back to article Wacky Jacqui defends Michael Savage ban

The home secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday faced an indignant Tory MP, who described her decision to ban US shock-jock Michael Savage from darkening the UK's shores as 'ludicrous'. Smith recently included Savage on a "name-and-shame" list of 16 undesirables not welcome in this Sceptr'd Isle, which also included a Russian …


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  1. Youngdog

    Is she serious?

    "I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

    It is a shame we can't extend that approach to the greedy trough-hoggers that supposedly run this country. Its breathtaking hyprocrisy such as this that will push voters away from mainsteam politics and into the hands of extremists.

    As her bosses we really should consider firing her arse..

  2. Eponymous Cowherd

    That would be worth seeing.

    ***"Hillary Clinton turning up in Westminster and slapping Wacky Jacqui"***

    Yes please!

    ***"with a big writ"***


  3. David Webb

    White Wizards?

    No White Wizards? Gandalf will be pretty pissed if he wants to return to Middle Earth via Gatwick!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why not leave Mr Savage to the Americans and deal with the people here

    Come on, there are plenty of people saying abjectionable things about MP's and their expenses. Why not lock them up for 42 days without charges? All the bad publicity about the banks could have been avoided by jailing anyone who talked about them. Where was president Alvaro Colom when we needed him.

  5. Richard

    A couple thoughts

    First, Britain, thank you for reminding me that US politicians don't have the First World's monopoly on stupidity and time-wasting.

    Second, if she's going to ban people for being offensive and hateful, why not go after Jeremy Hardy? He's funny, but has an automatic hatred for anyone even vaguely middle class.

  6. Paul


    ...have a nice day wouldn't be on the sign.

    Can we also do the world a favour and ban her from LEAVING the country? The world doesn't deserve the export of our biggest dipshits.

  7. Jimmy Floyd
    Paris Hilton

    Decisions, decisions

    It's like watching a fight between a murderer and a rapist. Ultimately you hope that neither will win and that they'll just destroy each other.

    (Not that I'm calling either of them a rapist, you understand. Or a murderer. Almost certainly neither)

    Paris, because of some link between Wacky-Jacqui's hubby and a few trifling expenses for pr0n...

  8. David Simpson

    Wacki Jackie we all HATE YOU

    Wacki Jackie = 33% of the reason Labour will have the lowest amount of seats in their history after the next general election.

  9. A J Stiles
    Thumb Up

    Good for her

    We don't want queer-bashers in this country, thank you very much.

    If Savage doesn't like that, he is welcome to go and complain to his imaginary sky-fairy.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Airport notices

    John Gummer is clearly more of a linguist that I'd thought ... from my experience most of the notices at immigration now are in polish and I, for one, don't know what please or thankyou in polish is!

  11. Gerard Krupa

    Sign here... save us from the wacky one.

  12. Adrian Jooste

    It all started with Snoop Dogg

    Surely the the vast majority of the Rap/Hip/Hop industry should be tarred with the same brush if her reasoning is warranted, which it isn't....

  13. michael

    re sign here

    I am not going to click on a like with "jsmithporn" anywhere in it the mentle image alone if almost enought to make me sick!

  14. Ad Fundum

    Hang on a minute ...

    Coming to the UK is a "privilege"? Are you serious? I demand the Reg hacks double-check this quote, because I can't believe that anyone feels that way about this flea-bitten shitbag corner of the North Sea.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Wacky Jacqui

    She is an insult to humanity! Brainless, and something which I personally consider a verbal terrorist!!!

    Wouldn mind sending her to GitMo

  16. NB


    ``I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life.''

    I'm sorry but since when did her wackiness have a fucking clue about the values and standards of the british people? Her values and standards are more in line with those of nazi germany (yes, that's right I've invoked Godwin. Don't like it? tough)

    And as for our `way of life', well ms wacky, most of us don't have the luxury of sponging 10 to 100's of thousands of pounds off the taxpayer or get to claim porn on our expenses. Hell most of us don't get expenses. So I don't know about _your_ way of life but don't you fucking dare compare it to ours.


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @David Webb

    "Gandalf will be pretty pissed if he wants to return to Middle Earth via Gatwick!"

    Yeah, but it'll be fine as long as he can convince airport security to not part an old man with his walking stick...

    In all seriousness, Mr. Savage is one of the more utterly repugnant people I have had the pleasure of witnessing, but Jacqui's policy is, indeed, ludicrous.

    Plus, as I mentioned in another post about this issue, anything making it more difficult to get Savage the hell out of the United States is a negative in my book.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Hardy's British so exempt from a ban on going home.

    He's also got an intellect, which the American gob-shite hasn't.

    (and yes, I've heard transmissions from both)

  19. Rob Burke
    Black Helicopters

    Yeah but no....

    I agree with WJ - which is probably the first and last time - but it's ashame the UK can't maintain the same moral standards when the Saudi royal family visit....

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    p!ss off tory boy

    I hate Jacqui Smith with a passion ( please sign it, please, I beg you) but this guy is a gay bashing jerk and is on of a very long list of people who we should be politely declining permission to enter this country.

    I don't see why we should bend over and take a shafting just because this guy is a yank and has Hillary (an otherwise quite reasonable woman for an american) to do his dirty work for him; he's a dick and a bigot and the borders around this country are our borders and we can pick and choose who we allow in.

    Do you really think any other country would be listening to criticism about this sort of decision or even bothering to defend it? The US quietly bans people every day and they make it very clear that people entering the country can be excluded with or without reason and they effectively have no rights at the border, I wish we had a similar arrangement so that we could exclude:

    All preachers of hate

    Any supporters of any form of violence to achieve political aims

    George W Bush

    His dad

    Anyone currently camped in Sangatte

    Anyone even remotely associated with Westboro Baptist Church

    Anyone with an israeli passport (it's not a real country so they don't have real passports).

    Don't infringe their freedom of speech or their rights to do what they like elsewhere, just turn them away at the door because we don't want it here.

  21. Pyrrho Huxley

    A Very Dangerous Principle

    @A J Styles - and what happens when a homophobic Home Secretary of the future decides that we need "protecting" from pro-gay speech? (Have you forgotten Clause 28?) The principle that the government should decide what is "acceptable speech" is extraordinarily dangerous. In the long run no free society can sustain itself where free speech has been replaced acceptable-to-the-government-of-the-day speech.

  22. Anonymous Coward


    As smashy and nicey would have said.

    PS Jackie can you give me £50 as there are a few films on Channel X worth watching

    That's one of Whacky J's henchmen rifling your pockets to make sure you have nothing to hide

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Coming to the UK is a privilege.

    Since when? Now I understand this woman - she clearly doesn't in the same UK as me.

  24. Kwac


    is she 'defending' this decision - it's self-evident that it's a correct decision (albeit possibly the only correct one she's made)?

  25. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    A few musings on Whacki's impossible position.

    Firstly, don't blame Whacki Jacqui. Well, not totally, anyway. This has all rolled down from that twit Brooooon, with his desperate attempts to look multicultural, a safe pair of hands for security, a friend to the Muslim world (also known as "don't alienate the Muslim vote in all those Labour homelands"), and also in his desperation to scrape some of Obambi's hype onto himself. This typically impossibly conflicting political dogma leaves no-one happy - Whacki just looks stupid doing her master's bidding. As soon as it became clear there were actually some fanatical Muslims even Labour wouldn't let into the country, there was an unseemly scramble to find some non-Muslim unwanteds to balance it out. Heavens to Betsy - we wouldn't want anyone to think that terrorism stuff was all a problem with Islam!

    Whilst none of the names on the list evoke any sympathy, none of the non-Muslim names have ever been linked with terror in the UK, even the loathsome KKK, whereas the Muslim ones most definately have. Savage was completly unknown by the majority of the UK populance before the list was released, which suggests his name came from elsewhere. The inclusion of Savage can't be a coincidence - he's also the target of the Democrats in the States. I find it funny that Mrs Clinton is now being asked to defend Savage when it is undoubtedly her and Obambi that suggested his name to Broooon in the first place, and Brooon's idiotic eagerness to please Obambi that led to Savage being accepted onto the list.

    It's horrific but I find myself missing Tony Blair - whilst a career liar, at least he wasn't such a complete incompetant!

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    why do people not get....

    ... that it is NOT A RIGHT to come to any country you want, its a privilage, if the country doesn't want you , they don't have to let you in.

    I love how eveyrone goes on saying that jackie shouldn't be able to say tht she doesn't want person x in the country. Then goes on about freedom of speech, given the fact that they just said that jackie shouldn't have freedom of speech.

    If you don't like it here, change it, or sod off somewhere else and leave us be.

  27. Tony


    'Reports that the Home Office is rolling out some new signage reading "Welcome to Britain: No jeans, no trainers, no Russkie skinheads, no fascists, no suicide bombers, no white wizards and no shock-jocks. Have a nice day" are unconfirmed.'

    How about just a simple "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"

  28. Graham Marsden

    "extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values"

    Standards and values? You mean like the right to protest freely? The right to decide what you read or view? The right to not be ripped off by our elected representatives...?

  29. Chris

    @ White Wizards?

    Fly you fools!

  30. QuiteEvilGraham

    The truth at last then...

    "I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life.''

    Since her standards and way of life seem to involve utter contempt for these who pay her wages and her values appear to manifest themselves in the total rejection of any dissenting opinion, then I suspect that I would consider Mr Savage (not that I care for him much either) to be a fair swap.

    It appears that the famous "trickle down" theory does not, in fact, apply to economics and the distribution of wealth, but it certainly seems to apply to public servants taking their cue from their masters as to how to treat those they allegedly serve.

    Honestly, this gang of idiots with their over-developed sense of entitlement makes me sick.

  31. Julian I-Do-Stuff

    Mr Pragmatic

    Strangely I have no view on this particular case... couldn't possible comment etc. etc. etc.

    However... the general issue is with (as in most cases) the appearance or arbitrariness, inconsistency, etc. etc. etc. (fave word today)


    Oh... I've just found a view. Since Mr Savage isn't actually a(n alleged) terrorist and might merely attempt to warp our tiny little minds, isn't likely to go into hiding or want to stay here, why not let him in and boot him out the moment he breaks the law (inciting racial hatred or whatever etc. etc. etc. ) if actually does. The balance is wrong - again. It's not as though closing the border to him prevents him being heard here, does it?

    Oh - and @AC re WJ's "freedom of speech": I don't mind what she says, I mind what she does and how she does it. If she were reduced to being a crock jock 'twould be a great improvement.


  32. raving angry loony

    target is either too large or too small

    Sad part is, the hateful little SOB couldn't BUY better advertising than this!

    Unfortunately, we'll never know why she singled this guy out, and didn't include all his cohorts. People like Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Pat Robertson, and the hundreds of other Americans who make Savage's brand of hatred look tame.

  33. Vincent Ballard
    IT Angle

    Welcoming airports

    While they're at it maybe they could repaint the wall in East Midlands Airport which welcomes people in a French/Spanish hybrid. All it would take is to correct it to accurate Spanish is to paint out an accent.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    IIRC John Gummer, or John Selwyn Gummer before the re-brand is the politician who at the height of worry about CJD and dodgy meat publicly fed a beefburger to his four year old daughter. Heathrow may be impolite but at least they don't play petty politics with their own daughter's life.

    @Mickey Mouse: "Now I understand this woman - she clearly doesn't in the same UK as me."

    Of course not. You and I live in a UK where we work 35-40 hours (on average) per week with the odd bit of overtime for a reasonable wage. A fair chunk of which is then taken away in taxes, fuel bills, mortgage, food, transport, clothes, furniture and a myriad of other expenses*. Assuming that we have access to interweb either at work or at home then there are many people much less well off than us in the country.

    Jacquie, along with other MPs live in a UK where she gets paid 2.5-3 times the national average** wage for maybe 20 hours a week, and gets pretty much all her bills, including mortgage, food, transport, fuel, furniture, clothes, porn etc. paid for her. Arguably so much so that she can also make a healthy profit*** (JS: "I don't know why people are whining about the recession, eating food is making me £200 profit per month alone.....")

    *To us an expense is something that costs us money, to politicians it is something that feathers their nests. Interesting semantic difference there I find.


    ***Look at the numbers of MPs just writing cheques to pay back large amounts of cash, £13k, £20k, even £41k. You cannot have that kind of cash spare and need to steal your porn money from me. I would have to sell my house / house, kidney and car / house, kidney, car, kids, neighbours & soul respectively to obtain those amounts of cash.

  35. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "it is NOT A RIGHT to come to any country you want"

    Of course it isn't. You're the one who doesn't get it.

    Yes, countries have a right to refuse entry to anyone they want according to any criteria they want. (For example, Albania used to refuse entry to men with beards.)

    However, a lot of people think that the UK should not be refusing entry to people according to the whims of a lunatic witch. Moreover, putting Savage on a list of banned people serves no useful purpose. All it does is give him free publicity and make the UK look stupid. (Well, arguably it is perhaps useful to make the UK look stupid ...)

  36. EdwardP

    I simply...

    ...give up with this woman.

    I can't let her raise my blood pressure anymore, forward to apathy!

  37. kain preacher

    I want to make some thing clear

    Us yanks don't Care. We don't give a shit . I've seen a more about this here in the Reg than I have in the news media. Even fox news have given up on this story.

    Disclaimer. I only watch fox news cause some times you need to know what these nutters are trying to push through.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    NuLabour inter-ferin with our freedom of speach again, innit. This ain't gonna bring Maddie home, is it? If U lot all like Ammerica so much WHY DON@T YOU GO LIVE THERE??

  39. kain preacher


    Show me proof that Obama was involved. Ps your opinion does not count for much since you clearly hate Obama .

  40. Anonymous Coward

    If politics were conducted via IRC

    *** Found your hostname

    Welcome to the WeWishItWasOnlyIRC IRC Network

    <Krudd> Anyone in here from Aus?

    <GBr0wn> I put on my robe and wizard hat

    <Krudd> Anyone?

    ChanServ gives voice to JacquiJacquiBoBacqui

    <Krudd> Hello?...

    ChanServ gives voice to SavageMan6969

    <JacquiJacquiSoWacqui> L@@K @ ME EVERYONE!!! I AM AN ATTENTION WHORE!!!!

    <SavageMan6969> PIKER! WATCH ME AS I SHOW YOU HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!!

    Logic_and_Reasonbot has kicked JacquiJacquiSoWacqui from #comicrelief (User has been b& (CRUISE CONTROL))

    Logic_and_Reasonbot has kicked SavageMan6969 from #comicrelief (User has been b& (CRUISE CONTROL))

    Krudd has quit (where is everybody?)

  41. Bod


    How about we let him in, so long as they take Jacqui and never let her return (and take J.Ross with her, so long as exports of his inevitable US brand of drivel is not allowed to reach our shores).

  42. ffrankmccaffery

    Cut the crap

    Expenses have nothing to do with any of this. As much as i dislike this woman i have to aplaud her on this, at least shes earning those expenses with this decision. And criticism from some deadwood, far right old tories hardly matters.

    And as for the arguement of avoiding giving aditional publicity to this little jewish extremist matters little either when has no outlet here.

  43. EdwardP

    He should be allowed in.

    He's an extremely unpleasant person with some repugnant views.

    Is that relevant? No

    Is it the place of the government to be legislating morality or opinion? A resounding no.

    This REALLY is this simple.

    It is the very exposure to the unpleasant opinions, the "offensive" material, that teaches people to judge critically, and look at the facts. It teaches people to ask questions, it teaches independant thought. Ultimately it forces them to form their own opinions. A useful and essential skill.

    I'll go as far as to say that often it has been the outspoken extremists with unpalatable arguments, polarizing public opinion in the opposite direction, who prompt and pave the way for a more reasonable debate to take place.

    Take away our right to decide, and remove all challenging/offensive/obscene arguments and you'll end up with a stupid, malleable population, who rely on authority figures to tell them what to think.

    Basically, you end up with gullible pawns. Can anybody here deny this process is well under way?

  44. Tim J
    Thumb Down

    @Lee 15:17

    "Jacquie, along with other MPs live in a UK where she gets paid 2.5-3 times the national average** wage for maybe 20 hours a week [...]"

    20 hours a week? You have to be shitting me... yes, in fact that's exactly what you're doing. Most normal MPs who aren't ministers bust a gut dealing with queries and complaints from fuckwits such as you - she's the Home Secretary and like all members of the Cabinet absolutely busts a gut when it comes to putting in the hours.

    You might not like what she's doing - you might not like what any of the MPs are doing - but fuck right off with your arsehole analysis about the number of hours they work!

  45. kain preacher


    Ok we will take Jacqui and up to 4 other politicians you don't want . Now to be fair you must take rush Limbaugh and allow fox news to relocate in London ./

  46. Sabine Miehlbradt

    @Jimmy Floyd

    The expression you are looking for is: a wasp landing on a stinging nettle. Somebody is going to get stung and you don't care who.

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Tim J

    Look at the parliament channel any time, the place is empty. And they get something like 30 weeks of recess a year.

    When I first saw your post I thought you were going to harangue me on the basis that 20 hours is an over estimation...

    So, which party are you an MP for?

  48. Steve

    @ TIm J

    "You might not like what she's doing - you might not like what any of the MPs are doing - but fuck right off with your arsehole analysis about the number of hours they work!"

    It's not unreasonable to assume she only works 20 hours - if she worked as long and as hard as you claim, then she'd have done something right by now even if it was only accidental.

    As for busting a gut to deal with our queries, the last time I wrote to my (Conservative) MP and specifically asked for HIS stance on an issue, he forwarded my letter to Ruth fucking Kelly!

    It's very easy to say "most MPs aren't that bad" but just try and find one of these hard working MP.

  49. MinionZero

    Privilege?! ... when was it a privilege?, well maybe for a few! (like her!)

    "Coming to the UK is a privilege"

    Talk about over inflated view!. She is so full of her self importance. She is the gatekeeper to the great privilege of coming to the UK. Coming to the UK is becoming a sentence not a privilege. Its becoming a trail of endurance to suffer the endless abuses of our way of life, directly because of that arrogant close minded bitch and her rats nest of greedy control freak friends.

    And as for this, "I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

    She more than anyone else in the UK not just now, but in living memory, she has done more to abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life! ... and she isn't even close to finished yet!

    As there is no country in the world who has her twisted values and deeply self righteous contemptuous desire to undermine everyones way of life, then maybe we could bundle her into a rocket and fire her at the moon! ... Its the only way we will get rid of her and finally free ourselves from her. After all, we all know our "representatives" in government won't call an election, even though they all know we all want an election. So much for being our representatives. Go the lot of you. Just go!. We have had enough. Every time she opens her mouth my heart sinks and my anger reaches boiling point.

    We need a new Oliver Cromwell to throw them all out of their jobs. Go, please just go, the lot of you MPs.

  50. RW

    She's an idiot

    After all, she is in charge of the police - police who used severe violence on the G20 protestors.

    Maybe Dear Leader Jacqui needs to abolish herself and her thuggish minions from the UK too. Now *that* would be justice indeed.

    I can see the headlines now:


    That woman makes me sick, and that's at a distance of several thousand miles.

  51. Mobius

    @Tim J

    What utter bollocks.

    MPs expense staff to do that sort of boring shit for them, so they can skive off to go on shopping trips, meals and nice hotel breaks with stolen money.

    Do you actually think that when you write a letter to your MP it's themselves that reply?

    You naive jerk.

  52. Richard


    "Wouldn mind sending her to GitMo"

    Haven't the American troops at GitMo suffered enough?

  53. Richard

    Gummer is right for once

    The signs at Heathrow are high-handed and self-promoting. I don't want to read cant about UK Borders protecting me and to be challenged by people in nylon paramilitary uniforms. I want to be asked nicely to present the evidence of my right to enter by people in civilian clothing.

  54. Richard

    @Anonymous Coward

    I'll grant you that Hardy has an intellect, but spewing hatred is spewing hatred. In fact, it should be less tolerable from an intellectual mind, because they should really know better.

  55. Geoffrey W

    @kain preacher


    Show me proof that Obama was involved. Ps your opinion does not count for much since you clearly hate Obama . </QUOTE>

    For a Kook such conclusions as he reaches are axiomatic and providing proof for them would just be a waste of his kooking time. Its heartening to see a few budding Kooks present in the El Reg comments (Is Jeremy Hardy really comparable???). Its getting just like UseNet in here.

    Just to play Matt's game for a while; If it really were Obama and Hilary behind this then why the hell did they choose Michael Savage? Savage is a 2nd or 3rd division ranter and rarely gets much attention in the media other than on his own show. There are far bigger and more prominent targets who would have made much better choices. Rush Limbaugh is the obvious choice and that would really have caused a lot of fun and jollity. But they chose Savage?

    What a Hoot!

  56. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Hmm, lessons on freedom from the *Tories*???

    Aren't they the ones who called Nelson Mandela a "terrorist"? AFAIK some of them still do. I don't think I'll be taking any lessons in "freedom" from them. If we can keep hate-mongers out of the UK then so much the better, we have enough of our own ta.

    Anyway, wasn't Louis Farrakhan banned from visiting the UK when the Tories were last in power?

    Such short memories.

  57. Steen Hive

    Give the gobshite the all-clear.

    .. Then detain the lump of sputum at the border for as long as they can get away with it for "background checks", rape his electronic gear and blackberry, then "render" him with fanfare to a rural airport in friendly country like Pakistan, see how he likes it.

    If I wasn't a peace-loving sort, I'd want to personally kick the little sod in the nuts first.

  58. Tony Paulazzo

    I earned my expenses by...

    >at least shes earning those expenses with this decision<

    Wow, at my last job, my expenses basically covered business cost incurred by myself. basically, if I put fuel in the van, the company would reimburse me, they called this 'expenses'. In no way did I 'earn' those expenses.

    >And as for the arguement of avoiding giving aditional publicity to this little jewish extremist matters little either when has no outlet here<

    I never heard of the guy until all this free publicity, now finally, I too can learn to hate (or, like, whatever he preaches).

  59. Tony

    @AC 19:55

    One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist my anonymous friend.

    Nelson Mandela was head of the ANC's military wing, which was responsible for an awful lot of deaths and - however things may have been repainted since - did not limit it's targets to military ones.

    It is true that they were rebelling against a genuinely oppressive regime, but in doing so they killed a lot of people along the way. You could argue that the end justified the means and that he only resorted to violence when all non-violent means had failed, but that's all a matter of perception.

    Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness are viewed simply as politicians by most nowadays, but to some in Ireland they will always be heros, while to many over here they will always be terrorists.

    The media likes to give us heroes and villains. Black and white. The truth is almost always more complicated.

  60. Greg

    Hipocracy so pure it's beautiful

    "Coming to the UK is a privilege. I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."


    How can she not see what's wrong with that statement?

  61. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If we are going to ban black racists that stir up hatred then we also have to ban (non resident) white racists. Sounds fair to me.

    @AC 13:44 - nice point until you became anti-semetic

  62. Mr Larrington

    Wouldn't it have been better... have kept the list SEEKRIT? Then, in the event of a twat like Savage trying to gain admission to BRITAIN, he could have been quietly told to bugger off at immigration, thereby causing him to waste a metric fuckton of money on his (hopefully non-refundable) plane ticket.

  63. jake Silver badge

    Stop bitching, people ..

    Get off your arses & FUCKING VOTE!


  64. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    @AC and Freedom of speech

    Hmm, how can you claim that Wackies freedom of speech and mine are in any way equal? She has freedom of speech as an individual but not (or certainly shouldn't have) as a minister, it is her job to do what is best for the country within limits and boundaries that we as the voting public decide is acceptable. Unfortunately she (along with the rest of the governement cabel) has, in my opinion, completely abanded all pretext of representing the people. In all seriousness can somebody tell me the difference between a police state and the UK?

    They can get away with this because the British public are largely apathetic, no amount of bitching on forums will change this, nor will the abysmally low voter turnouts; don't for one minute assume that the next government will change any of this or that replacing Jacqui would somehow make everything right, it won't.

  65. The Fuzzy Wotnot
    Thumb Down

    @jake - just vote!

    No I won't vote for the next best thing that might just about cover my views!!!

    I don't vote, that way I can complain all I like as I didn't put XYZ in power!!

  66. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Get off your arses & FUCKING VOTE!"

    we can't because they are ignoring the people they claim to represent and refusing to call a general election until such time as the police are allowed to observe you marking your ballot paper "to prevent terrorism in the voting booth"


    Minion II

    Jacki, you ain't wacki! Any hatemonger such as Savage should be banned from life for life. A person who exhibits traits of a hatemonger is a waste of skin.

  68. SteveMD

    A mighty step forarwd for womens equality!

    Jacqui has long since proven that she is the equal of male ministers. There is no male minister who has demonstrated more arrogance and irrationality than her - that is for certain. Once again we get her whims dressed up as a moral crusade. Put aside justice or common sense, she knows in her heart she is right and damn truth or credible evidence, she's going to do what she wants.

  69. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: kain preacher

    "Show me proof that Obama was involved...." Instead, why don't you try and provide even the thinnest of reasons as to how Mr Savage, a complete unknown in this country, could otherwise have come to Whacki's and Broooon's attention. Not holding my breath.....

    ".....Ps your opinion does not count for much since you clearly hate Obama ." Hmmmm, looks like you think your opinion counts because you obviously think like our fascist Whacki Jacqui. Or is it that you simply hold Prez Obambi in such holy regard you believe anyone that would speak against him should immediately be disregarded, no matter what they say? Bet you were a real champ in the old school debates, no? I'm guessing you were the kind of sucker that pointed to Clinton and said; "See, he didn't inhale, and I believe him when he said he didn't have sex with that woman!"

    Whacki Jacqui should move to the States and join the Dummiecrats - with such highly-objective voters such as yourself she could be POTUS in no time!

  70. Anonymous Coward

    @AC 08:10 from AC 13:44


    You are getting Israelis and Jews confused again. Your ignorance is what allows these people to carry on doing what they are doing, nobody dare speak out against the Israelis for fear of being branded anti-semitic; not all Israelis are Jews and not all Jews are Israelis.

    Jews are a people who follow a religion, this is something that I have no problem with. Israelis are a people who have invaded another country and annexed it for themselves, repressed and murdered many of the Palestinian population and are guilty of xenophobia, racism and a modicum of genocide. Some of the Israelis happen to also be Jews (although it's arguable as to whether they are truly the chosen people or just Russians and Europeans masquerading as Jews in order to get Israeli passports). I do not hate Jews, so therefore I am not anti-semitic, I just hate what a small bunch of people, some of whom are Jews, have done in Israel.

  71. kain preacher

    hmm hate speach

  72. jake Silver badge

    @The Fuzzy Wotnot; @AC 12:34

    Fuzzy scrive: "No I won't vote for the next best thing that might just about cover my views!!!"

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step ...

    Fuzzy again: "I don't vote, that way I can complain all I like as I didn't put XYZ in power!!"

    Other way around. If you didn't vote, you're part of the silent majority that allowed the winner into power. If you don't care enough to vote, your opinion is meaningless. I speak as someone who has many friends who failed to vote against GWBush's handlers second term. It's the non-voters who are the problem.

    AC: "we can't because they are ignoring the people they claim to represent and refusing to call a general election until such time as the police are allowed to observe you marking your ballot paper "to prevent terrorism in the voting booth""

    Wallow in your misery, or begin to dig your way out before it is too late. Your collective choice. I'm hoping the US has finally seen sense, but I'm not holding my breath ...

    BTW, there are no terrorists. Terrorists are weapons of mass distraction.

  73. kain preacher


    All I asked was for proof.

    "obviously think like our fascist Whacki Jacqui. Or is it that you simply hold Prez Obambi in such holy regard you believe anyone that would speak against him should immediately be disregarded, no matter what they say?"

    Were did I say I agreed with here ?? If you disagree with the president fine, but when you start calling him obamid instead of point out why you disagree with him , it makes you look silly.

    For the record I think its sill she didn't let him in .

    Please so me proof that Obama was behind this. Is that to much to ask for ? One might infer that is, since you are name calling .

    If I'm wrong I will admitted. Show me proof instead trying presume what I believe. Here is a hint. I'm NRA.

  74. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 13:44

    "Anyone with an israeli passport...

    ...turn them away at the door because we don't want it here."

    Really? Since I'm Jewish and both support Israel and think it's an actual country, I guess that means you'd like me to stay out too. And a fair majority of the rest of us feel the same way. Why not just include 'Jews' on your list, then? Sounds reasonable. Right? Jews, terrorists, and preachers of hate.

    As Windows XP would say, "One of your opinions may have a problem and needs to be checked for consistency."

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