back to article Kelway buys Repton

Kelway has bought fellow London reseller Repton Holdings Plc for an undisclosed sum. Greg Carlow is staying on as Repton's CEO, and the firm will trade as a division of Kelway. Repton specialises in enterprise IT and has earned channel badges from IBM, Sun, Cisco and HP. The company brings £40m turnover and 70 staff to the …


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  1. Jason Togneri
    Thumb Down


    And here was me hoping to replay the classic BBC/Archimedes adventure game! It was ace, and Repton 3 was undeniably the best.

    For those not in the know:


    and ooh, a PC version (by the original publisher, no less)!

  2. sid


    Will they replace their rather dull logo with the face of a certain green lizard?

    (Icon selected closest to said popular 8-bit mascot)

  3. Alex

    Still one of the best IMHO

    What all suppliers should be like.

    Passing the Love

  4. Quirkafleeg

    Re: rebranding…

    That looks more like the skulls of all but the first in the series. (Yes, you walked right into that one…)

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