back to article Fox terminates The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Fox has announced that it's terminated The Sarah Connor Chronicles after two series, the Hollywood Reporter reports. The Terminator spin-off, starring Brit thesp Lena Headey, had evidently failed to deliver audience bangs-per-buck. Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly explained: "It was not an inexpensive show. We looked …


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  1. fishman

    Only show I watched

    It was the only show I watched on TV, and my 15 year old daughter likes the show so much that she bought the first season DVDs - the only DVDs she owns.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE:Only show I watched

    "she bought the first season DVDs"

    And that, my friend is where Fox makes the real money.

    Do what fans did with family guy. Buy the DVDs.

  3. Name


    fox are notoriously short sighted - just look what happened to futurama

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Computer says what?

    When pressed by as to whether the cinematic release later this week of Terminator Salvation might make Skynet reconsider, it insisted The Human Race "has completed its run - and I think it had a nice little run".

  5. Chris Simmons

    Foxing bastards

    I don't think there's any point my trying to ever watch an american sci-fi series again; it's all about money rather than providing entertainment. Bloody murdick.

  6. Roger Garner

    Sadly to be expected...

    Decent show, but it was on Fox... dead cert to be canceled before its time.

  7. Goatan
    Thumb Down


    Please don't leave me with Terninator salvation, its going to suck balls!!

  8. Andy Lamb
    Thumb Down


    Why does the Futurama "Bender's Big Score" opening come to mind (Albeit without sabres chopping off accountants heads)?

    The series, even when off on a tangent, was more enjoyable than the tripe of T3. Here's hoping Salvation doesn't continue the film's trendline in craptacularness

  9. HFoster
    Thumb Down


    "You're terminated, fucker!"


    I don't watch a lot of TV, but I adored this show, even when it was going down questionable plot routes.

  10. John Baker
    Paris Hilton

    Sack the writers....

    After the whole writers strike screwed up this and other series it does make you wonder if the studios were right for not paying them much.

    Heroes was even worse, great first series. 2nd series makes Terminator look amazing compared to that drawn out, long-winded excuse for a tv program. I like Heroes don't get me wrong but they were cheap in the 2nd series. Poor writing coming from the US at the minute in MHO and many I've talked with agree.

    I'm switching to Dextor, Chuck & The Unit. Thankfully they are yet to suffer if at all!

  11. Robb Dunphy

    Ah damn

    It was actually one of the few decent shows out there at this time. What is it with Fox cancelling decent shows? Firefly, Terminator, and all they keep pumping out is more bloody simpsons (which is long in the tooth and terrible to be quite honest).

    Let's just hope the new trilogy of Terminator movies (starting next month) are able to make up for it.

  12. Frizz
    Paris Hilton

    IQ issue

    I think the main issue required a bit of mental input to watch, hence it's decline. At the end of the day, no brainers win every time. Now if it had been fly on the wall, or titled 'big brothers terminator chronicles' it would have grabbed 70% of the ratings!!

    Paris...coz u know Arnie would be back!

  13. Andrew Garrard

    Again with the Fox and the good SF shows...

    So, they renewed Dollhouse (with a reduced budget; all hail Joss, but it's still allegedly not very good - find out tonight!), Fringe (unless it got much better in the second half season, awful - I gave up shortly after the giant alien suppository episode) and Lie to Me (appears to be like The Mentalist, but a bit more obvious), and killed this. After *that* season finale? (And Smallville's still going?)

    If the second season were out on disc yet over here, I'd have bought it by now; it's going on my blu-ray shopping list as soon as Sony drop the price of the PS3.

    I know it got bankrolled a bit by Terminator: Salvation. I'll be very pleased if there's a tie-in moment. I'll be even more pleased if another studio picks it up for another season. Come on Sky, we need a replacement for BSG. I doubt Caprica counts.

    I can't understand how this didn't get better ratings. I wish, at least, they'd give these shows enough of a heads-up to finish off their story lines when they cancel them. When you tell a story, you have a contract with the viewer that you're going to explain things - as Lost has found out - and it's really rude to leave things up in the air. Would you cancel 24 after 12 hours? They need to find a better way, or people are going to give up on watching series with long plot arcs (i.e. the good ones) out of frustration.

    RIP T:tSCC. (And Veronica Mars. And Firefly. And BtVS/Angel.)

    [Go, because it shouldn't have been stopped.]

  14. stu


    I just finished watching the last of series 2 there... bloody cliff hanger an aw. erse.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So they looked at the ratings and cancelled it because the trend line.....(snip).

    Thats Apple Computer under John Scully type thinking. The only way they will have a big success is if they have a HUGE success and don't mess it up too much.

  16. Terry Pears
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    Fox'ed again

    And yet they're giving Dollhouse another year, citing allegedly strong "future" DVD sales, Hulu views (also owned by News Corp)... maybe Fox are just wanting to avoid completely pissing off Joss Whedon and avoid another repeat of the Firefly effect.

    Thank the gods Fox didn't do BSG, now they would have constantly tinkered, shifted the timeslots and axed it after 1 season because they didn't like it anymore.


  17. DirkGently


    Maybe it would have faired better if the lead actor had got banged up for drink-driving.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It seems...

    that miss Glau has had a bout of bad luck with Fox... (after Serenity and now this..)

    Personally I am a fan of both Firefly and Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronichles, they are good shows...

  19. Anonymous Coward


    It was a good series, shame they had to can it, particulaly with the movie coming out they could have really cashed in.

  20. Psymon
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    Fox are completely clueless

    Run purely by beancounters, they disapoint with such consistancy it's not even funny anymore.

    The long-standing joke that is Fox has well and truly run its course, and should be cancelled.

  21. Martin Lyne


    Nobody is going to end up watching any of their shows BECAUSE THEY NEVER GET A FULL RUN AND THERE IS NEVER ANY RESOLUTION.

    When will they accept that good sci-fi will never have massive ratings, they should just produce it becuase they aim to serve more than just the lowest common denominator. Perhaps by putting the shows on they would actually generate more interest. Or if they had a pay-per-episode service for the whole world to use.

    Why don't the BBC spend some of my goddamn money making decent sci-fi? DOCTOR WHO DOESN'T COUNT.

    It'll be ages before the next Hamilton or Banks book is released

  22. Pete Silver badge

    was it the acting or the writing?

    Having watched this, the story of the Parson's egg comes to mind. Some episodes were very good (though, apart from the last ones, I'd be hard-pressed to name them) and others were pretty dire. I couldn't help feeling that whoever sold these series had worked out the beginning and the end, but didn't really have much idea how to fill in all the episodes in the middle.

    To that end, there was much irrelevant stuff, lots of samey relentless persuits in series #1, dead-end stories and (frankly) filler episodes. I got the distinct impression that the writers were being given "turns" at coming up with stories - and that some were so self-indulgent that they played no part in the story as a whole.

    Having said that, there was not much in the acting that made the series stand out. Although Arnie could carry off the "wooden" approach, some of these guys took the style to new lows. Strangely, it was the robots who appeared most human at times, and also (by design or talent, or simply by accident - who can say) came up with some of the best lines.

  23. CockKnocker

    i liked it!

    Byebye sarah cronner cronicles, the ending of series 2 really made me wanna see the next series!

    And I especially liked the foxy terminator (summer glau), she could throw me around any day ;)

    The movie should be cool, but by making it a 12A its gonna be like the 1st AvP film - Pants.

  24. michael
    Thumb Down

    fox dose it again

    what do they have against summer galu

    + I will never get to find out what was the deal with jhon henry addms and that female t1000

    all in all big fail fox

  25. Rob


    Flippin Amecs and their flippant TV watching, bloody FOX do this far too often.

    I liked it, a lot, like fishman, was the only thing I begged for space on the Sky+ from my wife. Meant there was one less space for all that reality-car-crash-TV tripe.

    Wish they wouldn't leave them on cliff hangers, especially when there could be doubt on whether it will carry on running for another series. They need to round it off as there series has left it with a complete change in the timeline of gigantic proportions (plus I want to see them develop the 'Rebel Terminator' faction).


  26. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Sadly to be expected...

    Peter: “Well, unfortunately, Lois, there’s just no more room on the schedule. We’ve just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That ’80s Show, Wonderfalls, Fastlane, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Skin, Girls Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freakylinks, Wanda at Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen, A Minute With Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddie, The $treet, American Embassy, Cedric the Entertainer, The Tick, Louie and Greg the Bunny.”

    Lois: “Is there no hope?”

    Peter: “Well, I suppose if all those shows go down the tubes, we might have a shot.”

  27. Geeks and Lies
    Thumb Up

    I care so little for this show...

    ... it makes me dizzy!

  28. Aaron

    ratings fail?

    This was one of the shows that everyone in work talked about, I loved it. I often wonder with shows like this how the big studio's are measuring the ratings and if its really an accurate way to determine if a show is really being watching that much.

    While Im not saying it was the best show ever, far better show's have been axed for just the same reason's. Over the last few years every show I've liked has got axed, every show I cant stand wont watch and wont buy/pay anything for seams to go on and on. Im not saying my personal taste's reflect the world's but when everyone I talk to miss's the show's I liked I wonder if target audiences are not being counted correctly.

  29. Leslie Greenhalgh
    Thumb Down

    Fox cancel a great sci-fi series before it's time?

    Surely some mistake.

    Les G

  30. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: ratings fail?

    Your apostrophes make Moderatrix cry.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It never stood a chance

    It really wasnt a terminator show which is where it failed. The average Terminator fan would of been turned off by its slow pace and lack of action and people who dont like Terminator stuff wouldnt watch it because it had Terminator in the title.

    Its main failing though is it had 3 key characters, John Connor who we all know cant die, Sarah Connor who had her name in the title so she wasnt going to die in a hurry, and Cameron who was a cyborg and if she did die future John could just send another sex bot back to keep his adolescence self warm at night. At first these three were trying to stop judgement day, which we know cant be stopped, by finding a computer that can play chess really well while being chased by a terminator that had no chance of killing them (so distraught was this terminator at its lack of success it gave up and started singing nursery rhymes to a ginger kid). Now its been fairly obvious since the first film that the evil terminator sent back isnt going to win but at least in the movies they have the budget to blow shit up and Skynet was a bit more sinister than your average pc

  32. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    @Only show I watched

    I hope that was sardonic.

  33. Youngdog
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    This has caused outrage..

    over on the boards at AICN.

    Sign up today and YOU TOO can discover the joy of being insulted by an illiterate teenager!

    Actually, there ARE some boards over there that are populated by decent folk - you just have to know where to look.

    no mods, swearing is compulsory and bannings are a regular occurrence.

    To summarise my post there (don't read if you watch but haven't seen it all) - this programme was just getting good but series 2 finale was a great conclusion to the story. All of Sarah's efforts were in vain and a lot of innocent people died for nothing. It turns out that John never WAS that important and the future resistance was born anyway with someone else taking the lead.

  34. Adam T
    Thumb Down


    Gone the way of Firefly and Invasion (although not as good as either IMO). RIP.

    To be replaced no doubt by another CSI knock-off.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I'm still pissed about Atlantis being over

    ...not that I can blame that one on Fox.

    Never got into SC chronicles. It must have been good though or it wouldn't have been canceled. (being sincere)

  36. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Down

    Money, money, money!

    If you ain't pulling in the wonga your career ain't going anywhere! Same with the music biz, no one gets a chance to prove they can do something anymore. The media companies pander to the brain-dead, beer-swilling, BB watching lowlifes who consider opening a packet of crisps to be an intellectual challenge!

    One day the media companies will get their cumuppence when all these cottage industry movie and music producers start out selling the mass-produced tripe that is being force-fed to people.

  37. Oz

    @ Sarah Bee

    He's got one right so stop being so picky and over-sensitive! Really!

  38. jai

    it wouldn't be so annoying...

    but Fox do seem to get a lot of decent shows - and then they cancel them just as their fanbase really gets going

    but is it Fox that is to blame? They are, afterall, just watching their ratings

    surely the blame lies squarely with the american public for not knowing a good show when they see one - and then complaining AFTER it's axed instead of watching it when it's on telly

    if less people were capping these shows and up'ing them to the interwebz then people would have to watch the shows as they broadcast and so the ratings would be higher

  39. Lee Woods
    Thumb Down


    Well that's cutting off your nose to spite your face. It may be expensive to make, but it's also very, very good, certainly one my and my elderly parents favourite shows. I guess the credit crunch is the real reason for it's demise, but it is a sad day.

  40. Paul

    Fox cancels a show shock horror!

    Douchebags. Maybe they just don't like Summer Glau and cancel everything she's in.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I really enjoyed the show. I even managed to get my room mate to watch it and she's into reality shows and has even bought the 'flavor of love' dvds (I will admit the show is funny, but I hope I never meet any woman like the ones on that show). Now, I'm going to be left with 'The big bang theory' and no Summer Glau. This sucks as much as the last few episdoes of BSG and Caprica (and the story had such potential)!!!

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wotta shame

    This was a genuinely decent show, though with a little too much moping.

  43. Chris Hunt


    Any chance we could get Fox to do Last of the Summer Wine? Not for long, obviously...

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One reason for cancellation

    Is that the Terminator franchise isn't owned by Fox, so even if the series does well on DVD they don't see much income. Dollhouse is a fully owned property, so strong DVD sales will add to Fox's bottom line.

    I've seen both and after a rough start, Dollhouse is the better series (IMHO). I really don't see where people get the impression TSCC had a particularly deep story; it was good on occasion, but rarely anything to write home about.

  45. Yorkshirepudding


    im fondly remembering this from an episode of futurama there was a robot tv exec who rolled dice to decide schedules

    damn you fox, damn you all to hell

  46. Anonymous Coward


    Astonishing how many people "Don't watch much television but...." have expensive satellite/cable subscriptions!

  47. Pete Silver badge


    > discover the joy of being insulted by an illiterate teenager

    You don't have to sign up to a particular site for that - pretty much anywhere on the internet will do.

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I don't watch much TV but I need the expensive satellite subscription to keep my wife happy.

    At the end of Season 2 it was clear that there would be no third season. All the loose ends were tied up, most of the main characters dead and there was very little possibility of returning to "the present" to continue the story arc.

    The end of Season 2 did feel very very rushed though, reminded me of how Twin Peaks ended.

  49. Anonymous Coward

    Re moderatrix apostrophe's

    Shouldnt you give you're inner pedan't a break?

    It was clear what he meant, so whats' the problem?

    Isle Bee bach...

  50. Inachu


    Your neilsen rating system or what ever they use totally sucks!

    I always watched the show and if I did miss it then I watched it on HULU.

    Duhhh did you ever think of tracking hulu viewership? Did you track total viewrship using all data sources?

    Fox needs to be taken out back and shot.

  51. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Re moderatrix apostrophe's

    Yes, gosh, what was I thinking. Standards schmandards.

    In another couple of years my job* will be obsolete and apostrophes will at last be free to reproduce all over the internet, forming a sort of punctuatory spawny goo obfuscating all meaning. It's gonna be righteous, man.

    *My actual job, not the care and feeding of you lot.

  52. slow-mo

    Oh Cameron!

    I struggle to imagine what they would've done in the third series anyway. The way they ended the second series was perhaps the best climax any one could've ever imagined.

    Cameron remains the cutest terminators of them all!

    Come on you Register people, give us an icon to remeber her (as the machine who had more brains than the dumb blonde named after a French city).

  53. DirkGently

    @Sarah Bee

    He must have read Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

  54. Haku

    Cancellation explanation?

    Last time Fox cancelled something a lot of people liked (I forget which show it was, they cancel so bloody much!) someone wrote an interesting post about why the cancellation situations occur;

    It was something along the lines of when there's a new head of programming they get to play 'god' with the shows, who stays who goes, and because the shows they inherit were greenlighted by predecessors they're seen as someone else's accomplishments, the new head wants recognition and control over new tv shows so they cancel the predecessors shows to make way for shows they think will be better and give themselves a name for picking good shows, even if the shows they cancel are successful and could run for another few years they just don't care.

    Well it seems like a pretty good explanation of why successful shows are cancelled at anyrate. I do get pissed off when they cancel shows before their time, I've followed too many great shows that only lasted one season and even a couple that were cancelled after only 5 episodes were made+aired!

  55. DirkGently

    Re: Re: Re moderatrix apostrophe's

    There'll still be a pocket of punctuation sanity in the KDE project. Well as long as I'm a part of it anyway.

  56. Steve
    Thumb Down

    Friday night

    The reason for the crap ratings is simple, SCC (and Dollhouse) were shown on Friday nights. Friday is for beer and socialising, not TV.

    Shame, but it's Fox so we saw it coming.

  57. Graham Marsden

    Thanks @Sarah Bee

    I was going to google for that Family Guy quote, but you saved me the trouble... :-)

    At least they managed to finish off the Weaver/ Turk/ John Henry storyline with some decorum, even though it was rather rushed and the shows ending does give a lead in to T:Salvation :-/

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Sarah Bee

    "care and feeding"? I don't seem to have received my fair share of these essentials. This makes me sad.

    /me stands in line nicely

  59. jason

    Good but they blew their chance...

    ...I think TSCC is a good example about how some shows run far better on a 12/13 episode season than a full 22 season. With just half the time you have to keep the plot moving and there is no room for filler, you just have to move on it.

    The first short season of TSCC was pretty fast paced but then the second season whilst starting off well meandered all over in the middle. I doubt my Gf and I were the only ones cheering when the blonde girl and the aussie bird were killed off.

    I think the writers may have been under the impression that a third season was a dead cert so got indulgent but then realised a little late that that wasnt going to happen and then only had around 5 episodes to try to save it. It picked up noticibly in the last 3 or 4 episodes and the finale was very good indeed. The idea of a Terminator civil war sounds fun.

    I think it could do with about three 2 hour specials to finish it off. It could be done as the franchise/series is owned by the current T: Salvation production company.

    I doubt they will if T:S is a big hit but if its a turkey...who knows, Miss Glau may yet get a call.

  60. Muhammad Ali
    Thumb Down

    This is FOX .. they can never let a show finish

    I have stopped watching their shows, much better when they are on DVD and I can netflix them.

    Less frustration that way.

    I think people should just stop watching FOX altogether.

  61. OFI
    Thumb Down


    "I liked it, a lot, like fishman, was the only thing I begged for space on the Sky+ from my wife. Meant there was one less space for all that reality-car-crash-TV tripe."

    Just one of the reasons it was cancelled. PVRs apparently, as they are not counted towards ratings.

    Move a show to the Friday night slot and everyone puts it on the PVR and goes out.

    Plus like someone else said sci-fi shows just don't get the same size userbase.

    Such a shame but not a surprise :-(

    Fox does have a terrible habit of doing this.

  62. trigram

    Terminator of the Week

    SPOILER below!

    I thought the second series struggled with Terminator of the Week syndrome - with such Terminators being too easily dispatched. Why is it in such film/tv series the baddies get progressively weaker?

    I did like the final episode though. It wasn't a cliff-hanger because we all knows what John does next - we just do not get to see him do it. To have told the story from that point on would have felt like a completely new series and not a continuation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  63. Rob


    Good point, I know only recently the audience survey people in this country have just started addressing the PVR issue and including it in results.

    I don't know how far they have got as they are a tad secretive (more so than a witness protection scheme I think).

  64. Law

    summer.... poor summer

    She's the kiss of death to every show she's in.... I almost cried when she did a surprise appearance in Big Bang Theory recently... she's hot, but she's got to keep out of shows I love, I'll be left with nothing.

    I'm shocked and appauled nobody mentioned 4400 when going through her history of good shows she's cursed.... the glau curse, if you will.

    I have this theory that because a large number of people who watch these shows will download them, the ratings are screwed up anyways.

    @ Sarah RE: FG Quote - ... Dear diary - jackpot!

  65. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    thats makes no sence, with the release of T4 there WILL be revived intrest in the series, its a dead cert even if its only for one season, its a sure winner.

    It is trully a shame and with a somewhat bizzazr / odd ending of S2 we are all left thinking what the hell is gonna happen now!

  66. O
    Thumb Down

    Best Sci-Fi / Drama / Thriller on TV

    Damn you, Fox :(

    Express your displeasure at

  67. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah...So what...It was cack.

    That is all.

  68. Anonymous Coward

    @Sarah - not the care and feeding of you lot

    We've been waiting. When does that start?

  69. OFI

    Summer Kiss of Death


    Well I hope she hasn't cursed The Unit too!

    But yes 4400 another show killed off before its time.

    The problem with PVRs is everyone skips the ads. If they know people are using PVRs on a show then so will the advertisers. So there goes any incentive to carry on.

    With the rise of PVRs (and sites such as HULU) the business model has really got to change soon.

  70. Kimberly Holder
    Thumb Down

    Whoever made this decision

    Whoever made the decision to cancel Sarah Connor is a nickcomepoot! One of the best shows on tv today! Me and my husband don't exactly get a chance to watch it every week but you bet it's recording so we can tune in later. Now what are we going to do.....we were really looking forward to where the storyline was headed.

  71. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    A disturbing trend of instant ratings gratification

    What I have found is too many shows fall victim to a network's need for instant ratings gratification. This is a disturbing trend which will lead to the eventual disintegration of modern television by, what they probably consider to be, a small, insignificant, fraction of TV viewers.

    For instance, I am part of a growing trend of people who will not pay for subscription television. I watch select shows on Hulu or directly from the studios because I cannot justify paying $65 a month to watch reruns of "Law and Order," "COPS," or the various tripe which deluges me in my late-night waking hours. (And $65 a month is considered dirt-cheap by many standards.)

    Instead, I watch specific shows when and where I want. I dropped cable two years ago and have not looked back since, driven partly by network executives' apparent desire to insult my intelligence at every turn with reality mind-trash.

    That is not to say there might not be good shows on now. But I will not give the abusers a chance, instead remembering their previous assaults upon me.

    It makes me thankful the modern network executive school of thought did not reign with such influence on older shows which I absolutely adored. In particular, I think about "Babylon 5" back in the 90s. I got interested in that show during the fifth season. Recently I have spent time on Hulu and the TheWB watching the entire series from the pilot and, ugh, I can see where B5 would have easily been canceled in the 2000s after the first season, when it took the second season to get much better, and rocked in the third.

    A more recent example is "Stargate: SG1." Frankly, I thought that show sucked up until the eighth season, which is when, I believe, the Aurthurian story arc began with the Ori and what-not. Fabulous! Enticed by that and a new understand of the show, I have gone back to watch earlier seasons to find that the show has grown on me. Thankfully, Blessed are the Early SciFi Gods.

    "The 4400" was another show mentioned here that I found to be much better in later seasons. And I am sure the list could continue. Many great shows had slow starts, I would say due to the complex story lines and in-depth character development. (Which a lot of great movie series endure, lending to people "hating" the first movie while people like me are then ready for the sequels.)

    And so comes "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Many story tangents, a developing story arc (with my favorite villainess and "Garbage" front-woman, rowr!), a mechano-woman slowly becoming less of a recreational unit and more self-aware (a foreshadow to "Terminator: Salvation"???), and the relentless pursuit of staving off Judgment Day while giving us more and more back-stories to the movie duo-triologies.

    You cannot always have a "Battlestar Galactica" on your hands, which just kicked ass starting with the mini-series, and continued to do so even with its drawn-out episodes of social commentary. Which, Lord forbid, made some people think a little.

    And while I build up what I would like to think is an intellectual argument, I digress to much less.

    Fuck you, Fox.

    Paris, a recreational unit becoming self-aware.

  72. Jeffrey Nonken

    @Sarah Bee

    It's worse than just extra apostrophes -- I didn't actually count, but at a quick glance it looked like he skipped every one that belonged and added one to every plural.

    Makes my skin crawl.

    I figure he's probably a successful end-product of the American educational system.

  73. Anonymous Coward

    That's it for Fox then...

    I for one am not going to watch Fox shows anymore. They expect to win audiences over with these tactics? I don't watch much television, but it seems that the few shows I do manage to follow (usually on tape (yes tape) and a week or two late) are on the endangered list. Short-sighted morons that they are, these guys would have canceled Cheers after season two.

  74. call me scruffy

    Oh Bollocks

    In addition to the kiss of death that seems to be Joss Whedon or Summer Glau turning up, (Alas poor Firefly.) Are there any other script writers or producers that nail a series?

    The message seems to be that long arcs just don't work in American TV.

    "Enterprise": From season 3 almost every episode was crucial to understanding what the hell was going on, difficult to watch on DVD and almost impossible to watch on a casual basis, actually, it doesn't work anywhere!

    "BSG": Character driven arcs, until the last episodes of Season 4 there were very few key episodes, and lo! It survived!

    "SG1": Switched to an insanely inter-dependant arc in it's last couple of seasons.

    I still haven't caught up on the last seasons of Angel, but I gather it had similar problems.

    "Dexter":A little hectic in the last few episodes but still possible to pick up and isn't dead yet.

    I was enjoying the development and quirks of T:TSCC, a bit too involved for my recent "Might leave the office before midnight" schedule, but still worth the effort. Sometimes it was a bit hammy, or a bit cheesy, but it was still entertaining.

    This isn't a coat, it's a T1001!

  75. Chris Beach

    Let them Finish

    Why don't Fox put in their contracts that the series has to 'end'....not just stop because some it hit some random beancounter number.

    Cancelling I'm fine with, but not when the story isn't finished.

    btw Dollhouse does get a lot better, and ep1 was arsed about with by Fox (the whole bike bit), and shown out of order, causing silly edits in other eps. However the central concept works quite well.

  76. Randle McDandle
    Thumb Down

    They lost me in the first ep

    In what universe does a 15 year old boy fail to ask a hot robot whether she's anatomically correct?!

  77. MarkJ
    Black Helicopters

    If Google made TV shows...

    They'd make hard core SciFi shows and sell the advertising slots at a huge markup to consumer electronics companies. The advertising slots in the middle of America Lacks Perspective or whatever reality crap is flavour of the month are worthless in comparison, despite their huge ratings. People who watch that sort of thing can't even afford to go out of an evening!

    Fox and other TV companies are comparatively terrible at selling advertising space, hence why ITV is going down the toilet faster than the excrement they commission.

    Black helicopters because they know full well we lap that sort of TV show up.

  78. Shingo Tamai

    Already dead months ago


    >Byebye sarah cronner cronicles, the ending of series 2 really made me wanna see the next series!

    What next series?

    It was clear that the show was over from what happened in the season's finale:



































    - John Connor ends up in a future where no one knows any John Connor

    - John's father is still alive

    - Cameros is still human

    So he becames suddenly "Future John" and will have to send his father back in time so that his birt can be granted.

  79. Jonny2284

    Meh, maybe if they had any kind of plot it would have done better

    Seriously, I missed like 9 episodes mid season 2, came back to watching when I got a chance and nothing had moved on.

  80. Andrew Garrard
    Dead Vulture


    @Shingo: You could see this as an ending, or you could see it as an opportunity for quite an interesting (to me) set of new story lines. Presumably the resistance is less effective in John's absence, in which case John will want to go back and correct the time lines (and presumably put Cameron's chip back in place). If the resistance is doing fine, how would John cope with finding out that he's completely irrelevant after being told his whole life that he's the saviour? Maybe human Cameron is completely vapid. Maybe the "robot resistance" has different priorities than John and Sarah. How would Sarah's health pan out? What is John Henry/Cambot combo doing?

    Leaving it to the imagination is one thing, but I don't think they wrapped things up nicely - I think they left a teaser of all the interesting directions the show could go. It didn't feel like a deliberate ending to me, however much the creative team are resigned to it. (I'd still like to see a Peacekeeper Wars style rounding off of the story, so long as it's not as bad as the Stargate bonus shows were.)

    @Jonny2284: They took a long time building up relatively subtle plot threads. It's true that you'd get most of what was going on if you missed some episodes, although you'd get more out of it if you saw the lot, and got all the refrences. They probably couldn't move too quickly if they were to have any hope of picking up casual viewers. I'm grateful, because I missed one episode around the new year when Virgin had a break in showing it and didn't advertise that it was back on. The development of the characters of John, John Henry and Cameron (and Riley) was gradual - if you're just looking at what got blown up in each episode then not much changed, but that's not where the long term plot arcs were.

    Still, it was never going to be for everyone. I'll miss it. Here's to a Family Guy style renewal (and that got much better after it came back!)

  81. Gordon Crawford


    blame it on hd tv

    locally , the tv station dropped analog and went to hd tv. ah well , no reason to get the converter now , how i met your mother is on hulu

  82. John

    saw one episode, didn't like it

    to be fair, the episode I saw made about as much sense as Space: Above and Beyond's 'Who Monitors the Birds' ep and the rest of that series was almost as good as Firefly. Also, props to Shirley Manson for getting such a big role, but she wasn't that good an actress. Neither was Summer Glau any good in the ep I saw compared to what she'd done in Firefly.

    besides, the timeline of the Terminator universe doesn't bear thinking about. To my mind, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey had the best time travelling.

    while I'm on the subject, JJ Abraham shouldn't have done Star Trek. By using an alternate timeline he might as well have done a Sliders movie (now that was a good show).

  83. steogede

    re: Summer Kiss of Death

    Exactly what I was going to say - hopefully she won't have the same effect on The Unit as that was only really a bit part (not true of course, we all know it is Fox's fault, not Summer's). Although is a bit of a vixen (sorry) so maybe she is to blame.

    I can't believe Fox resurected Futurama for six measely episodes.

    As for the comments about us knowing what happens next, that isn't entirely true. That is what happened in an "earlier future", it doesn't necessarily have to repeat itself in this timeline. Also, we don't know what happened in Sarah Connor's future - John probably jumped forward a good ten years.

  84. call me scruffy


    I have to agree with you, the concept of a future that was being changed by the events of the series, but was still sending people back into the "present day" was certainly novel, and could have been taken in a lot of different directions. For example Sarah is currently pretty much on her own, give or take what's currently running in the John Henry hardware (Could well be Cameron!) but anything she does might erase the future that her son is in!

    Most science fiction series cop out with "Home doesn't exist again until we fix this"(Star Trek) or "We cease to exist if we don't fix this"(Back To The Future)

    I for one am not going to watch any Fox serials from now on, I think a commitment in starting a series is that it should be wrapped up cleanly, if Fox won't keep that commitment then it's only a matter of time before they sell out on other fronts.

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