back to article Twitter typosquatting site preys on gullible

Miscreants have launched an aggressive phishing attack that aims to dupe the unwary into handing over their login credentials for the microblogging service. Dubious accounts are being used to seed the phishing campaign, which starts when followers of a targeted subscriber post a message in the form "check this guy …


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  1. david

    Oh dear...

    ...what a shame. Nevermind.

    It just puzzles me why the phishers have bothered.

  2. Winkypop Silver badge
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    Watch all the twits as they twitter on and on and on and on........

  3. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    What? I could lose control of my twitter account?

    Well, that's my life over then.

    Aren't there services more worth the effort of hacking than Twitter?

  4. darrin allen


    I havent tried out twitter yet

  5. Ian Ferguson
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    Man, Twitter are useless

    As a quick fix can't they just block all links to TinyURL and similar services are easy to query to see the forwarded URL.

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