back to article Boffins teach football bots how to fall

Boffins are teaching football-playing robots how to fall properly. Traditional approaches to robotics have focused on keeping mechanical machines upright and balanced. But in the context of playing football on an uneven surface and with interaction with other robot players, that's an unrealistic goal. Robotic experts in Chile …


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  1. David S
    Black Helicopters

    I doubt I'll be the first... welcome our new robo-diving overlords,

  2. raving angry loony


    Then they need to teach robots to fall down and fake injury in order to attract penalties for the opposing team. Now THAT would be realism!

  3. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    So how long before someone...

    starts putting armed fall-capable robots in remote controlled or UAV planes?

    "Feet together at an angle to the direction of fall, knees bent, arms over the chest, and chin tucked in. Roll as you land so you hit feet, knees, hips, shoulder and take the energy of impact by swinging the legs."

    I for one welcome our combat-capable parachuting overlords!

  4. Sooty

    are they teaching

    the full footballer method of falling, ie diving on the floor, and rolling around clutching a leg whenever another player comes within 3 feet?

  5. Paul

    Just me?

    Surely I can't be the only one that kept reading RoboCup as RoboCop in that article...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ok my face is about ready to explode...

    This is unbelievably cool, but... given all the engineering challanges that are before the human race, football (soccer) takes the lead? Multiple divisions, including a "nano-league"? Awe come on!!!


    Red card: you have been ejected from the field, you have 3 seconds to comply!

    Will the fans riot?

    Did the engineers who came up with this idea ever hear of porn, members of the opposite sex, the same sex or masturbation?

    Weapons, what's the fun of seeing a robot fake an injury unless it can be validated with automatic gun fire?

    Before the go offline to recharge, do they count electronic sheep?

    When the champion country invades, will their bots attempt to win the hearts and minds of the conquored nation by playing a friendly game of football?

    All hell broke loose when the forward found out his girlfriend, the toaster, was having an affair with goalie.

  7. Luis Ogando


    Are these footybots going to be waterproof? I mean, they'll all start to short-circuit and explode in the after match bath otherwise.

    Also, is anybody inventing a droid of questionable intent to offer themself up as the robo-soap-finder, too?

    ...perhaps I ought to stop watching late night Channel 5....

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