will be skittering around unless you disable the trackpad. That's what I was trying to say. Even for regular useage like typing, you're going to have to move your left hand away from the keyboard to use the pad. Make much more sense to put it in the middle, between the wrists, like everyone else does.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    2000+ for that screen

    I don't care what hardware is under the bonnet for that price I want a full 1920*1200 screen...

    And as others have said who would want to take this out in front of anyone? My next machine will be a company that makes a decent machine, with a decent screen, and a stylish case. I've used Asus W2's for the last 3 or 4 years for this reason but as their new powerful machines also look crap I have no idea where I can go next.

    Shame really I used to love Tosh laptops in the 90's. Lasted forever and were good little machines - if a little expensive. Thesedays though...

  13. Kevin Kempton

    Pimp My Laptop

    I hate the Qosimo designs.

    They look like they have been attacked by MTV's Pimp My Ride.


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