back to article Hulu's web TV coming to the UK

Hulu, the commercial-fed internet television service backed by three of the four American TV giants, is rumored to be arriving in the UK as early as this September. According to The Telegraph, which cites "senior sources" close to negotiations, Hulu is planning an autumn UK roll-out that will include 3,000 hours of American …


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  1. Pete Maclean

    Green Winging it

    As a US-resident Brit who enjoyed Green Wing, I rushed to Hulu when I heard it had the series available. This was my first experience of Hulu and it was a poor one. The quality of the image and audio they stream is okay but the quality of the streaming itself I found barely tolerable. There were numerous "buffering" pauses and finally, about half way through the first episode, it stalled and never resumed.

  2. pixel

    How long will we have to wait.

    Bet we'll still need to use an American proxy server to get access to the shows in a decent time frame. We're still waiting for Chuck season 2 and House season 5, months after they were shown across the pond

  3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects
    Paris Hilton

    Goodnight. And I love you all. MWAAhhh...

    Apart from the massive waste of money on the M.$.-up the BBC took their time hastily lashing together for everyone on the board issued with etchasketches by their IT subordinates, what else went wrong with the BBC cobblers?

  4. Peter Ford


    Surely this is exactly what Project Kangaroo needed - some competition!

    How can the watchdogs complain if there's an alternative.

    C4 and ITV should sign up to both, and see which one brings in the revenue.

  5. Goatan

    Can be accessed in UK already

    HULU can already be accessed in the UK, just use proxies.

  6. Chris
    Black Helicopters

    The aliens...

    ... just want some Blighty flavored brain mush too.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Whiny brats

    Now we will need to convert Hulu into metric units. Oh well there goes the neighborhood. Next it will be the french getting Hulu.

  8. richard
    Thumb Up


    would love to use hulu, can someone please give a beginners guide to using proxies.

  9. Lex

    Another regulatory own-goal

    Isn't this exactly what Kangaroo's backers predicted? If they didn't do it, someone else would come in from outside the UK and everything - the revenues, the taxable income, the industry development - would go with it?

    I've got nothing against Hulu, but the UK broadcast industry tried to do something on its own terms to catch up with the 21st century economy and our own regulators shot it down. FAIL!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The only people complaining about competition

    was sky. Which is why it was even more stupid that the project got stopped because sky are just annoyed they didn't get there first.

  11. Robert Binning


    Richard, Google "Hotspot Shield"

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Tosh. Will be crippled for UK

    I bet the episodes available for us lovely UK lot will be well behind anything they show in the US.

    Ill stick to grabbing them from my newsgroups without adverts in i think. So tired of watching ancient episodes repeated until my eyes bleed on Sky/Cable.

    Will there be HD? Doubt that too.

    Props though if they charge UK same as the US... somehow I doubt this too, i'm sure whatever it costs in the US it will be double in the UK.

  13. WhatWasThat?
    Thumb Up

    RE: Tosh. Will be crippled for UK

    Probably not...

    HD is available for quite a bit, and streaming on a decent (cable) connection even in the backwoods of redneck country is pretty smooth.

    I don't think it will matter if it is double for my Brit friends - in fact, for you I WANT IT TRIPLE IN PRICE!!! Because its free, you know. So $0 x 3 = ... $0 still. You just have to watch the adverts.

  14. richard
    Thumb Up

    @ robert binning

    wow, thanks, i presume this means i can watch battlestar from the US sci-fi channel website now?

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