back to article DDoS attack chokes Chinese net surfing

Millions of internet users in China had trouble accessing websites earlier this week after an attack on a domain registrar in that country touched off a network traffic jam. Internet service in at least five provinces was halted or severely slowed by a chain reaction that was touched off by a distributed denial-of-service …


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  1. Richard Boyce

    "Chicken models"?

    Did Shanghai Daily attempt to translate something that sounds like "zombies"?

    Maybe the ingenious Chinese know something about poultry power that we don't. :)

  2. James O'Brien

    What I want to know now....


    God I hope whoever did this keeps doing it. They deserve it.

  3. Kit Temple


    Hopefully Chinese internet will be getting a nice upgrade with all the new spend the government is undertaking.

    I have an office in central China and even with a fibre directly into my office we have very slow speeds to Western websites (and our local telecom tells us that further upgrades to our fibre speed won't help at all in the speed that we can surf the foreign sites). This lead to our quite small website needing to put up a China-based mirror for the Chinese language version of our website so that looking through our website wouldn't be too slow.

    China is laying down some new international lines which will hopefully speed things up - but I have the feeling the real increase will depend on whether spam traffic shoots up after the new lines go in.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The trouble with the Chinese Internet

    Five minutes later you are DDos again...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture


    so thats the reason why website didn't get attacked by chinese hackers yesterday....can we have some more today?

  6. yossarianuk

    They didn't miss much then

    Seeing as the Chinese can't actually access the 'real internet' and can only access a heavily censored semi internet i'm sure they didn't miss much, except maybe various pages showing the greatness of the communist party.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Happy :-)

    Not for the attack, but for The Register to mention it; my Chinese G/F has been moaning at me about her favourite Chinese soaps not downloading for the past few days, and now I can blame China, not the (cr@p) UK internet structure.

  8. Ian Stafford

    I really hope it hit... - that persistent bu@@er is hitting my home PC with port scans every day (except yesterday!)

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is about time

    ... that China got a taste of its own medicine. I've got some persistant maniac trying to brute force one of my servers but any e-mail to their ISP or the police in their district doesn't get through.

    I've got no way of complaining even to the Chinese police or the ISP about the abuse coming from China.

    About time they started to suffer from their own hackers.

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