back to article Would-be Jacqui whacker told to try his hand with the Met

A London man who is trying to bring a private prosecution against the Home Secretary for fraud has been told to go and have a chat with the Metropolitan Police first. Anthony Weaver, from London, tried to apply for a summons before a district judge in Redditch today, the BBC reports. He is accusing Jacqui Smith of defrauding …


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  1. Mark Wills

    Balls of Steel

    Mr. Weaver,

    I hereby do declare you to have the largest set of balls in Britain.

    You are one brave fellow!

  2. James
    Paris Hilton

    If he gets a case against her

    I'll chip in out of my own pocket to get that *thing* arrested and subjected to her own laws and policing systems...

    Mostly just because I want to see her DNA on the national Database.

    Paris - because even she knows where she lives...

  3. Andrew Fraser

    So many reasons...

    to arrest Wacki Jaqui... but that would lead to a Prisoner style scenario...... hose downs, cat fights, shiving...

    Must... bleach.... brain..

  4. Michael Fremlins

    As usual with the courts

    Protecting the "leaders" of the country and ignoring the people. So much for justice.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    If enough people drop..........

    pop into a Met Police station and make the same accusation they will have to take notice and do something about this womans actions.

    How can any MP claim there second home is in there constituency? after all, its the part of the country they represent so in theory they must actually live there first to become an MP.

    If nothing else, her claim for Pornography is fraud, regardless of whether she paid it back or not. The repayment does not negate the criminal act.

    Plus if she is lodging with her sister has her sister declared that to HMRC?

    But then the law is merely something to ignore when your as mad as wacky jacky.

    Paris, she pays for her own bath plugs and porn

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have a go heroes

    it is good to see people having a go at this, we do live in a corrupt unequal society, discrimination has been used along political lines to do what really amounts to legalised fraud.

    But the system takes care of its own, it tends to offer one sacrifice and then move on.

    In this huge fraud one person the speaker has got the chop, of course it is meaningless set against the whole spectrum of deceit and it is duplicity itself, scape goating one guy for this is not enough, they all need to go.

    The country would be better off with a complete change of the guard, that is a revolution, and it is in the public interest but just not in the interest of the existing authority.

    Frankly the people in power at the moment will never be able to hold their head highs and will never be believed again.

    The first steps to an oligopoly power was taken a long time ago, and this is the result, two legs good, four legs bad discrimination under the law.

    We need change, and the normal revolution under democracy is a general election, but they don't even have the honour left to do this, it use to be four years on average these Labour gits are going to string it out to five.

    I don't know if anyone has noticed though, whilst the heat has been on the corrupt lot in the Houses of Parliament, the economy has started to rebound, that's right it would appear that having them do nothing apart from defend themselves improves the economy for everyone else. It is a bit like turning the parasites onto each other, they leave the host alone.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    I wondered........

    If someone would do this. It may not be known to many people but a Terence Ewing won a case not long ago in Court and the long and short of that was that ANYONE can issue proceedings in Magistrates Court's EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT A PARTY TO THE CRIME. This is significant and not many persons, understandably, know of this. Of course you could be at risk of costs but they would not be extortionate and may even be paid by public purse. Just make sure it is something that the Magistrates can hear and sentence because otherwise they have to transfer it to Crown Court and that is different ball game altogether.

  8. Alex Brett

    Re: If enough people drop..........

    Unfortunately I don't think claiming the pornography would be classed as fraud, as for fraud I believe there has to be proven to be intentional deception, which could be quite difficult in WJs case as the explanation of the mistake is plausible...

  9. Chris Hatfield


    This guy is nothing short of a hero. Fucking hell. This article just brightened up my day! Well done, that man!

  10. Alfazed

    @ Alex Brett

    Depends on circumstance whether fraud exists.

    In the case of an overpayment of Housing Benefit, the Housing Benefit Office can recover the money even if it was their error. The interesting bit of English Law used to affirm Oxford City Councils "Right" to perform this way is ...... "it is reasonable to assume that the claimant knew that an overpayment had been made", without any actual proof.

    And they believe that this is reasonable behaviour, accusation and summarily found guilty of Benefit Fraud without a trial or opportunity to defend oneself against such an horrendous accusation.

    And don't say this isn't so as the decision has been upheld by various levels of Appeals Tribunals.

    Bring out the tumbrills.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Here is an interesting point. Compare the Politicians..........

    expenses claims ,and the position with the Met Police's expenses situation that arose out of the old Met Commissioner Blair giving his Met Officers american express cards. Some of them overspent and did exactly what the MP's have done BUT NOTE, some of these Met Officers have been jailed recently for such frauds. Add to that the fact that the Met Police HATE the Home Secretary and you get a volatile mix. Well, whose going to issue the next Magistrates Summons ?.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Excellent news

    Not much prospect of the Met boss investigating his own boss.

    Hope it goes to court.

    And paraphrasing Craig Murray in a recent blog entry, if she's feeling bullied, Westminster Bridge is only a short walk away...

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps we should remember The Water Margin

    "One just man can become an army"

    You know what's in my pocket

  14. h4rm0ny
    Paris Hilton

    If he needs legal funds, I'll chip in if others do...

    Win or lose, this guy has brightened my day just by trying. And I bet he feels better about himself than if he'd given up before he started. I wish him luck. Who knows, by the time this comes back to court, Wacki Jacki might have fallen from favour and be a little less protected. Here's to seeing her prosecuted.

    Paris, because this chap has earned himself a good time. :)

  15. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Other Scandal which reveals Mercenary Freelancing in Follies?

    "Mr. Weaver,

    I hereby do declare you to have the largest set of balls in Britain.

    You are one brave fellow!" .... By Mark Wills Posted Friday 22nd May 2009 16:26 GMT


    Harness those to Deep Pockets with Bags of New Clean Money and Smarter Brains and how could one possibly Lose at such Games with Sleeping Intelligence Services.

  16. TeeCee Gold badge

    @Andrew Fraser

    Thank you so much for that.

    I do so love the taste of sick in my throat on a Monday morning.....

  17. Ian

    The Met?

    Which Met? Oh that Met, you mean Jacqui's Met, the one she carries round in her back pocket and tells to throw out court cases against Labour Lords selling votes for money due to lack of evidence when there is video evidence of them doing just that?

    Or how about the Jacqui backed Phorm whom along with BT performed illegal interception and monitoring for which there is plenty of evidence but which the Met refused to investigate?

    The same Met that at Jacqui's whim went and arrested opposition MPs and raided their offices Stalin style?

    Yes, good luck with "The Met", I'm sure Jacqui will let your attempts to get her in trouble via her own pet police force get far.

  18. Paul

    Problem is...

    ...your bullets cannot harm her, her wings are like a shield of steel.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    I didn't break the rules..

    I circumevnted them by taking actions specifically for my own gain...Evasion and Fraud.

    Anyone of them who carried out any action solely to secure undue moneys is a crook, and should be locked up. the whole bunch of them should be charged. Rotten at the Core.

    Paying back afterwards is not acceptable. what this says is thieving is fine as long as you give it back 'if' your caught... saying sorry doesn't get anyone else of so why them?

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