back to article US military shows off hack-by-numbers battlefield gadget

As the US military strives to boost its ability to wage cyber warfare, it's looking for ways to make it easier for non-expert soldiers on the front lines to wreak havoc on enemy networks. Enter a new generation of attack devices that is packaged to be brought into the battlefield and used by non-specialists to penetrate …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    AW article: lolwut?

    That linked article is seriously pants. San-serif font? No viewing 2nd page without javascript? Yes to both. I think I gleaned enough info on the first page, though... "these supposedly inviolate networks" they're talking about are SCADA systems. WTF? Words just can't do justice to how pointless this tool is. I bet they paid a pretty penny for it too.

  2. David Eddleman


    This sounds like a device with Metasploit installed...and perhaps a handy script to automatically run nikto on the host, select a vulnerability, payload and target in one go.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Can't wait until these things get "lost" and wind up in the hands of every skiddy we thought had grown up and gone away!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    cant help but wonder

    how much damage will be caused by a random numpty once these are out in the wild. government employees aren't exactly well know for keeping track of highly classified computer equipment. plus military use pretty much guarantees it's straightforward, these are the same people who stamp towards enemy on their mines.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Isn't this illegal?

  6. Blasmeme
    Black Helicopters


    So, would they be able to fit these devices onto UAVs and use them to help penetrate networks from an even greater range with less risk to a squishy human? Speaking of which, why use a human operator at all? Just hardwire the capability into all military drones and then give them the ability to 'adjust' their own programming. That sounds like a winner to me.

  7. Aaron

    I can't believe...

    ...that no one's used the word 'rootkit' so far.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Th!$ R0xx0rz!!

    This article should have been titled "US military to deploy script kiddies on battlefield."

  9. John Smith Gold badge

    Someone's been reading William Gibson

    Expect surprise airborne assult near Kiev soon.

    You know what's in my pocket.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Second again..

    Pah, the UK leads the world in cyber warfare, don't let the coverup fool you, the NHS is the single most fertile training ground for network disruption operatives anywhere in the almost developed world.

    They also run a pretty damn good bio warfare program too, now all we have to do is prevent the enemy from deploying cleaners in their hospital wards and we've cracked it.

    Paris, she knows all about data security.

  11. Kirk

    First thing to go

    Anybody with any military background at all knows that your enemy's communication network will always be first hit targets. Its easy to take out and entire wired/ wireless/transmitted network with conventional weapons. Generally speaking all that will be left is portable sat communications as wired and cellular will be destroyed. Any mobile communication operations will quickly be taken out as well. AWACS for the win! The best communication of your opponent is no communication at all. It's really pointless to then try and hack a non-existant network.

  12. Andreas Johansson
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    Gibson anyone?

    Ah military icebreakers... I've always wanted one and now it's possible.

  13. Adrian Crooks

    If it was made by a Hacker...

    The use itself is a bit suspect, but the device could probably better than we give it credit for. Odds are if someone "lost" it odds are it could be made to phone home and pinpoint the idiot that swiped it.

  14. amanfromMars Silver badge

    And what Level of Virtual Reality Facility has the MOD and Plod together with Intelligence Servers?*

    "This article should have been titled "US military to deploy script kiddies on battlefield." ... By Anonymous Coward Posted Saturday 23rd May 2009 01:18 GMT

    It certainly beats, hands down, earlier crazier experiments with humanity ........

    Ps Do not be thinking it is kiddies XSScripting for Virtual Worlds. There are Advanced IntelAIgents Embedding Systems and Programming for Absolutely Fabulous Control of All IP Controls for Power in such Future Fields. SCADA has proven itself to be Susceptible to Sustained Vulnerability Attack triggering System Lockdown and Spontaneous Meltdown.

    Or is there no Effective CyberIntelAIgent Defence against Novel Information Sharing except its Purchase for Grooming and InterNetional Security?

  15. Dave Bell

    Aviation Leak exaggerates again

    This sounds nearer to Marconi training wireless operators than a soldier on the ground pressing the PTT on his walkie-talkie to screan for help..

    It all get exaggerated, but this sound more like a system for testing your own defences.

  16. Ole Juul

    What age group is this aimed at?

    "A sliding lever can be moved to increase an attack or dial it down to reduce collateral damage." lol

  17. James
    Black Helicopters

    Sounds like

    The adverts for et al...

    "A sliding lever can be moved to increase an attack or dial it down to reduce collateral damage."

  18. John Smith Gold badge

    Soldiers bring home souvenirs

    Something tells me some of these will go MIA.

    Just a feeling. It might all work out alright.

  19. John

    404 not found

    Oops.. we've deleted *our* network 'cos the admins made basic errors. A pair of lo-tech scissors will take out wired networks.

  20. Wize

    @ac 22nd May 2009 20:45

    What do you mean, when they get out in the wild?

    Where do you think they are getting these from. They will pay someone who will hoover up existing scripts (probably from the hard disk of some little hacker they caught)

    And who needs it on a battlefield, unless they are using wardriving as well

  21. Andrew Fraser


    @Andreas Johansson

    I'll be putting my money in to Russian EMP industries then :D

    Mines the one with the "Turing cops" Application form in the pocket :D

  22. regadpellagru
    Paris Hilton

    Good for movies

    The only very successfull use of those is probably gonna be in Hollywood, where surely the "sliding level" is going to be a winner.

    Paris, 'cos she works here and might use one.

  23. John Smith Gold badge

    The usual justifications

    Our job is *damm* hard.

    We're *never* appreciated

    Everybody hates us.

    The job's so poorly paid we had to find other ways to make ends meet.

    Every one else was doing it

    Only someone with the virtue of a saint and/or the intelligence of a moron wouldn't do it. I am not that person.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Don't Panic

    If these are scripts gathered from the wild then most of the attacks will against Windows, but who would be dumb enough to use Windows in military equipment?

    Oh bugger.

    Paris, 'cos she knows lots about sea men.

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