back to article Swimmer's camcorder surfaces

A waterproof head-mounted camcorder for swimmers has surfaced on the website of quirky gadget retailer Thanko. thanko_camcorder_01 Thanko's underwater camcorder: perfect for pool-side holidays? Measuring just 19 x 68mm, the camera’s designed to be threaded onto an elastic strap that water lovers could then put around their …


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  1. Dave_H
    Thumb Down

    Nothing new

    Try looking at Scan, CPC or probably 100 other places out there!

    You'll find similar devices, with larger memory and (sometimes) tiny screens for playback.

    Whilst this one is slightly smaller than most, you will miss all the 'proper' camera features that this lacks!

    My interest in these small camera's is for caving, but I've yet to find one that will survive a 100m flat out crawl in semi-liquid, gritty mud in my pocket - despite all their claims of waterproof to 50m, rugged, etc.!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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