back to article Nokias, BlackBerrys pay ultimate price for Brown gov

Pondering what mobile phone will survive the toughest environments? Look no further than the House of Commons, where Tom Watson of the Cabinet Office yesterday gave a list of exactly which mobile phones have paid the ultimate price in Gordon Brown's battle against the world, the recession and everything. Back in February, Tory …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Meaningless without knowing how many there were of each brand in total

    Was that the whole complement of blackberry's or do they have thousands. Do they have only 10 nokies or do they have thousands.

    Without know this we cant conclude anything.

    Indeed without knowing how thesephone failed we are even more at a loss. All could well be within normal failure rate, we just dont know now do we.

    Of note, no psion series 5's were hurt at all, does that make them the ultimate organiser still, as that would be the logic of News thesedays.

  2. Dennis

    Time for the celebrity treatment

    Time to treat Gordo as a celebrity. Five days community service for injuring an aid with a recklessly thrown mobile phone.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    And that

    was the best use of time and resources to find out that there was no cost?

    Next question , 'How much money does it cost to answer Bloody Silly questions like this?'

  4. Paul

    Does this mean...

    ...that Vodafone should sue?

    They're obviously breaking them on purpose rather than "accidentally"...

    So if they claim isn't that criminal damage?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    cheap jibe

    "none of the 14 phones was actually issued to "individuals who work in Downing Street"

    Judging by the lamentable state the UK finds itself in, it's been a very long time since *anyone* did any work in Downing Street.

  6. Mike

    Not that it's spin, of course, ......

    ... but does anyone know Broon's official place of work?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Déjà vu des Britards

    "Oh what a slimy lot they are, those government people! Let's vote the other lot in as a protest so that we can be saying the same thing about them in ten years' time."

  8. Sergie Kaponitovicz

    I am no fan of Broon......

    ...... nor this poxy Government. But in the great scheme of things I say "Good on 'Ya, Gordy!" for venting your emotions on an inanimate object. I for one am sick of the middle-of-the-road, middle-ground grey polititians that inhabit Parliament, who get job satisfaction form telling their masters (us!) how to live while following a different agenda and rule book themselves, whilst smothering themselves in a veneer of acceptability.

    Give me more Churchills, Paisleys, Livingstones and BoJos who have passion and are not afraid to show it, right or wrong.

  9. Alan Ferris

    But.... many are on contract at Gordon Brown's OTHER residence?

    He may be flipping phones as well as addresses

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