back to article NZ Telecom in 'deep' with Apple

Kiwis who lust after a new iPhone may soon have a choice of service provider other than Vodafone. According to a report by New Zealand's National Business Review, Telecom New Zealand's retail chief Alan Gourdie said that the company is in "discussions - deep discussions - with Apple." Gourdie's brief disclosure came Wednesday …


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  1. Rich


    Christchurch! Sheep and bogans. TCNZ is run out of Wellington and Auckland.

  2. Charles Manning

    Don't blame the mainlanders (South Islanders)

    Telecom is run by morons in the North Island.

  3. Bruce Hoult

    Not current iPhones

    Note that current iPhones don't work on the frequency band being used by Telecom.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The real problem is the cost of data

    The cheapest is $11.25NZ / GB

    i.e. that is about 4 quids per Gig for brit readers or $6 per Gig for those from the US.

  5. Kieron McCann

    @ Don't blame the mainlanders

    That's because if it were run from the South Island all phones would need to be operated by those with six fingers

  6. Joel

    @Kieron McCann

    It's called "evolution for efficiency".

    When I go back to NZ I definitely want to be able to use my iPhone, but at the current prices... a choice is welcome!

    Why am I even back in the UK?

  7. Kieron McCann

    @ Joel

    You're here for the same reasons that most of us are - you get paid three times more, taxed half as much and it doesn't take 12 hours flying time to get somewhere without Australians.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @Charles Manning

    Don't be such a knob.

    Telecom is actually run by the Americans - it has been owned by AT&T for over a decade now. I should know, my dad was a senior technician, who ended up taking early retirement because of the new owners treated the Kiwi staff like sh*t when they took over.

    That brings up another oddity - in the US, AT&T have the exclusive rights to support iPhone customers, however in NZ their subsidiary (NZ Telecom) lost out to Vodafone. Here in the UK however its O2 have the exclusive deal so Vodafone customers lose out. WTF? Does that mean a Kiwi Vodafone customer can't use his iPhone when visiting the UK?

  9. Fingers
    Thumb Up

    @Kieron McCann @ 09:29 GMT

    "...and it doesn't take 12 hours flying time to get somewhere without Australians."


    Australians are the Amercians of the South Pacific didn't you know...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ AC

    You're talking Bollocks - the ten largest Telecom shareholders are banks which own nearly 75% of the company. AT&T havent been on the scene for a number of years. I never had any issues with AT&T when I worked there.

  11. Adrian Harvey

    @Bruce Hoult

    The current Iphone (3G) certainly does work on the New Telecom XT network. Not only does it support the 850Mhz band they are using (as well as the standard 2100Mhz) but I have a test SIM on the new network and I can personally confirm that it works just fine!

    The old(er) 2G one won't work, of course as the new network is UMTS only.

  12. Gavin Bloeman

    Rob the robbers - ace!

    Great! About time Vodafone got robbed of their monopoly over here - the amount they rob me every month! :)

    As a Brit, I'm used to some competition over minutes, texts and data, but there's none of that over here.

    Ps. Christchurch? :-s

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