back to article Federal judge muzzles Craigslist-threatening AG

A federal judge has ruled South Carolina's attorney general must keep his mouth shut about threatening to prosecute Craigslist over ads for prostitution. US District Judge Weston Houck granted a temporary restraining order and preliminary judgment against Attorney General Henry McMaster on Friday to "refrain from initiating or …


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  1. Camilla Smythe

    Well... There you go then..

    Judge Weston.... and may I just say that was Judge Judy.... slaps your hands and stuff gets sorted. I'll assume that one was for minimal lawyer cost? ? ?

    ITMT I notice McMaster has not credited my account for 'Public Toilet Blow Job Services in Plastic' for the last four services rendered. Sure, his defense will be I did not swallow. Like as if I am still waiting for delivery from Mr Floppies Floppy One.


    Your English Gurl

  2. raving angry loony

    slippery slope

    Wonder if they can have the A.G. jailed for uttering threats. Isn't that just terrorism? Waterboard him!

  3. Francis Boyle Silver badge


    Isn't that a type of erotic 'service'?

  4. James O'Brien
    Thumb Up


    A judge over here who ISN'T a bible thumper....thank god.

  5. Fatman

    McMaster, and his threats

    What I would not pay for a picture of him with wearing a dog muzzle.

    Graphics people, can someone provide the rest of the world with some amusement?

    McMaster is your typical @$$hole politician who is out to make it look like he is "tough on crime" in his bid for the Governor's seat. He needs to learn the limits of his authority. If he is ultimately slapped down; then his punishment ought to be 10 whacks with a "billy club" (aka 'nightstick' in some circles) across his fingers. Then he will get the message (painfully, I hope).

    The next thing that South Carolinians can do is to vote his @$$ out of office.

  6. FapFap
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    If this dummy DA was smart he would retire from office and go hide in a cave

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    McMaster's Threats..

    Interesting that he's threatening to go after craigslist for their erotic services ads, but isn't saying a word about those same type of ads in the newspapers in SC... Oh, wait, he might want the endorsement of those very same newspapers if he makes that rumored run for guv'nor next year... He might have a problem getting those endorsements if he's cost the newspapers thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend against his (McMaster's) accusations...Different standards if someone can't help you I guess...

    Paris, 'cause she doesn't need any newspaper endorsements, even from SC.

  8. John Dougald McCallum

    McMasters is ....

    Running for govenor next year I think I can see a connection here

  9. Dave
    Dead Vulture


    How about a paragraph or so explaining exactly what this injunction means to either party?

    IANAL - and I don't really understand what this means

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