back to article Microsoft set to reveal Windows 7 pricing mid-June

Microsoft is expected to cough up Windows 7 price details next month. According to Windows tipster website, which has been bang on the money in the past with shipping dates for Microsoft products, Redmond will announce prices for its upcoming operating system in mid-June. Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 7 …


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  1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Why bother?

    Those who don't want it won't buy it!

    Those that do, who don't want to pay, will make alternative arrangements for getting a copy!

    Those that love it will pay MS no matter what they ask for, even if it's bodily parts!

  2. Ian Clark

    Too greedy?

    Given that most windows sales are from OEM bundling wouldn't it be nice if they just sold one version, for a reasonable price. But I suspect they'll try and justify several hundred pounds for not disabling all the features that ship in the Ultimate edition.

    Ah well, hackintosh it is then. :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    They fixed office pricing ..

    70 quid or whatever for 3 pcs home use ... are they gonna do the same for Win 7? They'd win a lot of friends if they did.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    I expect they will be expensive, really expensive and "How fuckin' much? Jesus!"

  5. Jess
    Thumb Down

    Windows 7 beta is good...


    but not good enough to justify the price differential that I expect over ubuntu.

  6. Lewis Mettler

    sooner you switch the more you save

    As consumers switch to other platforms Microsoft will be tempted to raise the price. And most likely will knowing that people are trapped and fools.

  7. Emo


    Just buy an OEM copy from say scan or ebuyer :)

  8. Me Again

    Holiday Season?

    Prices will land 'before the holiday season this year'...

    That would be which holiday season? Half term? August? Oh winter - you mean the Christmas holiday period. Why not just say so? Most of the western world stops for 2 weeks at the end of December for Christmas. Or is Christmas a banned word now?

    Paris. Just because.

  9. Peter

    Vista SP2

    SInce this is really nothing more than Vista SP2, it should be free or cost-of-media to anyone who owns Vista.

    If they try for full-whack pricing on those individuals unlucky enough to be owning Vista already, well they have only themselves to thank for another round of abysmal sales.

    No amount of Apple-bashing will overcome *that*

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I always buy OEM (& new HDD)

    Whenever I buy a new windows OS, makes the install simple and gives me a bit more storage (and allows me to roll back to my old, working version of windows should I need to. Touch wood, this hasn’t happened yet)

    I like Windows (and can honestly say I have had no problems with Vista) but then again I am lazy and careful so the gaping security holes don’t bother me too much and I don’t have to learn anything new. I did say I am lazy, I got Ubuntu Gibbering Gibbon or whatever it was called on my laptop, it installed perfectly then after finalising the install it re-booted and the login screen graphics were so MASSIVE I couldn’t tab around and log-in so I had to endure the torture of Ubuntu forum "support", hack this terminal that, rub this parse that, compile the other screw around a bit more and hey presto it works!

    So yes, I have tried both, still got Ubuntu on my laptop and still use it if I forget to boot into windows (yeah, that GRUB config file is really easy to edit and swap the boot options round isn’t it!) and I only want to browse or webmail

    What I would like from MS is some recognition of my Beta testing of win 7 (or Vista purchase) say a discount or something. Should I hold my breath?

    Anon and flame proof jacket please!

  11. Michael

    Just installed Opensuse 11.1....

    ...on an Aspire one I bought during the week ...with compiz and all the trimmings ..

    SWEET!.. ....So glad i'm off the M$ treadmill.

  12. Herby

    Obvious pricing model

    Pretty simple if you ask me:

    How much do you have to spend? Send it on in!

    Governments have LOTS of money charge more!

    Third world cretins have lots less, charge less!

    They make money on every sale so what difference does it make. It all eventually goes to Bill Gates charity/wealth distribution anyway, so we might as well laugh while it is being done.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    @ I always buy OEM

    How much does M$ pay you for these posts? You do realize, don't you, that you are literally selling your soul to the devil?

  14. wibbilus maximus
    Thumb Down

    doesn't matter

    After looking at the Windows 7 RC, I would not get it if Microsoft offered ME £500 for it. It is a DOWNGRADE from Vista. Vista does have problems (the HAL removal is the biggest) but these problems are still contained in Windows 7 and now they have added the removal of windows mail to the list. The official line is that you can download Windows Live Mail which has all the features of Windows Mail. Except it doesn't. If you have an email with an attachment that Microsoft considers "unsafe" (even if it is saved on your computer) Windows Live Mail does Microsoft's party trick of "we know better then you" and DISABLES the attachment. No way to turn the feature off. Same for MSN nowadays, you can't send an exe file because it MIGHT be "unsafe" even some picture formats are blocked!!! You can't even set up message rules in Live Mail!!

    And this is the same thought process through the whole of Windows 7.

    You WILL use the new start bar because it is better (don't care i PREFER the classic style)

    You WILL use our new Windows Live programs because we don't have to do as much work with them

    Windows 7 is a poor attempt to paper over the bad publicity attached to Vista which on a well powered machine runs fine. A lot of the problems people were having were due to the deal Microsoft and Intel struck to allow the older intel chipsets to be "Vista certified"

    The facility to run XP programs in Windows 7 via an inbuilt Virtual Pc enviroment is a good idea in THEORY but why bother paying to get the new OS to do what the old OS did, but slower? You can do the same with Vista anyway, it's called Virtual PC since if you have XP programs chances are you'll have an XP licence and which you can use as it is still on the same computer.

    Windows 7 is a service pack for Windows 7 - with a few more useful features removed

  15. Steve
    Thumb Down

    Whatever it costs....'ll still need 3rd party file management software. It's worse than vista

    Explorer - still can't open more than 15 files at a time. And S-L-O-W

    Search - Won't find anything on a data CD, almost totally lacking in configuratability

    Generally - I wish I got Mouse Miles like I get Air Miles. I'm forever 'chasing the focus' and I'm knackered! Twice as many clicks to get anywhere after you find it.

    So as far as RC7100 goes: I call FAIL! Unless you don't want any more than "really wanting to see just the 5-star photos from last year" and touch your screen then Mickeysoft aren't really listening to you.

    XP64 for another year or two it is then. The wallpapers were frightening my kids, anyway.

    If AutoCAD would work properly on any other platform, you wouldn't see me for dust. As it is, I'm lumbered.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Windows 7 = HUGE rip off...... and will I get paid for beta testing it?

    (chanted slowly and loudly)







  17. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Exchange rate

    If they price how they priced Vista it will be $1 to £1 exchange rate and UK folks get ripped off as usual.

    I've not seen anything in Windows 7 that isn't a simple GUI tweak, with the exception of the virtual XP. But anyone can do that with Virtual PC software.

  18. Dylan Fahey

    I will pay for it if it's reasonably priced!

    I haven't paid for a copy of windows since, well, I can't remember when I actually hand over money for a copy. I did buy a laptop 2 years ago that had a copy of windows on it...

    Anyway, If windows 7 is priced under $50, I will buy it. If not, I will obtain it elsewhere. MS just doesn't get it (the consumer), we only have so much money to waste, and MS is not on the top of the list of places where I want to spend any of my money. So, MS will either come to realization that it's better to:

    a. Sell 500 million at 50


    b. Sell 50,000 at $100, and the rest will get pirated because once again, they priced it out of the market.

    Quite frankly, Ubuntu does everything, and I mean everything except my games well. I have it dual-booting on all my boxes, except for my server which is Ubuntu only.

  19. Charles King

    Other options

    The retail Vista prices were too high, if Win7 costs more at retail there will be plenty of angry posts from enthusiasts. OEM isn't an option since I expect to be swapping the MB/CPU in a year's time and don't want to buy it again. People with the Win7 beta will probably get to be able to buy the Upgrade package, that was the 'discount' MS provided to those who had run the Vista beta.

    Luckily, there are other options that are nominally legal ('this isn't a production environment, no sirree, ...") and won't involve running dodgy Chinese boot loaders that might get locked out by an update.

    Those who are prepared to spend too much of their time hacking the OS are already running Ubuntu, the retail price of Win7 will only really impact decisions on whether to stick with XP/Vista or upgrade.

  20. Christian Berger

    Probably as usual

    They'll sell a "cheap" version for development countries, which is limited in something stupid like screen resolution. Then they will sell a "normal" version which includes all the features of DOS, plus a GUI. The "professional" version will include rudimentary file-sharing for up to 10 computers. And the really usefull version will still be sold as "Windows Server 2010" or something which has all the features you need and will probably feel a lot faster.

    Microsoft should stop lying about what the normal version is. If it doesn't have any network support, for example to have multiple people logged into your system, it's not really a usefull OS.

  21. TeeCee Gold badge
    Gates Halo

    Re: Other options.

    "OEM isn't an option since I expect to be swapping the MB/CPU in a year's time......"

    Hmm, my OEM XP has been on a "rolling upgrade" box since I bought it and the OS has served through more HW changes than you can shake a stick at. None of the current components bear any relation to what it originally grumbled into life on and are all at least four generations removed (bar the case - that's only been swapped once).

    Once in a while, when swapping bits, it'll bitch about this, but a quick call to MS solves that. Rather handily for XP owners who like to fiddle with hardware, they've now made this a fully automated process ("Press 1 for yesIonlyhaveonemachine" - automated license fixage key read out by return).

    This is actually the one area where M$ don't take the piss (as long as you don't), contrary to the scare stories circulating about OEM versions.

  22. OFI
    Thumb Up

    Win 7

    @wibbilus maximus

    Forget Windows Mail and just install Thunderbird. Job done.

    Start/taskbar can be set to act like more like previous versions if you wish. Once you get used to it though you realise the new version is more efficient and yes i'm aware it requires a whole extra click.

    No you really DON'T have to use the Live programs ;-) How is MS forcing you to? It didn't even come with Windows Live Messenger I had to opt to install it.


    I find Win 7s explorer a much better improvement over Vistas. Vista never seems to give you the shortcuts to the folders you want. Win 7 does a better job but I still think XPs explorer is better if you use a lot of varying folder locations.

    I haven't had any need to open so many Windows myself :-)

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ho Hum

    "Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 7 would land before the holiday season this year" ho hum

    Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) ships this October , now that pricks my interest

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