back to article Sony Bravia KDL-37S5500

Sony’s S-series HD TVs are described as "entertainment for everyone" – which is about as close as Sony ever gets to the word ‘cheap’. Priced at £829 when bought direct from Sony’s online store, the KDL-37S5500 is the cheapest 37in set currently available from the Japanese giant, so it’s worth taking a look at if you’re …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Just some minor things...

    ...the auto-setup definitely appears - I work in a Sony Centre, and I've never had an issue with this not appearing. The only reason it wouldn't is if the TV had already been switched on.

    Don't all LCD's come with the hole in the stand for optional support?

    The 'Big Grey Banner' is actually blue, is transparent, and can be turned off within the settings.

    Not a very well researched review tbh.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    50Mhz - 'The screens gone all jerky again'

    Not particularly good + Not particularly cheep = Not a particularly good buy.

    Look, I know were supposed to spend our way out of the economic gloom, but everybody, just stop buying old technology. Then maybe the price of units like Sony Motionflow 200Mhz models, and Samsung LED models, will become affordable to the 'average Joe' this lump of sh*t is aimed at.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Strapping to table only necessary in Earthquake Zones

    Seriously. Might be sensible to strap the TV down in Japan.

  4. Stu

    Worth letting people know that...

    ...Sony are generally overpriced and under-specced, and theres no exception here.

    But I suppose the word 'Sony' has kind of entered the Oxford English Thesaurus under 'Expensive'.

    Its kind of taking the piss now Sony are facing some monetary woes.

    Over six months ago I replaced my TV with a 40" 1080p Samsung for about £100 less than this, and it came with a 100Hz mode and all the extra gubbins mentioned in this article on the Sony model costing £200 more, so overall they're commanding around £300 more for a smaller set.

    Plus you can't sniff at the pic quality in relation to the Sony either, the much renowned HDTVTest website rated my set very highly indeed -

    And I have to say it's been every bit as impressive as they say.

    Beat that Sony.

  5. D@v3
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    LG 42" LCD (1080p) £650 from Richer Sounds

    Bigger, cheaper and not Sony

  6. richard

    yeah nice but

    my tv engineer mate tells me lots of 'cheap' sony's are coming in for repairs. seems like sony have cut their costs a bit too much.

  7. Tim Kemp

    couldn't get a power saving indication?

    Why not invest on - made me realise that all these claims for low power by LCD TV manufacturers are pretty much rubbish, and that my Plasma isn't that bad after all.

  8. John

    entry level?

    granted this is 37" and 1080p, but I recently got a 32" 720p Samsung series 4 for £350 from Curry's and it's a great TV (normally £400 apparently). just a shame I don't have any HD sources yet. I can tolerate normal DVDs cos they're only £3 and the players aren't much more than that :)

  9. ffrankmccaffery


    sonys offering a 3 year warranty with this set and all others above 26" so the repairs wont be much of a problem

    its also a very discreet looking piece of equipment thanks to the minimal use of the awfull piano black finnish that plagues most electronics nowadays

    and although this is just anecdotal evidence but sony and other japanese sets seem to me to display a more natural picture as apposed to their korean counterparts which are over-saturated with colour

  10. Richard

    Sony store?

    No one in their right mind buys from the Sony store. Us fanbois go elsewhere. £650 delivered from Amazon.

  11. K
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    They having a laugh...

    I brought a 47" Philips Ambilight for the same price!

  12. Busted

    Sony paid hansomely for the review then.

    Sony have lost the plot to many fingers in to many pies have left them with a product range that is average at best with inflated costs. My recommendation would be a series 6 Samsung 100hz 50,000:1 works great with SD and Full HD and cheaper to boot.

    Had mine for over a year no problems looks great too.

  13. Steve Mason

    Shop Online

    Seriously, I bought a Sony Bravia 40" about 12 months ago for £650... just not from Sony.

    Shop around and you can get some nice deals - Sony were trying to punt my telly for well over 1k at the time, muppets! is a good place to start

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