back to article DSGi sells Hungarian biz for €1

DSG international, the UK’s biggest consumer electronics retailer, today confirmed it is selling Electro World Hungary for one euro. The soon-to-be owner is called EW Electro Retail (EWH) – could it be a management buyout? – will gain all nine stores, operations and employees. Quote time from John Browett, DSGi chief exec: "We …


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  1. Osiris

    This is what happens..

    when you don't put a reserve price on eBay

  2. Psymon

    only 1 euro?

    I haven't got the time or inclination at the moment to find the bloomin euro symbol on this keyboard, but I can only presume that's a typo, otherwise I think your article might have made slightly more mention of it?

    Personally, I'd be very pleased to see DSGI go under. It would be a massive improvement for consumer choice, value-for-money, and quality of working life.

    I haven't seen them beat the price on a computer related item from ANY other shop. Their mark-up is nothing short of surreal.

    They are the worst rip-off merchants I have ever encountered. Inside and outside the company!

    Yes, I'm afraid I've done time in DSGI. I'd have prefered prison - you have more rights, freedoms, and longer breaks.

    Every last element of their working environment is governed by lawyers, and don't even get me started on their discaplinary policy, which makes the spanish inquisition look like a a day out at Butlins.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    German giants

    Saturn & Mediamarkt the German giants are in Hungary and their supply chain is just a half days drive away.

    So they can ease themselves into their neighbouring country, and build the mega warehouse when they are big enough, but Dixons has to do it up front to compete.

  4. sleepy

    Lucky Hungary

    Any chance of them shutting down the UK biz?

  5. Luis Ogando


    Did DSGi then try to sell them an extended warranty for the business??

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Let me guess...

    ...the offer was conditional upon the buyer also purchasing a USB cable at full price (don't ask how much if you don't want to be upset...).

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