back to article Apple pulls Tank apps after Cartier complaint

Luxury watchmaker Cartier has agreed to drop a lawsuit against Apple over two iPhone applications that allegedly infringed the trademark of its Tank brand. The withdrawal of the legal threat follows the removal of the two applications from Apple's App Store. Cartier filed the short-lived lawsuit last Friday, with the …


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  1. Theresa Forster
    Paris Hilton

    What is the issue here?

    I wonder what the problem here was, is Cartier saying that they own the word TANK,

    I wonder if one of the applications was a Tank Battle game,

    It would be nice if there was more information on the nature of said apps.

  2. TeeCee Gold badge
    Thumb Down

    Next week....

    The holders of the assets of the former North British Locomotive Works in Glasgow sue Cartier for unauthorised use of their trademark.

  3. Mei Lewis

    Some details?

    What is tank? What did the applications do?

  4. James

    Cartier Tank ...

    .. appears to be a range of massively overpriced time pieces - affordable only by the likes of Fred Goodwin. There seems to be French (Francoise), American (Americaine) and Louis flavours.

    I'd guess the pulled Apps were probably bits of software imitating the watches on the iThingy (and they weren't designed by Cartier - otherwise you'd be looking at a £2000-£12,000 price for the App I guess.

    The speed that the Apps vanished suggests that Apple is sh*t scared of taking on the Big Old Boys in the commercial world. Pity - would have been good to watch (geddit!) them being thrashed in an area that has little to do with IT!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    In other news... someone was injured by something.

  6. Paul

    @ Mei Lewis

    Tank is a style of watch...I'm guessing the infringement is design rather than the word

    Although Dunhill succesfully patented "millenium"

  7. Steve Williams

    Cartier produced a rectangular wristwatch... the 1920s which to some seemed to resemble the early British tanks when the watch was laid on its back. Cartier trademarked the term and, now expensive mechanical watches are big business again, are very litigious in protecting it. If you advertise a rectangular 'tank' style watch on EBay you'll get it pulled (unless it really is a Cartier).

    They've piled up a lot of negative karma already among horological enthusiasts over the last few years.

  8. This post has been deleted by its author

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I believe one app was called "Fake Watch" and the other "Fake Watch Gold Edition"

  10. JShel

    @ Paul

    And one for the old timers - IBM went after "2" as a registered trademark

  11. Iain

    Boringly sensible story, actually

    The two apps, "Fake Watch" and "Fake Watch, Gold Edition" appear to be simulated copies of actual Cartier watches. Which is the sort of IP thievery which would be an open-and-shut case if it got as far as court; they've got all sorts of design Trade Mark law on their side for this. It's not just a case of them thinking they've a general right to the word 'Tank' or anything. So Apple took the infringing apps down.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    You mean to say

    the Cartier Tank watch on my iPhone isnt real? I feel violated now, how could anyone rip me off like that

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Cartier - urghhh

    What do you expect from a company that produces VASTLY overpriced tacky crap for people who lack the taste-gene?

    Take a common word, pretend you invented it and sue anyone that uses it.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tantillo praises Apple for resolving dispute

    John Tantillo named Apple the weekly brand winner on his marketing blog (once again) for the way they handled this situation, saying it’s a great example of how successful marketing requires constant corrections/adjustments to a company’s course - “the key is responding promptly and correctly to evolving realities.”

    Full post:

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