back to article Startup sees iPhone through biz-colored glasses

In the beginning, the world questioned whether the iPhone was a business device. But not Santiago Becerra. In January of 2008, even before Apple unveiled the iPhone SDK, Becerra joined five other tech industry veterans in founding a company whose sole aim was to build new-age business apps for the Jobsian handheld. "It was a …


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  1. Mark Daniels
    Thumb Down

    The use of the 'word' "app"....

    ... is shocking.

    Application if you must.

    Please try not to pander to the marketing people Apple just becuase they want it....

    In the same vein that black coffee is black coffee and not an americano and medium is medium, not grande, if it runs on computer or a mobile 'phone, it is a programme or application, not a %$£"%£$"^£"^ app!


  2. al
    Paris Hilton

    Roam"Bi", eh ?

    hmmm..... can we interest Ms. Paris in giving it a try ? (on tape, of coz).

  3. Rob

    Nice idea...

    ... just need to get Apple to host the program via their Application Store, be a right bugger is they refused it ;)

  4. DarkHorseDre
    Paris Hilton

    Is Mark Daniels ok?

    Mark, Im hearing you, but I sense the heart-rate was high when writing that?

    Rant FTW lol!

    I rarely go into coffee shops, and when I do its the same: I listen to them speak, and then I say "medium" lol!

    But that app word is out there now my friend, before apple pushed it to its current state: it wont go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


    Paris, cos she never gets heated, unless its on amateur video

This topic is closed for new posts.

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